Legacies 1×10 Sneak Peek "There’s A World Where Your Dreams Came True" (HD) The Originals spinoff

you sure it glowed again I sleep with the damn thing under my pillow it's hard to miss what do you think it's gonna be this time hmm Cyclops Slender Man Santa well given our luck I think it's safe to rule out old Saint Nick I don't know I mean Santa Claus is kind of terrifying we think about it freaks into your home he sees you when you're sleeping not to mention judgy hope I need you to focus look I'm trying I just wish that Satan's nightlight would give us some rest yeah and I wish that knife was never in our school to begin with but it's not like we can change that now all we can do is make sure we're not blindsided by another monster walking through our doors

27 Replies to “Legacies 1×10 Sneak Peek "There’s A World Where Your Dreams Came True" (HD) The Originals spinoff

  1. This show just keeps getting better and better with each episode and I love these scenes. Hope's relationship with Alaric is my favorite to watch in this show. He sees her as one of his daughters and is like a surrogate father to her. I hate how Lizzie gets so jealous. I understand but I still hate it. She needs to grow up and stop making wishes she will later regret.

  2. I love Hope and Alaric's relationship. I think he see's her in a way like a niece. And now like a surrogate father. He has known her since she was a little girl, and she's been through so much. His family and her family were connected. I wonder why Hope doesnt like the twins though?

  3. OMG someone finally said it! Santa's kinda creepy
    Also, here's another scene that shows why Lizzie is jealous of Hope. We know Alaric uses Hope's abilities to help him but I'm sure Lizzie doesn't see it that way

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