MANIFESTING Your Dream Girl Using the LAW OF ATTRACTION and Masculinity

Uncle C. Back in the office fellas before
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if it looks like you’re a good fit on the call, I’m going to show you the next steps
as to working one on one with me. Today I wanted to tell you specifically how
to manifest your dream girl using the law of attraction. I was wondering because I looked at my whiteboard
for a second how I wanted to phrase this now manifesting dream girl using law of attraction. What does this mean? A lot of you guys are on my channel for Advice
A lot of you guys are on my channel for masculinity advice. And you know me there’s no flashy intros I
get right to the right to the heart of these topics. manifesting your dream girl. Okay, let’s break this apart piece by piece. Because I’m going to now what does manifest
mean? manifest means that you create manifest means
that you achieve manifest say means whatever was a false reality before is now a current
reality. What is your dream girl mean? Your dream girl means what is a perfect 10
in your eyes? Right your dream girl is what is the perfect
girl or girl for you? Like if you close your eyes and you dreamt
about a perfect woman? What would that look like for you? You see, most of you can’t manifest this because
most of you can’t actually articulate what that is because you’ve never actually thought
about it. You’ve never close your eyes and said, Hey,
I want a woman to have this quality, this quality, this quality, this quality and this
quality. And I’m not saying Until I get it
see what most men do is they they they take anything that they can get at any party, any
bar any club, any online dating app, and then they’re they’re wondering why they’re not
fulfilled then they’re coming over to Uncle sees channel and figuring out Hey, why Why
is this not working? Well, I’ll tell you are not working. It’s because everything that you’ve wanted
to manifest in your life, whether it be your masculinity, your dating, your finances you
haven’t been able to do and you haven’t been able to do it because you’ve ignored the path,
the purpose, the vision, the process of actually getting it and you’ve sacrificed that for
just low level behavior and quick throws. And if you’re on this channel, you know that
it’s not working if you’re on this channel, you’re on the right step because it’s that
first step in self development and self growth manifesting your dream girl What does this
mean? Well, what is manifesting mean? manifesting means created. Dream Girl is your dream girl and girl of
your dreams. manifesting your dream girl means that you
put both of them together and you achieved it. What is the second part of this? I say manifesting your dream girl using the
law of attraction what is the law of attraction This is going to be the best law of attraction
videos ever in the history of law of attraction videos. And if it’s not, I’m going to try to make
it damn close to the top. The law of attraction says that if you want
it if you desire it, if you think about it, if you’re attracted to it, it will be at your
display. It will be at your disposal. If you want a very pretty hot girl, you’re
going to see hot girls everywhere. If you love skinny waist and thick butts like
I do, I’m thick booties I like them too. You’re going to start to see them everywhere. Now,
if you’re attracted to this, and you’re seeing this everywhere, now your whole goal is to
put both the pieces of the puzzle together manifesting your Dream Girl using the law
of attraction. So what is the law of attraction law of attraction
means that if you’re attracted to that, if you’re attracted to a certain thing, it will
reciprocate and be attracted to you, you will be able to manifest it you will be able to
achieve it. Why am I talking for three minutes and 42
seconds about this title? It’s because you have to break this down step
by step to actually understand what it is. It means that when it is put in front of you,
when it is right there at your disposal to get Do you have the ability to get it. Here’s where the law of attraction goes wrong. The law of attraction doesn’t talk about the
cold hard truth of work. Law of Attraction doesn’t talk about the cold
hard truth of skill. Law of Attraction doesn’t talk about the cold
hard truth of facts. If you want a Cadillac Escalade, and you don’t
have 80 grand in the bank to get it you ain’t getting one. No matter how law of attracted you are to
get it if you want them. The hot girl who’s a 10 with a 21 inch waist
and the biggest but at the at the party, you’re not going to get it unless you made yourself
in mail 10 here’s where the law of attraction fools, a lot of people. The law of attraction just tells people that
if you wish it, it will come. The uncle see ways if you wish it, you need
to work for it. Do you get what I’m saying? But it’s not wrong. The whole law of attraction is not wrong. And I’m going to tell you why. Let’s go back to the title manifesting your
