Megyn Kelly To Kaepernick: “Everything is Racist”

>>Megyn Kelly hasn’t really been out in the
public much lately. But she did decide to respond to Colin Kaepernick’s
tweets about US aggression toward Iran. So first, let me give you what Colin Kaepernick
had tweeted, and then I’ll give you her response. She said, there’s nothing new about American
terrorist attacks against black and brown people for the expansion of American imperialism. America has always sanctioned and besieged
black and brown bodies both at home and abroad. American militarism is the weapon wielded
by American imperialism, to enforce its policing and plundering of the non white world. Now-
>>Yep.>>Anyone who knows anything about American
history and American foreign policy sees what he’s talking about here. This isn’t simply about race. This is about US foreign policy toward countries
that are typically majority black or majority brown, right?>>Yep.>>And why, why do they do that? And I’m gonna fill in those blanks in just
a second. But Megyn Kelly, in her lack of sophisticated
thinking says, because everything is racist. Everything. Even fighting back against terrorists who
kill Americans. Nike, feeling proud? Okay, so if you’re so concerned about terrorists
killing Americans or terrorists killing people that they shouldn’t be killing. How about the fact that Donald Trump defended
Mohammed bin Salman after he ordered the killing of a US resident and Washington Post journalist
Jamal Khashoggi. Didn’t bother you, right? Didn’t bother you. I mean, it’s just such a disingenuous argument. And besides which, Colin Kaepernick is actually
making an important point that isn’t often made by public figures, especially people
in the entertainment industry or in athletics. Colin Kaepernick comments about things that
are so important to shed light on. And US imperialism is incredibly important
to discuss, especially in the context of what the United States is doing in the Middle East
right now. So for anyone who maybe didn’t have, and most
people in America didn’t, the appropriate history lessons about what the US has done
with coups abroad. We’ll do a quick run through of it. And I wish we had more time cuz there’s so
many interesting details to every single one of these examples, but we’re just gonna run
through some of the examples right now. So first off, when it comes to Latin American
countries, our CIA has loved orchestrating coups. We have orchestrated coups in Argentina, Brazil,
Cuba, Chili, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, okay? Now, we attempt to stage a coup in Cuba, we
failed there. So we weren’t successful in every single
case, but every single time you see this happen, especially in Latin American countries, there
are US business interests involved, right? It’s not because we’re trying to spread democracy. It’s because there’s some sort of resource
that the United States government wants access to. So we’ve done coups in countries like Iran. So in 1953 there was a coup in Iran. It was orchestrated by the United States. Despite continued speculation about the CIA’s
role in a 1949 coup to install a military government in Syria, the ouster of Iranian
Prime Minister Mohamed Mossadegh is the earliest coup of the Cold War that the United States
government has acknowledged. They’ve acknowledged it, okay? But you don’t hear much of it in US history
classes. In 1953, after nearly two years of Mossadegh’s
premiership, during which he challenged the authority of the Shah and nationalized an
Iranian oil industry previously operated by British companies, he was forced from office
and arrested, spending the rest of his life under house arrest. Did you think that you could just nationalize
your country’s oil and the US would let you get away with it? We don’t think so. Let’s move on. Guatemala, 1954, though the United States
was initially supportive of Guatemalan Guatemalan President Arbenz, the State Department felt
his rise through the US-trained and armed military would be an asset, the relationship
though soured as he attempted a series of land reforms that threatened the holdings
of US-owned United Fruit Company. A coup in 1954 forced him from power, allowing
a succession of juntas in his place. Classified details of the CIA’s involvement
in the ouster of the Guatemalan leader, which included equipping rebels and paramilitary
troops while the US Navy blockaded the Guatemalan coast, came to light in 1999. I mean, the examples go on and on and on. Congo in 1960, what we did to Patrice Lumumba. I mean, how many more examples do you want,
okay?>>I think she doesn’t want any.>>I’m sorry, Lumumba, Lumumba.>>And I would argue she probably doesn’t
care.>>But that’s what I wanna know. Look, Megyn Kelly’s not dumb. I don’t think she’s a dumb person. She’s a lawyer. She worked her way up to pretty lucrative
gigs at Fox News and then I think it was CBS or NBC.>>Well, no offense to us, but being a host
doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a genius.>>No, I get that. I get that.>>She had a public spat about how Santa’s
white. She’s kind of dumb when it comes to racial
stuff.>>You’re right. You’re right. Right.>>To hold these simplistic, stupid, bigoted
views on race you can’t be that intelligent.>>You guys, the United States will go into
countries and overthrow democratically elected leaders. We just did it in Bolivia. We just did it in Bolivia. We will do that. We will go into a sovereign country, overthrow
a democratically elected leader for our own business interests. So when someone draws attention to that because
they want our country to be better, to keep our country safe, to keep sovereign countries
safe and democratic, it’s a dumb ass response to say because everything’s racist.>>Yeah, it’s hard to be Megyn Kelly. When you say bigoted things people call you
a racist, it’s rough.>>That’s the woman who gets paid tens of
millions of dollars to be an idiot, it’s devastating. That’s what this country values.>>She’s so awful that she makes me like Charlize
Theron less.>>No, don’t say that.>>Although Bombshell was pretty good.>>It was okay.>>Yeah, it was fine.>>Charlize Theron is a national treasure.>>She is, exactly.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, she’s as bad as she ever was when
she was on Fox News. She somehow managed as she like pulled the
ripcord, got out of there, to seem more reasonable than someone like a Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly,
but she’s not. She was picked for that position because she
believes the same sorts of things that they do.>>I want to give some snaps to Colin Kaepernick
because what he was drawing attention to there is important. And a lot of people in America never get the
appropriate schooling or learn the appropriate history of what our country has done. And you need to understand the history to
really dissect and understand what our current foreign policy is. We should be able to hold our elected officials
to a higher standard, and we should not allow them to sell us this nonsense about how the
US government is looking to spread democracy abroad. When in reality, we’ve done a lot to undermine
democracy in other countries consistently over the decades.

