Message To The Government

My Ghosts this is my message to the government the revolution will be televised we get in infiltrators culture vultures im tired of holdin back and imma give em the full clip and we get into it on this episode of Demons Row TV and oh yea we ghostin baby! welcome to Demons Row TV the holy grail of MC culture where we cover everything motorcycle club involved im Chopper Sosa im ya host for the evening and today we gonna get into it my message to the government but before we do that i want you to hit me with that #Ghostin and that lets me know your alive and well sittin on 2s doin what you do shout to all my new subscribers welcome to the row hit the bell so you get the notification any force have you ever been in a position where any force possible was in the way of you tryin to accomplish somethin i swear any car that could pass by any rain that could come down any condition the last time i tried to shoot there was rain actually falling in the camera where i couldn’t shoot and its cuz i just wanted to let everything out and the first thing i wanna talk about real quick on a side note is demons row people ask me where i got the name from and i had a christian person that i really went at with in the comments and he was talking about me worshipping the devil and that im pushing the devil’s agenda listen man demons row came from my club when we were riding in rows you know we ride in 2 rows high and tight you know how that shit go if your in a real mc an when we was riding i seen the skulls on the back so i thought the demons in rows so thats where it came from theres no devil worshipping any of the sort and this misconception that you gotta believe in the devil just cuz your in a mc you know it just bull it just adds to the everything that comes you could see this car while im trying to record like how dare he come in my area lol my message to the government is this this is a shot at anybody who has ever befriended any mc and then turned around and took him away from his family the infiltrators your literally gettin to know brothers wives children and then your gonna take them away from there familys but somehow you think that your doing something good like lets keep it all the way real with all these infiltrations 1 person in a state could be selling drugs 1 brother could be sellin drugs in another state something could happen theres a murder or something they pin this one with that one and now its the whole club how many clubs have they gone after right now they going after everybody yall will get in these clubs yall will commit crimes youll go write books go on youtube go on all these sources and reveal the stuff that was goin on around you but you was doin it with them where is the moral high ground in that your committing crimes yourself then your puttin brothers away for a long time your puttin whole organizations out for a long time and this goes back to the mongols we need to stick together its time for us to take a stand against this government they are sicc to there stomach when they see mcs you wanna know why theres alot of military in mcs yes ima say it and nobodys gonna silence me ima tell the truth and this is what happens they try to get rid of you when you tell the truth well guess what sosas gonna tell the truth and whatever comes comes its the truth we need to unite all this shootin each other over territory and all that listen im the first one to give out protocol and tell you listen you gotta move like this or move like that when your in this state or that state and and honestly thats not the way i want it to be and im not co signing it im never saying its cool for this to happen and for people to get caught wearing the wrong state or the wrong colors and gettin there cut taken by 1%ers im not co signin any of it im just exposing the realitys and trying to get people prepared so they dont get caught up in bad situations but it is time for us to unite as 1 and ive noticed that the more study everything in life the more people unite they try to break you up democrat republican blood crip whatever forum your in they find a way to seperate you while they stay together do you think that if we put some negative propaganda out there about the police force you think they gonna go against each other no there gonna stick together so why are we allowing ourselves constantly in every situation period doesnt matter what state your in and listen in the other countrys there banning clubs there banning clubs look at what there doing to the mongols they already targeted them now they goin after 81 they goin after pagans there goin after everybody little by little there gonna do the same shit there doing in these other countrys and there gonna ban us in this country we need to stand together as men as women in scs old ladys whoever it is we need to stand together and unite my ghosts ima tell you like this once this drops you gone have trolls hop in the comments and ima tell you right now if you troll what im saying right now this truth this real you a cop i dont care what nobody says any troll in the comments of what im kickin right now you are a cop my friend my Ghosts lambase if the hop in the comments with that bull and lets hold each other to a higher standard if your on youtube and you doin videos listen dont drop brothers names and read articles saying motorcycle gang and then put there face with there case lets hold ourselves to a higher standard and lets do the right thing when were posting anything that has to do with a case that a brothers life is on the line like i understand your doing news we gotta find a better way to do this were were not puttin brothers faces and cases out there and whoever dont like what im sayin listen man im speakin the truth and the truth is never the popular thing to say cuz i dont see nobody else talking about this i dont see none of the other mcs talkin about this i dont watch everybody elses channel and shout to raven dixie we gonna be doing some work real soon some special stuff we need to keep it all the way real out here and work together and keep this infiltrating perspective of mcs out this gangland bull like i said before its all rats its all people that get kicked out of clubs thats disgruntled yall disgruntled dudes if you got kicked out of club man listen if you cant hacc it being in a mc stop jumpin in the comments and trollin be a man find something else to do let me know in the comments how you feel about what im saying do you agree that its time that we all stick together cuz this is corny already how long is this gonna go on that were just constantly seperated by religion by anything colrs its the most basic shit that they seperate us with so i just had to keep it real thats my message to the government cop the demons row merch its cold get your skullys we got the hoodies all of that its always underneath every video the revolution will be televised and thank you for tuning in to demons row tv the holy grail of mc culture like subscribe and comment and oh yea we ghostin baby

100 Replies to “Message To The Government

  1. Its time for the unification of motorcycle clubs or there will be no motorcycle clubs!

    Love to all the new subscribers!!

