Legacies 1×10 Extended Promo "There’s A World Where Your Dreams Came True" (HD) Originals spinoff

wait here in geni I wish hope would never come to this school and your wish is my command this place sucks except that be your next wish you must choose your words carefully I wish there was never a Salvatore school to begin with your wish is my command

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  1. I hate her I'm watching on some site i just came to yt ro search the episode and say f her this damn episode is making me madd

  2. Did anyone noticed when Lizzie asked Jossir that “are we poor” & she replied “Damon salvatore has been as generous as he can but he & Elena have kids of their own that they need to take care of” SO GUYS THIS MEAN THAT SOMETHINH WILL COME UP SOON THEY ARE ALIVE & THE TVD ENDING WAS A FAST FORWARD & I CANT WAIT FOR ITTT!!!

  3. People say how Josie may sacrifice herself and let her sister win the merge. Yeah I can see that happening. But I feel it could also be possible that its Hope who makes the sacrifice to save Josie. To fully activate her vampire side Hope has to die. What if Lizzie is the one who ends up killing her by syphoning to much magic out of her are something like that.

  4. Lizzie is getting so much hate.. I mean I get it, she is lashing out at everyone and acting like her feelings are the only one’s that matter.

    I like her character, even tho she a bitch 99% of the time. Kind of wish she would be more ok with Hope, and be a bit nicer to her sister tho

  5. I actually never like Lizzie 🤷🏽‍♀️ she’s annoying and doesn’t like when others are doing good for themselves, including her sister They should write her out 🙄!

  6. I'm I the only one who finds Lizzie more interesting than hope… Cause that character is boring and Fuck.. And please don't make her and Ralph a thing… It won't make sense

  7. good writing for this episode, but I think it would have been better if Liz remembers in the end or that the Genie was grateful enough to help Liz out a bid in the end. I don't see how else to top this ending. This better not be some lame suspense for some long a$$ series.

  8. this is supposed to be the spinoff of the originals..so why on earth there is nobody of the originals cast memebers here?and i'm not talking about the main characters…this is more likely a teenage version of an vampire diaries spin off….hope still has freya, rebeka, koll, davina marcel and even vincent and that boyfirend of hayley. wtf??

  9. Seems like Lizzie has a brain sized of a peanut 🥜 😂 ugh I hated her only I like hope and Josie better 😂😂😂

  10. So just watched the episode : Are we not going to talk about how at least in these Alternative Relativity everyone is still alive?Seriously Haley, Klaus, Stefan still alive. Great references too. By far the best one yet!

  11. Can someone name a good website to watch this?, ep was partially disrupted due to a weather warning and annoying beeping, I know such things are super important but I wish they'd do it during commercials or during actual news programs rather than disrupting what your watching

  12. I definately see Josie sacrificing herself so that Lizzie wins the merge even though Lizzie really aint shit rn

  13. People say she represents or is the version of Caroline but honestly let’s admit even Caroline isn’t that stupid or that selfish to make such a poor judgement. I mean who does she represent,Caroline was a fighter and she went from pretty stereotypical dumb blond to a smart fighter a person who built their life even after the hard struggle. But she never made a decision anything like this, though I feel like Lizzie is misguided,unlike Caroline who had her friends and mum,Lizzie only had her dad who is always with Hope so I can understand a bit where she’s drifted apart. But seriously why doesn’t she ever think straight or rationally before making a decision. 😶😐😑

  14. I wish Lizzy let Josie be with Rafael and Lizzy .. GET OUT OFF THIS SERIES 😀 …
    My reaction – another ''Witch'' of the revenge –> in series Buffy, the vampire slayer was one girl the ''Witch of the revenge'' or something like this and Cordelie said a wish: ,,I wish that Buffy Summers never come to Sunnydale'' and it happens
    Who remembers on Buffy, tvs – knows what i ment 🙂

  15. So i noticed that the way that witches use magic is different here. The sound and the images are gone when witches use magic in legacies compared to the originals. I miss the way how the magic is edited in the show… am i the only one who noticed this?

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