100 Replies to “Megyn Kelly To Kaepernick: “Everything is Racist”

  1. Wow I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually agree with The Young Turks on this one that tweet is so racist and so stupid. She should be embarrassed by it

  2. As I sit here gladly NOT having a Tweeter account and ONLY taking my social media with my morning coffee before work until the next day, I just want to leave Mr. Kaepernick with one thought in the rare case he MIGHT be one of the four million members of this news outlet. Mr. Kaepernick besides "tweeting" what have you done these past years to support your believes and your self-theory on why you cannot get back into the NFL? Your "work-outs" are doing great for the no-bodies who help you which is the only plus for having them. If I were you, with your popularity, millions, and REALLY want to enforce change on what you think needs to be done in law enforcement. Why haven't you given up on trying to be a quarterback and run for Sheriff of your city/county? As the sheriff you would have FULL control of YOUR deputies and show the rest of the country how law enforcement is suppose to be handled. OR back a mayor that makes you his/her Chief of Police which would give you the same authority over law enforcement officers. But, I guess Tweeting is so much easier.

  3. Kelly Good on her keeping the dumb blonde stereotype thriving. Colin has more thought provoking brain function than most celebrities/athletes.

  4. What Kaepernick is wrong the Iranian are just as racist their people can't even protest their women can't vote so if he feels like that he needs to leave the U.S

  5. Megyn Kelly is a dumbass racist bitch that made millions showing her scrawny ass legs while race baiting on faux news because her dumbass wasn't isn't able to make millions as a Lawyer.

  6. The fact that Colin Kaepernick could not get one NFL team to sign him this year is b***** the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles choose a 40 year old High School football coach at that to backup Carson Wentz is proof of racism in the NFL. No one in their right mind on God's green earth honestly say they know for fact if Colin Kaepernick had been his backup Eagles still would have lost.

  7. Tbf we don't care about the race of the people we do this stuff to ask the Russians or the former Soviet states in eastern europe or the austerity economics being forced on the EU member states.

  8. World War 2 made the US government drunk with power. Though it all started much earlier. I guess it started with the native Americans. They had land and we wanted it.

