100 Replies to “Kirby: Trump’s North Korea tweet a dangerous way to do diplomacy

  1. N.Korea & S.Korea supposed to have a joint inter-Korean liaison office for making both Koreas relationship better but North Korea decided to quit and withdrew their staff before the meeting even occur. The reason is because of the new sanctions imposed by U.S. to N.Korea which Trump just cancelled. You can read here: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-47665514

  2. Drumpfs tweet from last year LOL. Only retards beleive the lying con man.
    "Just landed – a long trip, but everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office. There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea. Meeting with Kim Jong Un was an interesting and very positive experience. North Korea has great potential for the future!
    " 5:56 AM – Jun 13, 2018

  3. I came here just to see the comments LOL I love it every one of these people probably considers themselves intelligent so it must be hard to be dead wrong hahaha

  4. And yet trump got them to stop shooting intercontinental ballistic missiles over our allies countries. And zero credit from your disgraceful tabloid show for that.

  5. Keep in mind, Trumpsters are too simple-minded and ignorant to understand, this isn't simply about a "collusion". (of which isn't even a crime) Trump's focus on collusion, is simply to distract them from Mueller's broader mandate and, the real crimes of which he's been referring to the SDNY and, the investigations underway in the state of New York.

  6. Fake news ! Trump's not like Obama and gives them $500. Billion dollars and says let's be friends ! Lmmfao ! Trump has balls ! What happened to all the russia talk ? 2 years and 24/7 7 days a week ! Haha ! Your so fake ! Weres your go to word ? Impeachment ! Lol. O you can't use that anymore ! You will have to make something up again ! Roflmmfao ! Just throw some of your secret sauce ingredients in again like kkk white supremacists homopob biggiots bullies natzies sexests hittler Russian agent xenaphob ! You know ! Fake news ! O mullur is under investigation now for doing his job ! Lmmfao before you all were cheerleaders for him ! What conspiracies are next ,. Mullur was infatrated by trumps mind control ! Lmmfao ! Haha ! Fake news !

  7. Show your viewers the mullur report fake news ! O you have to change the subject now ,you can use that for propaganda anymore ! So back to racist kkk hittler xenaphob sexists natzies White supremacists hittler homaphob hates humanity hates the earth hate crimes thatare really not happening in real life so they have to be made up ! Roflmmfao !

  8. I like the stock market thing you have up for no apparent reason ! The stock market has hit like 100 times the highest ever been ,so it could drop thousands of points and still be the highest because of trump ! I know why it's up there fake CNN ,. Does your viewers ? Lol. Fake news !

  9. This Rear Adm. was just at the right rank when he retired. He sure has his head up his rear. Hate when you try to listen to a news show and all you get is liberal commentary.

  10. LOL bwahhahahahahaha Now maybe go look for big foot! You CNN have no credibility whatsoever anymore. You run the story on Russia every day for over two years to again be fed a poop sandwich. CNN is FAKE NEWS now with no doubts at all. You made yur bed now you can sleep in it. You truly are THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE Anyone with at least half a brain sees you have become the lap dogs of the LEFT. CNN is there an apology to the American People coming?? If not, we will bury you!!!

  11. very sad – where is this mentally deficient potus leading the people – yet again governing the USA via TWITTER!

  12. Yeah, Hillary's Libya Policy is the way the Left likes to do business…
    I'd sooner trust Dennis Rodman as President than ANY CANDIDATE PUT UP BY THE LEFT IN 25 YEARS…

  13. People using the Lords name for political purposes are the most ABOMINABLE tools of Satan. It was another politician Pontius Pilot who allowed the Romans to crucity Jesus.

  14. Racist, cross-dressing, cock-sucking J. Edgar Hoover was a fat little asshole bastard, but he would've eaten The Idiot Trump's dumb ass for lunch. He owned anyone in the oval office, bcuz he knew their skeletons. Imagine all the shit he'd have on Orange Boy Bone Spurs. If he told The Idiot Trump to bark, Trump would go, "Arf!".

  15. I do not like much of what Trump says and does, but
    1. Netanyahu's primary opponent, Bennie Gantz, is also very please by Trump's recognition of Israel's control of the Golan. So, <gag> Trump was correct.
    2. The US has interfered in Israeli elections in the past. Obama pumped about half a million shekels into the campaign of Netanyahu's opponent the their last election. (This broke Israeli campaign finance laws.) So, Kirby's claim we never interfere is absolutely false.

