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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys.
I’m Judy. And I’m Sana. And we’re here from
the Women of Marvel. And we are back with a special
80th anniversary episode, and we’re excited to be
joined by Ann Nocenti. Hi. Hello. We’re so excited
to have Ann here. Ann is a very well known
editor, writer, filmmaker. You’ve done so much
across the board. But you’re such a
big part of Marvel’s history, the legacy of Marvel
in the ’80s in particular. And there was one
character, which is a personal favorite
of mine, that you created named Typhoid Mary. Uh oh. That is exactly
what you should say. What’s she doing in the room? Tell us about Typhoid
Mary and how she came to be. ANN NOCENTI: Well,
I think that a hero is only as good as its villain. When John Romita, Jr., and
I were working on Daredevil, we wanted to give Daredevil
a really good villain. He had a couple personalities. You know, he was a
lawyer and a vigilante, so if he didn’t solve
it in the courts, he solved it in the streets. He wore a devil suit. He was a lapsed Catholic. We felt like he was
full of contradictions, so give him a female that
had a lot of different sides. And so we created a
character where there would be an innocent Mary
who would seduce Matt Murdock, while
the wild Typhoid would seduce Daredevil’s darker side. It’s comics. Hey, you can have
lots of personalities. You already have an ego and
an alter ego and a mask. Why not have, like, five more? The conversation that we
had with you on the podcast really showcased all of
your different personalities as well, some of the darker side
of Ann Nocenti, which you guys should definitely check
out because there’s a great conversation. We learned a lot more about
the history of Marvel, all of the amazing things
Ann is doing right now. So Ann, thanks for joining us. And you guys, go check it out. This is Marvel. Your universe. Thank you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

59 Replies to “Meet The Legendary Creator of Famous Daredevil Foe Typhoid Mary | Women of Marvel

  1. You Rock Marvel
    Thanks For Putting Captain Marvel on Digital, Sales Are already Going HIGHER FURTHER FASTER.

  2. Speaking of Daredevil…I hope they bring back the Netflix Daredevil show with the same cast and crew one day 😪

  3. I hope and see me but I do not want Captain Marvel to walk with Valkyrie I would like more with Peter Parker The 2 of them looked nice together in EndGame

  4. How is it that the day I get interested in Typhoid Mary an interview with the creator of her is uploaded?

  5. Why is every other show on this channel about women or food or fashion? WTF. Did you forget that men and boys have been your primary audience. I love women but this channel is getting creepy with the female empowerment thing.

  6. Hey marvel please say the next villain is kang because in endgame spoilers the avengers mest up time so it could mest up kang tome line so please marvel please the villain is going to be kang the conqueror? Please

  7. Feminism sucks. It ruins comic books and films. 98% of comic fans are boys, why would they want to see this?

  8. Now we talking Marvel! These are the type of female writers you should bring in. Great Writers like Ann! Huge fan of her work.

  9. Mary really doesn't get enough credit, considering she managed to brutally beat Daredevil physically, mentally, and emotionally in just a few issues.

  10. Ann Nocenti is the greatest female writer Marvel has ever had with her deep novel-like stories! Her Daredevil run is amazing!

  11. Ann Nocenti did some great DD arcs. Unfortunately, after the Typhoid arc her run went downhill but she's still one of the best DD writers. I strongly recommend reading her Daredevil: Black and White oneshot.

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