Leaders Aren't Judges – Leadership Nudge 225

I'm here in Edinburgh the end of the world's largest arts festival they've been 3,000 shows across 300 venues and 50,000 performances all together it's absolutely awesome but every actor or comedian dance or musician is desperate for feedback and a good review and that's why the critics hold incredible power in this town their judgment can make or break a show but when it comes to reviewing people's performance at work we're not in the business of breaking people so it's really important to understand the difference between judging and observing what people do at work when we judge we bring our own interpretation we say I think you've done this or your performance is poor but when we observe we talk about what we notice I saw you did this I heard this what I observed was that by staying in the observer role we allow us could create a safe environment for people to take feedback we stopped short of giving our opinion and we recognized that actually the expert in the room is the person who's been involved in the task or the activity so it's really important to be conscious of the difference between observation and judgement and in that way we're much more of a coach than a critic I'm Peter Russian and this is your leadership edge you

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