Legacies 1×15 Landon’s Father Story

something that's basically a mud robot be my father because it didn't stay at goal with each monsters DNA it absorbed it evolved eventually it became sentient aware he was truly alive and when the region was cleared of all the monsters the Triad wanted to return him back to mud since they were the ones who created him only they could destroy him all they needed to do was a white boy the symbol on his forehead nobody betrayed his creators you made a deal with all the humans eat saved and they could not let their new God be taken from them the humans said I'm free to wander the earth and continue consuming erasing all memory that the monsters ever existed but over time Adam in the Garden of Eden he realized he was alone so he did what all creations eventually do creates he fashioned beings like him his children a lineage a man we're doing so good up until that part I was almost into it as far as origin stories go but you're asking me to believe that I'm a magical mud man with implanted memories quite the opposite you see all the children he fashioned were imperfect flawed none of them had his powers all of them had weaknesses in all were sterile unable to reproduce and continue his legacy he was created to be the only one of his kind he was never intended to be a species or have a bloodline of his own what he found a way to reproduce biologically to have a son who was part human they said it was perfect a son who could live forever and continue the species you are what he's been trying to create his entire life

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