  9. Nah, Megan is pretty ignorant and very racist.

    Kap was extremely courageous for calling this out, it's often side stepped. It's why Trump can label some nations as shit holes and why the Clintons can rob Haiti of their aid funds with impunity.

    Many Americans are aware of what it's government/corporations has done (and continues to do) around the world, but have been trained to accept it, approve of it or explain it away through exceptionalism and militarism. While supremacy is not openly taught anymore, the founding structures, actions, functions and mechanisms of governance have always ensured that non white bodies be deemed less valuable, expendable, unworthy, undeserving, illegitimate, backwards etc etc. Casting peoples of color in these negative lights, provides enough disconnection for many others to quietly accept their school buses and hospitals being bombed, their land and resources stolen, their water polluted, their refugees mistreated. To accept mass criminalization and incarceration, to support over policing and discrimination, to sanction unarmed executions even when they're at home minding their own business this applies at home and abroad. The list of countries that have benefited from US interference, intervention, sanctions, coups, invasion or occupation is very telling…European countries are notably absent from Ana's list

  10. Kelly seems to think the world revolves around her and that her opinions actually matter, thank goodness no one else thinks she has anything of substance to say. I'm sure she's the government/intelligence agencies cheer-leading propagandist in helping them spread their lies to the American people (which is done over and over again).

  11. I disagree Ana, Megan Kelly is very dumb. She got fired for defending black face. She don’t know the nuances, and I’m being generous to call it nuance, of how racism manifest in America. She’s like 50 years old and she don’t even know this stuff. I’m 20 years old and I understand it fine. At least when it comes to this subject she is dumb. But maybe she’s smart when it comes to being a host or someshit. .

  12. The US should just withdraw from the world and let other countries fall apart , starve and fall victim to whatever war lords reside abroad , it would save us a lot of tax dollars , we should also withdraw all funding and aid to other countries as well

  13. Defending something like that could be due to how usa plays its cards against others, sometimes you have to play the game…you'd make a horrible president cus you don't understand when to hold em, when to fold em, it's like chess, common tactics you know? Sometimes you even have to pretend in order to get things done. All that stuff government's don't share with news or civilians cus the enemy would find out, blow your cover etc…I feel people don't think about this and forget government has to do the things normal citizens don't think of…its more complex than we think. It could have been a forced hand or trump trying to send a message to someone or just being in check, put yourself in a president's position. Think strategic, that's why sometimes people say " what are they doing!" Might seem weird but there's always a reason

  14. (Sigh.) Seems the policy of the US with other nations is based, not on the ideals of democracy, but the promotion of American capitalism.

  15. This broad Wikepediad a bunch of shit before and acts like she was elitely schooled on such matters. She claims USA staged a coup in Costa RIca! When was that? Haha.This little broad is out of control! She ended her rant by saying Charlize Theron is a national treasure, for who? I bet she doesn't even know Theron is from South Africa!

  16. Fun fact America had no to little interest in getting involved in other countries pre joining world war 1 two years after it started they where America first. Then gobalization happened post world war 2 And anerica replaced The UK as policeman of the world.


  18. 1953 Iran 7% BP 97% .Iran was tired of making 7% on their own oil. So Britain got in bed with the US and basically strong armed Iran and took out their Democratic leader


  20. You even managed to overthrow an elected Prime Minister in Australia during the Vietnam War because he was going to withdraw Australian troops.

  21. As soon as the opposition disagrees with you, they immediately begin launching attacks which have nothing whatsoever to do with the topic at hand, constantly changing the topic.
    Hmm … so if they have no proof, then what do they do? They of course shout: Racist!
    Then shout Sexist! Homophobic! Prejudice! Etc. and etc. It never ends, does it? Nope.
    Such people constantly use this as a tactic when they run of of evidence and common sense – –
    which is constantly. Try, try, again … Oh brother.

    Odd how she proves her own point against her kind of thinking by employing a tactic which she no doubt condemns as despicable. It's called being a hypocrite. Sound familiar? H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E.
    "Everything is racist just because we're not capable of making a point unless we shout: Racist!"

