Kim Jong-Un’s New Strategy: Explained

In 2017 North Korea went on a missile launch bonanza first into the Sea of Japan in February, then its first ever intercontinental ballistic missile on July 4th, Happy Birthday America, and 18 other missile tests plus a cyberattack on 150 countries disrupting everything from banks to hospitals No five nine But pretty effective according to North Korean media Americans on internet websites Now have nuclear phobia kim jong un’s threats of war weren’t new But this time they were echoed by the US on twitter by the way Which seems like a bad way to reach someone in North Korea But hey tensions were at an arguably all-time high and then something changed out of nowhere after the deadline Kim jong-un announced He would send two athletes to the 2018 Olympics and not just that but with South Korea under a unified flag his sister and an entourage of suspiciously enthusiastic fans also traveled to the South. Missile testing suddenly stopped and Kim even met with a US Secretary of State He also left the country for the first time as supreme leader to visit Xi Jinping in China And then the biggest news yet both North and South held an inter-korean summit For Kim hugged the South Korean president even stepped on South Korean soil. I mean that sounds like a story from the onion It’s a complete 180 from non-stop missile launches two friendly smiles and hugs in just five months for many This is completely bizarre for others It’s the obvious result of successful foreign policy but what looks like desperation or Backpedaling or even foolishness is really just the continuation of a long-standing very rational very Calculated survival strategy with a twist so what exactly is going on and how will it end? Kim jong-eun has one thing on his wish list Stay in power for him power means wealth and luxury and safety for his family So if that’s the goal you might wonder why not just you know show out and enjoy those things he appears to do the opposite Risking everything by poking the biggest guns he could find That’s why so many see him as genuinely crazy and the media of course has no interest in alleviating that word Worry is their business model But it’s not true Kim inherited a very poor hungry primitive country if he does nothing the country will wither and fail no one to make Swiss cheese or basketballs and becoming a Self-sustaining or just not terrible country would mean economic reform reform brings better living conditions for everyone Which you might expect would protect Kim from revolution? But it’s just the opposite a population that can just barely feed itself only has time to do exactly that Revolutions are feats of strength not weakness What’s really dangerous is a taste of the good life a peek at what they could have? Reformed could eventually make the north as successful as its neighbor, but it would mean goodbye for Kent so he needs resources But can’t afford economic reform the solution is the same kind of socialism the country has always dreamed of and never Delivered shared or resources aka four and eight, and how do you get handouts as a totalitarian country with death camps? But intimidating a superpower like the United States is hard if they had six hundred billion dollars to rival the US military they Wouldn’t need to scare them anyway so instead they skip the entire tech tree straight to nuclear weapons a single nuke is the ultimate shield against war and Uproar which also makes it the perfect Negotiating tool the thought of denuclearizing North Korea is so attractive the world will do anything for the slightest chance to get it including forgetting 15 years of failed foreign policy just two years after Kim jong-un took power a Former exchange student in Pyongyang and now expert and rail and cop wrote a book called the real North Korea Co 40 wrote sounds familiar when North Korea are unhappy they follow the same routine they first manufacture a crisis and drive tensions as high as Possible when newspaper headlines tell the world that the Korean Peninsula is on the brink of war the North Korean government suggests Negotiations the offer is accepted with a sigh of relief Giving North Korean diplomats the leverage to squeeze maximum concessions It’s the North Korean version of the hero’s journey the same story told over and over and over again But because we want to believe we buy it every time at any given moment Kim is either in total assault mode creating fear and therefore our desperation for negotiation or total charm mode Convincing the world is a new man He just needs some financial support man this cycle of aggression charm and repeat is happening now But it’s not new at all there have been six other rounds of negotiations North Korea agreed to abandon their nuclear program in 2005 they got what they wanted and then broke their promise But this time is a bit different their nuclear program has been building up for almost 40 years to one goal the ability to reach The US mainland until then there was no realistic chance of their giving up the program It’s their one and only deterrent the only key to Kim’s life lesson learned from Iraq in Libya on November 28th They tested the whole song 15 proving. They could reach anywhere in America and two months later They joined the Olympics and turned on the charm that timing is no coincidence they accomplished their goal No need for more missile testing now it’s time to cash in get all they can from halting the tests while keeping even if it means hiding the ability to target the U.s.
They couldn’t have scheduled it better xi Jinping was probably pressuring them to relax and tensions were extremely high with the u.s. the administration really wants to show its strategy worked giving Kim enormous negotiating leverage It’s possible the talks will fail or succeed with flying colors But here’s my rough prediction Kim will excite the world with concessions But most will be completely symbolic cheek smiles and no concrete promises He’ll agree to stop nuclear development, which they no longer need in exchange for some American military concessions that also benefit China who would prefer America back out of Asia little to nothing will change inside, North Korea more of the same terrible oppression and real Reunification won’t be possible anytime soon, but American and South Korean politicians will declare a huge success But so will North Korea who finally got a seat at the table has its security guaranteed plus Maybe some economic benefits Exactly as planned when he next finds himself low on cash or in need of something without the attention to get it well He’ll know exactly what works and by the time North Korea makes its next move You could be well on your way to making yours everything you saw in this video I made in a graphic design application called affinity designer It’s far cheaper than Adobe Illustrator, but still a bit intimidating for beginners So a great way to learn it is with a class like this one on Skillshare It’ll walk you through making digital graphics and easy to follow Bite-sized videos everything from colors to custom shapes brushes and exporting if you want to make videos like this one This is a great way to get started and with a premium membership you pay one low price for all the classes you want so You can find the perfect one for you jump around or take multiple at a time There are classes on photography finance app development and something I’m gonna check out calligraphy something. That’s really cool Is that you can browse other people’s projects for inspiration? I mean look at all the cool lettering people have made who took this calligraphy class and for poly matter viewers the first 500 people to sign up with a link in the description get two free months of unlimited classes Thanks again to skill share and to everyone who gives it a try (Engsub by many people)

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  1. Had to really rush to get this video out, so I hope you like it! I also made a couple wallpapers for Patreon supporters!

