Legacies S1 Ep 3 | Public Service | scene

so what did you do my dad never gets mad at you you're the prodigal daughter my seven juicy sorry public service awaits all right listen up beautiful day you got options litter weeds graffiti your choice that's bad enough we get punished by the humans get a pass but ain't no way in hell I'm picking up the garbage I don't do trashing i refresh as if this moment her it suits you looks like we're scrubbing paint today dad told us to work together okay harmoniously yeah and he also said without drama and I'm feeling a rage attack coming on so I will be remaining drama-free over by that wall of graffiti are you coming or not I don't know Lizzy is there another bus you wanna throw me under fine daddy's girls anyone else it's a let out mg I think it's donut next time we gotta catch like a deer or something more meaty less gravity its food man I'm good thanks for sticking with me what else I'd rather be broke I don't know school was good for you man you run I run Peavy she hates me doesn't she Oh probably you want to explain why you kept lying to her are you loud to me it's a problem can't every time I try to put it into words all I can say is it's like the knife why didn't you to steal it and it wanted me to lie no I don't have conscious thoughts brother I know but not as I usually attract dragons either well what's done is done it's not like you ever gonna see her again anyway hey it's just the two of us been off the land nothing but a burger a burger would be better oh I got an idea to make some money but your new werewolf goes to work you in I'm doing the best I can without vamping in public it's playing pitiful breath well at least he's trying I don't see you sitting in his whole thing's wack but we get punished but wanting to win a game fair and square it wasn't fair we're supernatural they're huge and LeBrons maybe the best play ever should he quiz card cuz no one on the court can check him we're faster we're stronger we're better and we ain't got nothing to apologize for hypothetical question how bad would it suck if whoever did this repeat he just came back tonight and put it right back up again well whoever it is I hope he improves his spelling AMJ Dana what's good uh he's busy Dana um he can speak for himself Saltzman you know what I was just getting ready to grab a break ng Oh can't breathe

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