  22. I wouldn't trust Megyn Kelly as far as I could throw her. She's just another one of the fascist Barbie dolls. Like Nikki Haley, she would do a mass shooting a day for more money celebrity and Power

  23. Because the US still has that Old Britain thinking way of get as much as you can. The British empire was the same way, and they say their the good guys.

  24. What an irrelevant tangemt we were just taken on. Kaepernick didn't say US foreign policy practices were led by business interests. He said that the US was doing it because the were black or brown people. It's a totally different claim to the one you rebutted

  25. It’s not ALWAY the US’s fault.
    1945–1948: South Korea
    1947–1949: Greece
    1947–1970s: Italy
    1949–1953: Albania
    1949: Syria
    1952: Egypt
    1953: Iran
    1954: Guatemala
    1955–1960: Laos
    1956–1957: Syria
    1957–1959: Indonesia
    1958: Lebanon
    1959: Iraq
    1960-1961: Congo-Leopoldville
    1960: Laos
    1961: Dominican Republic
    1960s: Cuba
    1961–1975: Laos
    1961–1964: Brazil
    1963: Iraq
    1963: South Vietnam
    1965–66: Dominican Republic
    1965–1967: Indonesia
    1967: Greece
    1970–1973: Chile
    1970: Cambodia
    1971: Bolivia
    1972–1975: Iraq
    1977–1988: Pakistan
    1979–1993: Cambodia
    1979–1989: Afghanistan
    1980–1989: Poland
    1980–1992: El Salvador
    1981–1982: Chad
    1982–1989: Nicaragua
    1983: Grenada
    1989: Panama
    1991: Kuwait
    1991: Haiti
    1991–2003: Iraq
    1997–98: Indonesia
    2000: Yugoslavia
    2002 Venezuela
    2006–07: Palestinian territories
    2006–present: Syria
    2007: Iran
    2009: Honduras
    2011: Libya
    2015–present: Yemen…

    It’s just very often the US’s fault.
    You can read the reports of the CIA that are now declassified, if you dont believe the US was involved.

  26. I'm sorry! Lawyers aren't dumb! HOW MANY OF TRUMPS HIGH POWER LAWYERS ARE IN JAIL! And note! Many of the UNITED STATE Senate ARE FORMER LAWYERS; YET, the world is where? Because they are so smart!please! AMERICA lawyers are embarrassing! The system is damaged be cause if stupid law makers! WHICH are lawyers!

  27. Every zoo has a sign that says

    we removed zebras from our zoos because Kaepernick thinks zebras are an insult to biracial people

  28. I'm willing to bet my life that at this moment the majority of America's population is people whose country of origin was invaded, destroyed, colonized or somehow destabilized by the US government.

    And if you didn't immigrate directly from one of those broken countries you're the descendant of someone who did or you're a descendant of those enslaved on American soil.

  29. Back in the 1950s and 1960 when racism was taking its last stand, people were being lynched, Black churches were being burned, etc., etc.. civil rights leaders such as Dr. King were of the opinion that some Whites were responsible. He saw a path to a solution, namely, to win the hearts and minds of the few who were filled with such hate.
    Now, in the 21st Century, after two terms of a Black President, the common accusation is that ALL whites are racist and if one denies it, one is a double racist. Clearly, this does not make sense. Kaepernick is no Blacker than myself anyway. He's barely got a decent Hawaiian tan.

  30. Ever realize that these right-wing morons can never give a person an intellectually stimulating argument over a subject matter? They just make snide, personal and irrelevant remarks and run away!

  31. Colin Kaepernick: Racist White America attacks other countries because they are black and brown skinned people
    Megan Kelly: Stop making everything about RACE!
    Ana Kasparian: YOU'RE a RACIST for calling out our sainted god Colin Kaepernick and not agreeing with what he said.

  32. While the link between race on these countries and coups assisted by the US government may be questioned (those countries were "selected" based on US money interests rather than race, just happened to be of races other than white), Megyn Kelly should not have just analysed things from the race point of view only. It is superficial and narrow minded. Instead, she should mentioned that the US indeed participated in illegal actions against democratic and non-democratic governments abroad for its own benefit. This is indeed imperialism, dominance, and it is still going on. It is wrong for the US to remain in Iraq and in any other country where is not has been invited or continued wished. The US must end its interventionism around the world and respect other people's choices.

