Kate McKinnon Perfectly Impersonates Marianne Williamson at the Democratic Debate

-It's great to see you. This has been
a delightful evening because you came and you watched
the debates with us. -I did.
-Which was lovely. You sat in the writers room,
and it did seem like — You obviously have done
Elizabeth Warren on the show. -I sure have.
-And it seemed like last night she was maybe
inspired by your outfit. -Yeah, yeah.
-There we go. I mean, that's on the money.
-I am a fashion icon. Gosh, she was
so happy last night. -She was very happy. -She looked like a girl
on her wedding day when everyone who ever bullied
her was getting a divorce. [ Laughter ]
She just — She was in the —
"I am fighting." [ Laughter ] "I got a plan for my fight
and a fight for my plan. We're fighting for plans
everywhere." -She does. She loves a plan.
-She loves a plan. -She loves a good plan.
-In the fight for a plan. -Yes.
-Yes. -And there was someone tonight
who didn't like plans. Marianne Williamson
was very anti-plan. -Gosh, I wish there was
an "SNL" show this week. -Yeah. Marianne was the one
where you thought like, "Oh, she might not
make it to the fall." [ Laughter ] The window for Marianne
Williamson impressions might be closing fast.
-Mm-hmm. She was a shining comet. Yeah, she was like — she was —
I'll just do a — -Will you do a little —
just a little taste? -I was practicing
while we were watching. [ Cheers and applause ] "I-I've heard a lot of plans
here tonight, and if we — we think plans
are gonna beat Donald Trump, we got another thing coming. My plan is to gather all
the sage in America and burn it. My plan is to harness
the energy of babies to finally put
a man on the moon. And I said to
the President of New Zealand, I said,
'Girlfriend, you're so on.' And I would say to Donald Trump,
'Boyfriend, you chill.' Thank you." [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -We got a little taste. -Oh, what a star. -What a star. She is a star. It was wonderful
to have her there. This is a fantastic film
that you're in, "Yesterday," and it's a fantastic premise. For those who don't know,
it's basically a gentleman — There's a power outage and when
the power comes back on, the Beatles never existed and he is the only one
who knows all the songs. -Yes, and that leads him
into a situation. He tries to pass them off
as his own. But it's the best premise
I've ever heard for a movie. And it's a really beautiful love
story about music and love and the Beatles and how much
poorer our culture would be without the Beatles,
had they never existed. -Danny Boyle. You got to
work with Danny Boyle. -Danny Boyle directed.
Richard Curtis wrote it. It was the best.
-That's fantastic. Obviously, you were in London.
You were shooting in the U.K. And you went and you saw —
You have ancestry there. You have lineage.
-I am of Scottish descent. -Scottish descent.
Yeah, you can tell. -You can tell
from the fabric of my blaze. [ Laughter ] Yeah, my great-grandfather
was born on this little island called Tiree,
which is like this, and I wanted to go, and the night before I went,
I was in Glasgow, buying sunblock at a pharmacy, and I said to the lady, "I'm
going to this little island. My great-grandfather,"
whatever, whatever, and suddenly I was transported
into a Peter Jackson movie because she was like, "Ooh,
you're going to Tiree, then?" [ Laughter ] "You must beware
the wee midges." [ Laughter ] And I was like,
"What is a wee midge?" Is that a ferry or…? And a wee midge is — There's
these insects that swarm, so she was like, "You must
beware or you will get swarmed. And they will steal
your magic beans." [ Laughter ] So I was like — -Is there any way
to prevent the swarm? -Yes. I was like,
"Beggar woman, what must I do to avoid the wee midges?" And she was like, "You must
reach deep in your purse and you must pull out a coin and
you must buy Avon Skin So Soft." [ Laughter and applause ] And then she disappeared. -She was gone?
-Yeah. -Is this a real —
Am I about to actually — Is this a real photo
I'm gonna hold up? -Yeah, yeah, that's it. -So you went to the island.
-I went. -And it turned out she wasn't
lying about the midges. -Well, now, there were no midges
on that day because it was windy, but this
is what it would have been had there been the wee midges. So thank God
for Avon Skin So Soft. But what there was,
was sheep poop. -There was sheep poop. -You know, when you go
to a duck pond and can't figure out
a place to step. It's worse with sheep poop
because those are bigger. [ Laughter ] -Did you enjoy it?
Are you glad you went to Tiree? -I'm so glad, and I'm so glad
I saw so many sheep there. [ Laughter ] Rocks and sheep. And now I understand
my roots, and I love it. -We love you. I love you. Thank you for being here
on a live show. [ Cheers and applause ] That's Kate McKinnon, everybody.

31 Replies to “Kate McKinnon Perfectly Impersonates Marianne Williamson at the Democratic Debate

  1. Tulsi Gabbard: Hey, I was supposed to be the "holistic metaphysical incense burning" candidate!

    Marianne Williamson: Thunder, stolen!

  2. What an asshole. She claims to be a feminist, but does this? Hypocrite. Williamson at least speaks up against the wars we're involved in.

  3. Seriously though? Kate McKinnon is the most overrated performer in the world. All of her impressions are the same wide eyed weirdness. Just do not get the appeal.

  4. Not that great an impression. Hopefully she will have to work on it cos Marianne sticks around and becomes POTUS. She might not act like the establishment expect you to act but the things she is speaking about are inspirational and give me hope for humanity. Challenging big pharma and reparations and injecting morals back into politics doesn't sound too krazy to me!

  5. Marianne did a great job, if y'all would actually listen to her logic, rather than make fun of her mannerisms.

  6. Ok. I’ve been following Williamson since March, so I will admit her debate performance was “off”, especially for her. She usually seems so grounded in all her other appearances. So she’s game for some light ribbing. That being said, I absolutely love Kate McKinnon, but her impression of Marianne was terrible. Maybe cuz it was spur-of-the-moment. It definitely needs work. Hopefully M.W. makes it further so SNL can roast her properly in the fall.

  7. she is so funny and talented i love the elizbeth warren impression , and she also looks really hot here she looks like a flight attendant from the 80's , you go kate mckinon you go!!!

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