  2. Nigga, the U.S goverment should hire you. You appear to have a better understanding of the situation then most of those chair fuckg political "experts" that the U.S Goverment hires.

  3. What if the world stops playing along? Or are we just playing along until we have a good plan to fix North Korea ourselves?

  4. 70 years of stupid US foreign policy created a Chi-com economic juggernaut, and nuked-up NorKs. The Trump administration doesn't have a time machine, but is just making the best of a situation a series of dolts royally f-cked up. The reason Trump walked is because there were no good options. Personally, I would have settled for a formalized end to hostilities, and a schedule for a series of future talks, to plan economic development and openness. I would put denuking on the back-burner, since there's zero chance he'll willingly denuke, anyway. Make Kim's nukes China's problem("if your little brother pops off, we'll kick both your asses"), while continuing to pursue friendship, openness, and economic development. After all, an armed friend is better than an armed enemy, and a rich NorK is bound to tire of a heavy-handed Kim family. As long as we offer nothing tangible, aside from peaceful communication, while maintaining our bases, missiles, and sanctions, we lose nothing by continuing to talk. If Kim continues to cease saber rattling, and that's all we get, for a while, that's fine. We haven't given him anything but respect, in exchange. I'd be working on a simultaneous multi-lateral background strategy to weaken his regime and to topple him, in case I got tired of waiting for him to take the carrot, though. I doubt Trump's plan is worse than mine.

  5. I'd like to reccomend, not that anyone pays any attention to what I think or that anyone reading this would have any capability to act on it even if they did, that this man be given a position advising elected american govornment officials on froreign policy…..

    Once there's someone working there that's got a mental capacity superior to a cucumber for him to talk to. Until then its probabily a waste of his time and he's more valuable making youtube vids talking to us.

  6. American fake news media actually convinced most of its population that North Korea is really a threat? If if they had nukes do you REALLY think they will just randomly use it knowing every will they will get wiped off the Earth by every other country. They are trying to get nukes as prevention from US going into war with them for a "regime change" like in Libya, Iraq etc after they gave up thier nuke plans.

  7. This great information and a good job but I think there is a mistake that when you said that Kim's life lesson learned from Iraq in Lybia. I thought you mean( Iraq in Kuwait) not Lybia. I think, you mean Invasion of Kuwait

    because there is nothing happen between Iraq and Lybia, or if you mean something else, can you explain it to me, thanks

  8. Very insightful video, and I like the reference to Rules for Rulers. That was one of the most eye-opening videos I’ve ever seen.

    Ultimately, the main goal of any ruler, whether in democracy or despotism, is to remain in power.

  9. none of this makes any sense to me but what was trump supposed to do anyways? just ignore it like obama? that doesn't sound any better

  10. The Kim dynasty only stays in power as long as they're appearing to be fulfilling their promise to one day "unify" the Korean peninsula and attack the United States.

  11. just saw some video of this guy
    very wise man and I guess he came from mainland China
    otherwise he can't see it so clearly

  12. 3:29 huge domestic policy theory breakthrough: drop nukes to stop political commotion works 100%!!! lol the rules for dictators is to weaken their subjects, not to kill them all and leave a nuclear wasteland for thousands of years.

    Gets $20 Tip From USA And A Cute Kiss From China
    Same Kim :- ooggaa booogaa !

  14. North Korea fired several missiles Saturday for the first time since 2017, everything in this video was on point!

  15. They say we are dangerous and unpredictable but it is the U.S. Regime that has attacked more than 30 countries during the last 50 years, we have attacked NON! N.K.

  16. North Korea is one of 3 countries that does not have a Rothschild central bank inside its borders
    Iran another country that doesnt have a central bank inside its borders . Funny how both
    countries are such a threat .. If you were a 9 year old kid back in 1987 would you step
    into the ring with Mike Tyson ? North Korea is the 9 year old kid . The banks
    want to control North korea by controlling the currency , if they dont agree
    they will send Mike tyson to the 9 yr old to beat the shit out of him .
    if you were that kid wouldn't you want to protect yourself ? Now we are outside of
    iran ., The USA has no business there .

  17. Well made vid! Looks good! And You even made Kim look slimmer and younger than ever! Thanks a lot!!!

  18. Erdogan: “ if I’m the leader of China N.Korea would be knocked out 50 years ago…”

    Conclusion; nothing, but stupidity of Chinese Communist Regime.

  19. Isn't this LITTERALLY the appeasement policy that Hitler used to take over central europe before WW2 ? 🤔🤨

    (What Kim Jong Un is doing is high risk, if this fails we WILL have WW3, or at least a korean war)

  20. Hey guys north Korea GDP was 40 billion dollars so if china stopped exporting to north Korea how much GDP would drop?

  21. Such is the nature of politics between countries and inside countries. People are hard. I don't actually know anything so I prefer to use big words to sound smart. I never want to have to run a country.

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