dream girl using the law of attraction. So let’s reverse it quick. Law of Attraction says that, hey, if I want
this, I can get it. Because I’m seeing it. It’s coming to me. It’s at my disposal. I’m able to reach out and grab it and get
it whatever it is finances, girl car, spiritual life, whatever you believe in, get it right. But then manifesting it. So if we use this as a woman’s perspective,
there’s your dream girl. Can you use the law of attraction you’re seeing
or you’re seeing different quality she displays there she is right there. She has everything you want. Can you manifest that? Can you go get it Well, can you get it strictly
out the law of attraction? No. But here’s where the law of attraction sets
you up for some amount of success. What it does is the law of attraction rewards
the people who have equipted themselves to get it when the opportunity comes. So if you put a person like if you put a person
like me, who’s done a lot of self development when I see the dream girl, I’m like laser
focus. I’m like, Okay, this is what I want. I’m going to get this. And I’m very confident in it, because I know
I can get it because I’ve put in the work to make myself a viable option. And the thing is, is that the law of attraction
will reward the people who have done the work if you’ve done the work, it’s very easy to
now manifest it. If you haven’t done the work you’re in for
pain. Let me explain what I mean by this. You guys know I relate everything through
finances. Before I was on the retention before I was
into the law of attraction before I was trying to manifest this dream life and these Dream
Girls for myself any anything that gave me some sort of fulfillment and validation as
a male to say, hey, Casey you’re putting in work for the right reasons. What would happen is that there was a time
when I wanted to really start to scale my business and build bigger brand and I wasn’t
able to do it. And even though it was right in front of me,
even though I had the knowledge I had, I had the resources. I never actually worked hard enough to reach
out and get it. You know, I knew mentors were the right way
for me to get everything in the right order. However, I never actually took the step to
invest in them. I knew I had to start working harder on weekends
and I knew I had to start delivering better value driven content however, I just never
would do it. And even though everything was right there,
like I saw I saw the courses I had to sign up for I saw the mentors I had to reach out
for to to get this 10,000 a month barrier or to break this $20,000 a month barrier I
just would never do it. So even though I was attracted to an even
though the world the universe was trying to reward me saying Casey here it is on a silver
platter. If you purchase this stuff, you can now develop
the skills to manifest that next level of success that you desire for yourself but I
wouldn’t do it the reason why I wouldn’t do it is because before I was not willing to
put in the work, the only way for you to use this law of attraction in your favor is to
put in the work and to put in more work than everybody else has. Now what you have to remember is your dream
girl when you close your eyes Your dream girl is probably a 10 your dream girl is probably
five foot two with a 21 inch waist and has a huge butt and big boobs and has like super
soft and sweet and feminine and non promiscuous and is goal oriented and has a career there. How do you guys like them apples for the jack
of all trades and is spiritual and believes in other things? There you go. That’s your dream girl. That Dream Girls a solid 10
but do you think that the law of attraction isn’t going to reward that woman with a male
10 Fellas, if you see it, you can get it. If you’re wanting to manifest it, you can
get it. But the only way is to put in the work. So the law of attraction will will reward
you if you’ve done the steps to deserve it. If you want a Cadillac Escalade, you’re going
to start seeing Cadillac Escalades everywhere you’re going to feel like that car was meant
for me, I need that white one there, that pewter color, Pearl off white Cadillac Escalades,
2020 version, I’m seeing it all over town, like, there’s all of them, that’s right there,
I can get a drive on the dealership, it’s right there, I can get it but I haven’t worked
hard enough to have the financial backing to go get it. It’s because you slept, slept off. You didn’t. Even though the universe is trying to reward
you, you haven’t equipted yourself with the skills in order to get it. So as a male. You want this dream girl, you need to put
in dream work. You need to put in work that people don’t
have the ability to put in because they’re not made of what you’re made of. And that’s how you get it. So These dream women you talk about, you must
realize they want a dream man. Now what is a dream man do a dream man for
that dream woman is going to manifest masculine energy. What you have to realize about masculine energy
is its polar opposite from feminine energy in every way, shape and form and that is what