  33. Mehgan the Blow Job Queen acting like she didn't do it to get top job at Faux should stay quiet spend your I'll gotten gains like most white girls do, cry fowl when the blow job to get the position goes wrong and Sues!

  34. America has been Imperialist in the PAST, but the PAST is PAST. GET OVER IT! Trump is actively trying to GET US OUT of the 
    Middle East after making us the BIGGEST OIL PRODUCER in the world, and just took out a terrorist BUTCHER of a General.  
    He also PREVENTED all out war with Iran, a Raggedy-Ass Malicious-Murderous-Terrorist nation. Kaepernick is a MORON, and Hillary 
    would have WAGED ALL OUT WAR on Iran "We came, we saw, he died". — I'm voting TRUMP 2020!

  35. Its exactly true. Look what they did to the indigenous people of America. The wage genocide on our people. It continues to this day. MMIW. Illegal immigrants from Europe stole this land to profit off. Yet they continue to steal land ,oil,businesses overseas. America has lost its democracy. We are a fascist nation. Wake up!!! Kaepernick is so right.

  36. TYT is racist.
    They constantly insult our intelligence and think they can lie to us because they believe we're stupid. They're always pandering to us. They want to give us reparations to buy our vote. To keep us submissive in fear that we'll lash out.

  37. Well I can't say Kaepernick is wrong LOL the United States routinely builds up hundreds of bases in the Middle East and always tries to find an enemy to attack while taking the natural resources of that country

  38. "Why does TYT keep talking about race??"
    It's like America was founded on racism or something, and it's still prevalent.
    But I guess if you aren't affected by it, it's just not that important (to you)

  39. Megan did what all racist do and that's being upset at the speaking out against racism than the acts of racism.

  40. So what if the coups are partly based on the US wanting resources? We do it this way because the world has gotten too "civilized" for the old days of just invading and conquering lands you want or need something from. And as for Bolivia, the place was deteriorating as a whole so again, who cares. We live in AMERICA so try supporting actions taken by AMERICA to make it a better, wealthier and more powerful place. Considering how many people from central and south america sneak in here and live off this country's wealth I bet they don't even care care about the coups. And if we're not gonna stop said people from coming in then we are gonna need all the resources we can get our hands on. The rest of the world seems to think America has unlimited space and resources which is so far from true but when we take in 1000 new mouths to feed for every 100 that leave, those resources will run out in years instead decades and since natural resources can't be made, we need to restock them somehow. And as for Colin Kaepernick, he's an idiot who has never dealt with oppression in his life until he started running his mouth and disrespecting America.

  41. based on california…. yes everything IS racist when you fuckwits ruined jokes because you want to seem cool for the attention. also her tweet was shallow and his was alright but hyperfocused on color when its always been about making money and holding power… racism is just the distraction that they used

  42. not that i like either of them, but every time john is on a tyt video, his only contribution seems to be "___ person is dumb, so stupid, a bigot." ana can get thoroughly annoying at times and I disagree with her a lot but at least she brings some information into the discussion.

  43. You need to talk why those terrorists coming after your country… Because your country invades there country and prohibited them to have real democracy elected presidents… Get out of their countries and see if they gonna come after you… You are the one who started it Megan!
    Big Example Egypt.

  44. All these right wing nuts are hypocrites, they know exactly the war crimes US gov. through the CIA has done all over the world but they pretend like the gov. is spreading democracy and they are just defending themselves.

  45. I always wonder how people don't know about how often the United States undermines democratically elected government. And then I realize that I just had really good history teachers who didn't just teach about American greatness and patriotism. Kaepernick is right!

  46. United states is the bigest terrorist nation in the world. The bigest bully, the bigest thive, the bigest invader,the bigest war criminal, and the bigest murder. No nation has comited so many crimes around the entire world as united states has. Cause its rule by hypocrites, deceivers, false christians, and the sons of satan in disguised.

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