Matthew Davis (Legacies) | San Diego Comic-Con 2018

here in that house for afterbuzz TV I feel like singing guess who's back back again yeah you could do that but I probably didn't sound as good I'm actually doing that but you're back what does it feel like to be back in in your home Mystic Falls it feels it feels great because I only when Julie approached me about doing the show I had felt that we hadn't finished telling his story and so it feels it feels great to be able to I think capture this character in a new way tell his story in this new perspective and the story that Julie has created is genuine that got me quite excited I think it's a really cool really cool backdrop to to to a lark and to hope and to these characters familiar and new and and to tell it in a way that's gonna that this going to be really exciting and fresh and I really couldn't be more thrilled to be back and doing the trilogy people keep saying it's a spinoff am i no no it's a trilogy and we all know the third movies always the best so the trilogy part of it is always the best we have synergized all of our experience and we're coming correct good I like that I'm pretty excited because I feel like if Julie picked you out of all of the people she's worked with on the original vampire vampire diaries it must mean you're an actually really good person too because I feel like she wouldn't have brought you back in how much you think this was about Matthew and how much you think this was about Alaric that's very sweet that's a very sweet way to frame that I appreciate that I you know I think it's both like I I love Julia Julie's great and Julie's been so so kind to me and we were dear dear dear friends and I feel like we've always had a kindred understanding of each other whenever we have dinner we have the greatest conversations and so I think for us it was not only an opportunity to revisit these characters with an idea that she's been apparently marinating on marinating for quite some time and so you know it's so there's that element of like yeah like we don't we love each other we have a we have a an understanding that's that's unbreakable and so there's that and there's this wanting to finish in the the story and finish it off so like it's that's why I think we're really excited to it really synergizes all of this you know so we get it you know cuz there are also practical things like it's a blessing to be a working actor you know one of the things is that when you go from project to project to project to project it's a new family every time it's new it's always changing it's always a changing so but when you've worked with people the same people for the course of 10 years and you know each other inside now you've got that secondhand understanding of each other it's like we have an opportunity to work with those people again on a show you know already has a following like like let's do it let's do this absolutely how was Alaric change what are we gonna see from him because it's been a long time and he was this this little like heartbroken guy for a little bit but he also was dealing with this kid so how are we gonna see some change with him you're you're gonna see a whole new side to this guy and that's been the most exciting part for me exploring him from this new angle working with my with my my friend on teasing out where has he been what's happened to cuz you there's certain clues about Alaric and when you read the script they're really funny so like one is like they enter his office and it says dr. Alaric Salzman so somewhere along the way he's got a doctor unless he's lying about it he's just like keeping those kids under a false illusion you decide like how you did that or does Julie say this is how you became a doctor because right now it's open it's open it's purely in the imagination of the creators so like we haven't necessarily talked about it but it's funny things like that but then it's also like Alaric enters his office Alaric Salzman 40s and there's his office oh yeah okay so it was a little more mature Alaric you know this is a more mature Alaric who's now a a father to these teenage daughters and so you see the daughters now who you've mostly seen as toddlers essentially now like teenagers with personalities and that are very different and very demanding and so you're gonna see a much more grounded Alaric I think who's been put through it has come out the other side he knows what he needs to do he's gonna get it done while having to be a father to his teenage daughters and a whole host of other needy vampire bastards and we all know teenage girls are of course staying at home whenever they're told and it's not gonna be any problems there no they totally listen to dad thank you so much for talking me that's here an afterbuzz TV we appreciate it

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  1. (1st comment! 😅) jk, but I looove Matt Davis so fckin much! He always knows the right things to say… 😍😍😍

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