Legacies 1×10 Promo "There’s A World Where Your Dreams Came True" (HD) The Originals spinoff

wait here Ongina you must choose your words carefully I wish there was never a Salvatore school to begin with you know wish is my command

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  1. ik that people REALLY like Hope and Raphael,but is there any Roise shippers out there???
    BTW pls don't hate:)

  2. This episode looks really good. I love Jenies. I just hope i don't have to go through the whole episode with Hope showing up for just a few min or not at all. She's my favorite character and I only watch for her as well as her relationship with Alaric.

  3. Lizzie is a spoiled little b*tch and I find it amusing on how the only way people know how to defend her is by saying:
    1)She's just like Caroline in season 1 (you mean 1 dimensional blonde popular mean girl Caroline? That's a compliment? Season 1 Caroline was a sh*t character, who grew as a person, but comparing her to season 1 Caroline doesn't help her case…)
    2) she misses her mom (she could, you know…call her or facetime her, it's not like she's dead). It's not the same as hugging her (pleanty of military service personnel go without seeing their family for 2-3 yrs with the occasional visit and calls, is little Bitchie so special she can't deal with that?).
    3) it's the curse of the the Gemini coven, just look at Kai, she has mental issues (then I guess she better be put down before that bottle of crazy explodes, can they really afford another Kai?).
    4) she's young (so is Josie).
    5) she had a traumatic childhood (again so did Josie and she ain't a little sh*t, and Hope went through a whole lot more and sure she isn't miss social butterfly, but at least she isn't a spoiled self centered and serving little sh*t).

  4. 0:07 so it seems that after her wish the salvatore school is gone and she is in some public school that one will get her nature and he swill suffer. Haha that will be fuuuun cant wait

  5. I still don't understand how Liz can be so cruel especially to someone whose lost their entire family. Their father, mother, uncle wtf. It's like Alaric is the only family she's got left I, generally feel sorry for Hope. Liz needs a huge slap on her face ffs

  6. So why doesn’t Caroline come on the show she doesn’t have any other movie or series to keep her busy

  7. This whole Lizzie and Hope thing is getting dumb. Lizzie and Josie are both really great characters that were an important part of the original TVD show. They get shuffled off to the side by the writers (and by alaric) in favor of Hope. Hope is already starting to get stale as a character. The last episode with the "no, stand back. I got this guys" was just a snippet of what the shows gonna be. Major, interesting, powerful characters all living in Hope's world. The worst part is that Hope as more of a relationship with Alaric then Lizzie and Josie do and thats where the writers need to take a step back and reevaluate what the heck they're doing.

  8. Am I the only one hoping Hope has some sense and wishes for all her family to be with her even the dead ones

  9. I feel like the one we’re she wishes the school didn’t exist was by accident or something like she said it out of anger to herself but the genie just used it as a wish
    That usually happens when there’s wishes involved

  10. Is lizzie stupid or something?I hope she mature over time,more preferably very soon. I have nothing against lizzie,just the way she acts annoys me sometimes

  11. Reminds me of the episode in buffy when Cordelia wished buffy had never come to Sunnydale…………I actually really like legacies and hope it matures eventually and becomes darker

  12. Smh Lizzie's wishing away the school her parents founded & put so much effort into. Making it hard to like her character

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