34 Replies to “Lil Wayne – President Carter – Carter 4

  1. Yoooo Wayne I went to your i am music tour in Chicago when nicki Minaj gave that lil Asian boy a lap dance for his bday, travis parker from blink 82 had a drum/rap battle with Wayne but travis was on a drum set that was spinning and rock Ross was the guest appearance. My first concert and it was fucking litty!!

  2. reality is a bitch and I'm dance with her ,Tryn fuck the world couldn't even get aroused I ain't looking for a beef but I ain't see it in a while
    Yesss sirr

  3. Only got here bcse i'm tired and sicked of this disrespectful young generation walking around with fake crazy vocals , no punch line ,no lyrics , lousy beats , with tattoos all over the face, splashing dollars everywhere.

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