61 Replies to “Maya Rockeymoore Cummings Is Ready To Roll Up Her Sleeves | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Bless your heart, good luck. We could use another Cummings in the House. Especially a woman and a woman of color. 👍🙏

  2. Nice to hear her speak about the people all over the world who are trashed, cheated and threatened by the coward and liar in the White House.

  3. The American people stand with President Trump. The impeachment scam is a waste of taxpayer money. OUR hard earned money.

    Schiff is running a costly three ring circus. This is massive waste fraud and abuse by our Government. By the Democrats!

  4. Maya actually give me Hope…Thank you for your service… she is the kind of woman that makes all of us want to contribute. Thanks again for such a positive message in such trying times…Vote Blue…2020/2022/2024/2026 etc…Get It…

  5. Maya RockeyMoore wants to be anointed and given mr. Cummings position but has no history in Baltimore. Comments about Governor Larry Hogan shows that she is not ready for the big stage

  6. I am from Baltimore born and raised, she from Texas and know nothing about Baltimore, I never seen her in Baltimore. We don't know anything about her in Baltimore .

  7. …and it hurts us more, and they charge us more, and we suffer more, and we …… blacks sayin how bad it is to be black.

  8. She's a true pro with the right values. She'd be a welcome addition to the House where, I'm afraid, too many Democratic freshmen Congressional Reps. aren't competent political operatives yet.

  9. I wish I lived in MD…I would vote for her!!!
    A white VA resident
    P. S. I pray she wins the vote. I wish there were more like her ahead in this struggle against evil in our democracy. DEMOCRACY!! Hear that trump? DEMOCRACY!!

  10. My condolences you had one heck of a husband. And Elijah and turn had one heck of a wife. Good luck on your run I think you would be amazing. Elijah is Dancing with the angels looking down smiling at you.

  11. Why Flip em? Toss em!
    Barbaric Trump Manhandled Democrats in 2016 by violently Flipping them with Russian Collusion Facebook Ads.
    As this Ruffian becomes more genteel in 2020 Campaigns, Dem Vegetable People may expect to be Tossed rather than Flipped.
    More like Better Homes and Gardens Salad making than Facebook Pancake Flipping.
    No Anchovies on mine please?
    They smell strong enough already.
    How about clearing up the Baltimore Elijah Rodent Plague? The one that's been running on over 20 Years.
    Roll up your Sleeves and start hauling Trash.

  12. Now that's the way we got to stand together. And don't forget about morning joe. I did not watch this show, but when they started tearing trump a new a hole. After he said something stupid to Elijah. Now that was nothing but respect and love. This really is a great show. Just to bad we got to waste every minute on the trumpy clown show.

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