Law & Order: SVU – Rollins Goes Undercover (Episode Highlight)

That’s the tab
for the patient files. Oh, sometimes the software’s
a little glitchy. [tapping]
There. – No! No! Kiss my ass, damn it.
I’m not gonna eat this puke! – Kristi,
you don’t have to eat the oatmeal. But you–
– I won’t eat anything. You don’t think I know
what you’re doing? I know what you’re doing. No!
I have rights, damn it! – Okay, okay, okay.
– Screw you! [spits] Screw all of you! – It’s okay.
You don’t have to eat the oatmeal. What will you eat?
– How many times do I have to tell you?
I’m not hungry. – You’re going through detox,
Kristi. Your body needs food. – Why can’t you just
let me die? I hate my life.
– Listen to me. I know what a struggle it is.
Okay? But I promise you that soon you’re gonna be
a whole new person. A different person, okay? So what about some toast?
– Hmm? – One slice of toast?
Come on. Please?
One toast. One slice.
And then you and I are gonna–
Okay. – Okay.
– You and I are gonna walk around the grounds,
and then we’re gonna be outside and get
some fresh air. Won’t that be good? Yeah, there you go.
Sit. Okay. Okay.
You’re all right. I’ll see you in a few minutes.
Okay? Good.
Thank you. – She spit in your face.
You didn’t even blink. – I’ve had worse.
A lot of these girls are self medicating. ADHD, bipolar, depression,
and for the first time in their lives they don’t have
drugs to numb the feelings. – Right.
– And Kristi, she’s only been here
a couple days, so we don’t even know
what her issues are. I’m, uh, I’m gonna
go wash my face. Could you print out the notes
from Kristi’s therapy sessions? ‘Cause I wanna be prepared
when we talk. – Absolutely. [clears throat] – This is unbelievable. – There is something
going on there. – It’s an illegal search.
– I know. – Do you know
who raped Natalie? – No, because her files
were transferred. – Don’t tell me that
somebody else was raped. – Do the insurance
companies count? Look. This is Kristi Martin’s
patient billing. It comes to over $100,000. – Yes,
private rehab is expensive. – Right, but that doesn’t
include the cost of walking in the door.
This is just medical tests and procedures.
She’s been in Lux for less than two weeks. $50,000 for
electroconvulsive therapy. – Which I know is bogus.
– Because? – Because at the time
of the supposed procedure, she was threatening the staff
with a dining room chair. These bills are bogus,
and the insurance companies will never know about it.
If they can lie about this, Lux can lie about anything. – Only, it’s inadmissible. – [sighs] – Inevitable discovery. If we can prove that we would
have come up with this without your illegal search… What was the name of Rosemary’s
assistant before you?

61 Replies to “Law & Order: SVU – Rollins Goes Undercover (Episode Highlight)

  1. Why does Rollins always go undercover without permission. There have been many times she has almost screwed up a case by doing that.

  2. im still pissed Benson didn't appreciate Rollins dressing up like a grandma for going undercover. Seriously our girl aint dressing like that for nothing.

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  4. Detective Rollins pretended to Kim's Aunt Crystal. I saw this episode once on Netflix and it really freaked the living crap out of me. She and her sister met a professional athlete who seemed to be a criminal that had women participate in child pornography.

  5. This is he type of stuff that derails a trial. All the defense has to do is point out the evidence was illegally obtained and the whole thing is thrown out. I admire Rollins want for justice but there are things that have to be done through the proper channels especially when one is an officer of the law.

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  7. That girl was in the show “The Mist.” She was one of the main characters but I can’t remember her name.

  8. I’m so happy to see Olivia got her own office she truly deserves it with her heroic bravery and caring compassion for others🙌🏼❤️

  9. Sis has so much patience. If a girl had a fit, and then spit in my face, we would’ve been throwing hands smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  10. Seems weird how Rollins played a rape victim in one of the episodes and then they actually hired her for the role of a detective.

  11. İ love too shows and could live without them both in my life and happy and excited to have both in my life once and three times again…
    Criminal Minds and Law & Order Special Victims Unit

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