33 Replies to “Law & Order: SVU – And the Wheel Goes Round (Episode Highlight)

  1. I kinda pissed off that the man gets to have custody of his daughter. I hope that child is okay with him. Btw I saw the next episode trailer after the episode my reaction was… OMG ROLLINS CRYING!!!!

  2. Benson lost big time…that " slippery slope " that is used for one side….works for both sides equally…you just need to understand the stakes and how to play them discretely !!

  3. This BS
    When did Olivia became the person that just BC she doesn't agree with your choices she turns her back on a friend
    She might not agree with what Alex is doing
    Hell even I don't agree at all but I understand why she needs to do it
    Why is Benson suddenly mine way or the hard way
    Like just BC she doesn't agree with what she is doing doest meant they can't support each other.
    This two have such a beautiful thing going
    Love their friendship
    Hate this is how it ended
    They deserve better

  4. Domestic violence is nasty business. We need to educate women that No u don't have 2take it! If he hit U once he'll hit U again! Get out fast& never look back!!

  5. How come Alex wasn't arrested or even prosecuted for her actions? I'm not an expert in the Criminal Justice System (despite watching a lot of cop shows), but isn't faking a kidnapping at least a felony (Olivia even said it was illegal)?

  6. Screw Cabot. She went from caring so much about the law to "LETS BREAK IT AND KEEP A GUY IN JAIL WHEN THERE'S NO EVIDENCE!"

  7. Soy Belén Moreno Alex Cabot se que usted es Letrada al Jurado necesito su ayuda he tenído dos violaciones de mis ex novios y juegan conmigo al Baloncesto y no son de Sindromé De Down me hicieron daño

  8. Este episódio foi maravilhoso. Olivia Benson e Alex Cabot são ótimas. Espero que aconteça em outros.❤️

  9. Guys Olivia couldn't help Alex in the long run..it would eventually cost her her job and she would lose the ability to help anyone. And she has to think of Noah now, she has a kid and is his sole provider so she can't go risking her job and livelihood like she used to before.

  10. This was so hypocritical… She got to slide away and she broke the law. Barba had to sit on trial and barely escape. Why not her?

  11. I binged from season 15 to this episode just to see Alex come back. This really got me back into the show! Really glad they brought her back if only for one episode, hopefully she shows up again.

  12. Alex should've given her hell for what happened. If the law lets men who abuse and murder women go scot-free, then screw it.

  13. “I could never do what you do?” She says. Says the woman who let a rape victim leave town with her child to avoid being forced to share custody of her child ( BTW the father of the child is a rapist). She stolen a rape victim’s underwear to have it tested, while she was supposed to helping the team bust male gang rapists she was talking on the phone to someone in the hopes of seeing if a man is her brother. She wasn’t supposed to be breaking confident with the support group she was in but she did. A rape counselor was forced to testify for rapists because Olivia was so determined to put one rapist away.

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