  16. Why dont you guys talk about how you wasted 2 years making false accusations and creating false headlines all to try to stain your president. CNN – Propaganda 101.

  17. CNN is very fake news. Diverting from the Mueller report which had a big fat nothing burger and waste of taxpayers money. Lol

  18. trump is up to his old "sleight of hand" and divert and distract tricks. He's trying to look like the big man to his mate Kim Jong-un by "fake" removing "new"sanctions (where no new sanctions exist) and he's also trying to distract you poor bastards in the US from the release of Mueller report.
    And Retired Rear Adm. John Kirby is 100% correct. The US has NO CREDIBILITY……………………

  19. There is no such thing as "Judeo-Christian" values. Read Revelation verses 2:9 and 3:9 for more information.

  20. Oh shit "good sent Trump to save the Jewish people", Mike pompeo is smoking some gooood crack cocaine 😲?

  21. Politically catfished, this is gonna be the final headline of trumps time in office. God help America, god help us all . . .

  22. Trump and Kim J. (aint even gonna besmirch the correct spelling with my neanderthalish brain functionality.) The worlds first, and longest game of political-esque, "No YOU hang up!" Why are we still trying to be so starched and stick in small intestine, " BULLY! " professianal beauracRats? Y sO SeRioUs?!

  23. Nobody knows what stupid is doing because he doesnt know what he is doing. America, you have a braindead presidant who has discredited America big time.

  24. Dude stfu about how trump is negotiating with Korea. It’s obvious he know s more then any of you or you would of got here long ago with NK

  25. Trump is doing more damage to the US in both domestic and foreign policy that History will look back and pinpoint this very time as the downfall of our Republic. May God have mercy on us.

  26. Please stop. CNN. I know you must do news 24-7. Please report some that is not Trump. Politics. Stop broadcasting interviews and opinions of unknown people, celeb. scandals and report news about real people in our country like education, health, climate etc. etc. problems. Not negative and bs speculations . You are just the same as FOX. Be better than them ! Take the high road. You want a civil war CNN ? You are inciting it. You are spreading Fear, hate and Anxiety to all Americans 24/7 just like them. Hate loses and love wins. Please do some real reporting about real people with problems and issues that affect or concern us all. You are so focused on Trump. He's an ass, we get it. Every Day. All Day. Non-stop. Report News. You are lazy when you could be doing real news. What happened to those kids in cages ? Show us this border wall ( never seen a video report) and schools that have no internet, and people, children that die everyday because they had no affordable health ins, or a pre existing condition and their family lost everything. A thousand subjects available to show what is wrong w this country, President. DO THE RIGHT THING. BE… Journalists . Be the solution and expose the truth. Or, Trump Will Be the next President. CNN, It will be your narrow minded thinking to blame. Please forward this to #Jimmy Kimmel, #Stephen Colbert, #Bill Maher and #Seth Meyers etc. . [email protected] Does anyone else see how crazy wackadoodle this all has become ? It's like being brainwashed by media. We are all told what to think by friends, family, religion, other people or experts we've never heard of. NOBODY THINKS WHAT THEY THINK THEY THINK. Your Religion to your favorite color was not your choice. I'm 62. Been all over the world, met many thousands of people from everywhere. I do not think I have ever had or met a person who had an original thought. That would be nearly impossible. I do believe, I have met and known people who have expanded or enhanced an original idea. That is commerce, or creativity. – Creativity and Curiosity( along with empathy and understanding) are the things lacking in humans overall as a species, that will define the end of us. We are All Atheist : because we do not believe in %90 of other people's Religions or Gods. That makes you an Atheist. We are all Racists. Not black/ white. Almost every country in this world, hates their neighboring countries and it's people, with a deep passion. And in almost every country in the world , there are people more racist than you can imagine against people the same color, but live a few miles away. In Thailand they bleach their skin and hide from the sun, because dark skin means you are low class from rice farmers and cannot get a job. They sell whitening underarm deodorant everywhere.

    8:02 / 8:27

    #CNN #News

    Kirby: Trump's North Korea tweet a dangerous way to do diplomacy







    Published on Mar 22, 2019

    Retired Rear Adm. John Kirby reacts to President Donald Trump's tweet announcing that he is withdrawing new sanctions aimed at North Korea that were just issued by his own administration. #CNN #News


    greg balster

  27. Should we just  do what Obama did for Iran ( a know terrorist country) & fund them billions of dollars along with Nuclear technology which is being developed to use against us?