makes it attractive to both parties. masculine energy is driven. It is dominant, it is focused. That’s why so many people at the top are men. It’s not because anybody’s held back. It’s because you’re looking at the Select
1% of men that have enough testosterone and that are willing and just determined just
to smash anything in their way to get to it. Do you get that? So fellas, you guys who want to manifest this
dream life for yourself, have the dream spouse, the dream loyal partner, you must realize
that you’re needing to be on that map. masculine side 24 seven, you need to be putting in the
work. Here’s what you need to be doing. You need to be learning female dynamic. So that way you can master her energy as well. You see a man needs have everything a man
needs to learn masculine energy and how to radiate that. Man also needs to learn feminine energy to
keep her submissive when she starts acting a little rambunctious for you. You get what I’m saying. Man also needs to be strong. The reason why the first 350 videos in my
YouTube career were focused on strength and fitness is because I believe that is the backbone
that is gaming the foundation to literally everything in life, you need to have a strong
body a strong body is a strong mind. If you know you’re physically capable. There’s a pretty damn good chance you know
that you’re mentally strong because if shit hits the fan physically, they probably like
people don’t want to mess with you. You’re a guy who is probably stronger than
most. That’s okay. You also need purpose because purpose gives
you vision. Purpose gives you something to work for, other
than the feminine purpose gives you something to work for other than chasing females than
chasing tail purpose else who gives you vision? Where do you see yourself in five years? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Where do you see yourself in 20 years? And what legacy? Do you want to play for yourself? 50 years
down the road when you’re 75 and can look back and go, god damn it, I made it. That’s what you need to ask yourself. Now, if you can actually manifest all of these
other traits, you can manifest the charisma to build the business, the vision to have
purpose, the ability to create legacy down the road, the least of your worries is going
to be how to attract the female, because that’s just going to come. Do you get that it’s going to come because
you made yourself a viable option. Why does the hot girl have all of the options? It’s because she’s the one who has the desirable
traits and Why was the male who is successful and has his shit together the desirable option
it’s because he’s the male who has all the trades fellas. This is not about learning how to speak better. This is not about learning how to approach
women better this is about learning how to be a better man. If you want the law of attraction to work
in your favor, you must put in the work prior in the months and years leading up to when
you get that golden opportunity to capitalize on it like a frickin hammer. And that’s the only way that’s the only way
you will manifest that dream girl using the law of attraction is if you’ve made yourself
enough for her and it shows in every single interaction. When you ask for the number. It shows if you’re actually willing to get
it or not. You see everything is conveyed in tone of
voice everything is energy. It’s not about what you say ever it’s about
how you say it people think that my words are powerful through the camera. But you got to realize it’s not because I’m
saying anything that so specialist because I truly believe and I convey the message In
a way that people understand my energy, and that’s why the subscriber count goes up. That’s why people are listening to Nkosi is
because I’m realizing I can help get people on my path on their path on the path of vision
and purpose. using these tools of building the man first
the warriors and ready to attack the world yet until he’s built the traits of a warrior. Warrior is also not ready to enter into the
phase of love until he’s built the man from the ground up in every way, shape and form. When are you ready to enter into that relationship
and to use the law of attraction while you’re ready to use it when you’re not dependent
on the outcome or scared of losing it? fellows if you want any of my dating or masculinity
courses, I’ve created my premium course my premium course is and more
and more stands for never left on right I teach men how to be high value how to maintain
attraction and how to never be left on red in the interaction so you can keep her in
pursuit. You can keep her feminine, you can keep her
loving and If you need that course go down below and get it because even though it’s
500 bucks, it’s going to save you headache, money, energy and heartbreak in the long run,
which means you need that course. So like, comment, subscribe, check out myself
below and we will see you next time.

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