26 Replies to “Local Government Act 2000

  1. I love how this channel is meant to help people who are blind to be able to "read" Wikipedia articles, while not taking account of how the blind people are going to find these videos in the place without someone to help them.

  2. This Message says that the Protestant, evangelical churches, including the so-called revealed or restored churches and the missions and ministries are the image of the beast that is the Catholicism and have received its mark, its spirit that they call "holy spirit". Even if they speak in tongues, baptise in the Name of Jesus Christ, resuscitate the dead and preach the whole Bible, the spirits that animate them and which they call “holy spirit” are the spirit of python, the spirit of divination. This Message says that a baptism for restitution is necessary for all the inhabitants of the earth.
    Prophet Kacou Philippe, the only messenger of God in this generation.

  3. Are you Christians? All you say is good but are you Christians? Because today, if you reject Prophet Kacou Philippe, then it's Satan that you call Jesus-Christ and whom you worship without knowing it. Noah, Moses, Elijah, Jesus-Christ, Paul and each prophet had his book and was the Way, the Truth and the Life in his time. And, today, for you, Prophet Kacou Philippe is the Light of the world and the Way, the Truth and the  Life.

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