  28. You people are so ignorant if you think anyone with half a brain believes what you say. Half of your viewers are there for comedy purposes. And your ratings suck sooo….

  29. All politicians in Washington need to be under Investigation. No more closed door deals that sell out America.

  30. You stink, through and through and will soon be exposed as the Deep State puppets you are. Subscribe? You must be joking – I would rather contract Ebola .

  31. Why does everyone hate who cares if people Are muslin Or Christian or jewish or Black, People need to love people for who they are I mean seriously peace on earth

  32. Trump has repeatedly displayed gross negligence on matters of international diplomacy. Imagine if he were to be faced with a series of crucial military decisions during a crisis. It is easy to imagine Trumps inpetitude leading to an irrwversible nuclear disaster.

  33. This is a regime change strategy, all else is deception. These people don't know anything about Asia, or about either Korea.

  34. Time for more lefty meltdowns as their perverted fantasies of Ivanka’s arrest go up in smoke. 😂😂😂

  35. . The Ringling circus is over after two years. The family spring Festival will start May11/2019 Chuck has not yet confirmed end date. Sources say Pelosi is feeling out the American people to see how much more they can lie and waste taxpayers money without hurting the democratic party.

  36. No one fucking likes you CNN can you just fucking go out of business. For all the hate and problems you guys stirred in the last few years you deserve to kill yourselves

  37. Oh so -Muellers report went against what CNN was hoping for -so lets not talk about that anymore – even though they have been talking about it every day for a couple of years!!! CNN must be on suicide watch!!

  38. CNN: THE most DISGRACED television tabloid news IN MODERN HISTORY..!

    EVERYONE WORKING FOR CNN must feel like TOTAL LOSERS. BUT HEY..! the money is okay…. even if their CREDIBILITY is totally DESTROYED.

  39. Oh shut the fuck up you assholes. You are literally the epitome of fake news and a literal joke. You will all be unemployed soon unless you are one of the brain dead blondes with a nice body. Even then they only have a few years left until they become another old hag.

  40. Non-Christian countries like Japan, China, India know Judo-Christian coalition is the cause of the Middle East conflicts. Yes, Trump is not reliable policy maker. He changes his policy as he pleased.

  41. Trump Found Innocent No Russian Collusion. Also, Trump forced North Korea to stop Firing ICBMs (Intercontinental ballistic Missile) over our Allies while also halting their nuclear program. Ya trump Sucks because he wants things to keep going smoothly… SMH

  42. If he is so worried about their nuclear program, then why the heck won't he do anything about China's nuclear arsenal? What makes it ok for China to have nukes and not North-Korea? Is Orange man scared of the big boys?

  43. Fuck CNN the deep state, the Zionists with his puppets all over the world, Go to hell from were you come. Trump will fight back, best wishes from Germany, God bless Donald J.Trump, God bless the people.

  44. Dumb ass reporters can't barely come up with a complete sentence. Gotta love their "silly putty" stretched old faces…..ohh ladies the glory days eh?

  45. Wow a TWEET?! This is MUCH more newsworthy than the Mueller report that blew up in your faces!

  46. Even in North Korea this President does a great job. Where the democrats started the Vietnam war with the bay of Tonkin as an excuse, the demonrat Lyndon B. Johnson started his offensive war outside the congres. And mr. President Trump is realistic the frienship will never be complete there, but there is no threat, no war, no real problem anymore because HE did the best move possible….he start just talking with the leadership….
    It is always the democrats who starts deadly wars because they are NUTS!

  47. You knew Democrats are a bunch of dumbasses all you do is twist everything President Trump does. You ignorant tears dumbasses why don't you say anything about murdering Hillary Clinton we are more proof on her than anybody in history and that dumbass Obama who gave Iran the money from our tax dollars to build a nuclear program why isn't that being mentioned oshit I forgot I'm sorry I was stupid of me I forgot the new Democrats are terrorist supporters my bad

  48. Isn’t that the problem with our policies ? Is that there’s too many hills to hurdle ? Too much paperwork to go through ? Too much time to wait ? Every American has had their fair share of that crap ! So good on Trump , he’s got a diplomacy idea, tweet it, fuel the plane and go get some diplomacy! For Democrats so hell bent on tossing away normalization’s they sure don’t like it when someone else portrays their characteristics. CNN is still and always will be fake news

  49. I was just ask by google, when i clicked to make comment, what year i graduated so as to feed me better bullshit. I am 50 years of age. Go do the math. I have the memory of an elephant. I do not buy CNN's bullshit.

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