    Get your Hoodies,Skullys,T Shirts,Socks and Mugs!! #Ghostin

    Demons Row Clothing


  2. #ghostin hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! Knights on Bikes Detroit M/M. I agree with this discrimination. And its impacting all races. There is war on bikers. They do hate we are not afraid and are down to protect our rights. I do agree how our community likes to fight one another. I assume one of your brothers got popped if you made this. Hope your loved one who got popped is ok.

  3. Left v right
    Dem v republican
    Mongol v 81
    Yankees v Red Sox
    Black b white
    Men v women
    Gay v straight

    We will never notice that it SHOULD be
    The people v the govt!

    Any and every chance they have to keep the masses pointing fingers at each other they’ll take. Keeping us all distracted from the fact we STILL live in a feudal society. Vassals subordinate to our govt lords. Paying a group of rulers to live in a house I already own. Obeying, like a good little vassal.

    I don’t belong to an MC
    But I am 3%
    I hope you 1% amd 99% will be part of the 3% when we need you

  4. #ghostin. I like the honesty and all the info I started going to this var to hang out and found out that a MC goes there also . so I take all your info to heart cuz I like this place and want to keep going . not trying to join just like hanging out

  5. Another great video thats why i watch your videos. You keep it 100%. Going of topic thank you for your prospect videos. I just became a prospect. I tell you what is not easy. But your videos help. So keep doing your thing. Us new to the life style learn a lot from you. God bless…

  6. #Ghostin choppa sosa you speak truth! . The fact that you keep it 100 is why I keep watching. Question for you brother. What is that sick beat tune for your intro ?

  7. I been saying this shit for years brother I did 13 years in the military I have been saying that we all need to be United or the government is going to weed us out one at a ti.e

  8. That’s identity politics, pushed hard by the left. We have bigger problems on the horizon in this country. We are headed toward civil war in my opinion, and my question is where will the Clubs be when the shit hits the fan? Left or Right? I’ve been here for 52 years and I’ve never seen no shit like what’s going on today. Seems like a no brainer as the people on the Right have all the guns😂

  9. Mc or average people no matter color or colors. Everyone needs to stand together right or left wing it's all the same bird. Government doesn't care about anyone but there own agenda. They work for us as a people and that reminder is well over do. When shit gets out of hand like minded people take a stand. Our so called freedom is under attack every day. Government is the biggest criminal organization extorting money at any means necessary. Hookers with bages we pay them to fuck us

  10. If you're trying to unite bikers @ least go 100%… Did not see 1 super sport street bike.. Unite all bike's & bikers. funny how Harley rider's always show no respect 2 non American bike's cause they are so pro American, yet they buy their wife's & kid's Lexus's, Bmw's, & Mercedes.. See what i mean about going 100.
    unite all not some

  11. Real issues for the 1%'rs no doubt . Of which you are not . You are what you criticise . You sound like an angry spiolt brat wanna be . How's the merchandise selling ? How's your image ego ? Grow up . You'll be a lot happier . I'm not gonna lower myself by responding to any comments , so your clear . Not gonna give the satisfaction . All the best with life , really . Lee .

  12. @choppersosa has it 100% right! The modern day Mentality, Of our Local,State, & Federal government,(even the mofo dog catcher CAN'T BE TRUSTED. With Their Communist/Socialist/Globalist mentality. That's getting promoted,and voted for by the #sheeple Of OUR COUNTRY. Under the guise of being smarter and knowing what's better for Us. Will call all those who gather in large groups.Just because they don't understand or disapprove why they gather, Will use the( RICO ACT ) ,and deem Them GANG'S in order to carry out their twisted mentally ill form of Government!
    #Ghostin in Kallifa's

  13. #ghostin , bro its going verry great with the fb site , i have put down that all the rights are not mine but demonsrow -choppa sosa

  14. The gov is the common enemy. But these bikers are in some 30 yr wars. They aint gonna stop. Not even to take on the gov. It is what it is.

  15. Well said the MCs do need to work together and tolerate each other , plus the independent riders need to be involved in this too , else big brother will take us down 1 by 1

  16. Absolute truth spoken here. Thing is this… in order to see things from the right perspective you got to know your enemies end-game.. and make no mistake we all have the same enemy… its the globalist elite.. the ones with the true power… the unlimited wealth and power who work together and ultimately run the world. Some call them the Illuminati, The Cabal, Majestic 12, etc. It's the Rockefeller's, Bloomberg's, Bush, Dulles, Soros… they are the true Luciferians… the ones pushing the pedophilia shit… the ones who can send entire countries into chaos with the stroke of a pen. They are who CREATED communism as well as the Nazis (not the ideas but they are who funded them both… and without that funding and proper knowledge on how to execute plans they never would have amounted to a footnote in history). They also are who made sure that the US was infiltrated with Nazis at the end of WW2… and not just through Operation Paperclip… but I am talking about THOUSANDS of previous Nazi officers of all levels. They took over our space programs but more importantly the alphabet soup feds… most notably the CIA… who of course is who sponsored the drugs of the 60s and the whole counter-culture movement. The same CIA who to thank for the crack epidemic of the 90's… and also who created AlQueda.. the same Al Queda who was to blame for 9/11 and who we went to war "against" ….they also created ISIS…. all of which Muslim "extremists" were created by them and funded by them…(them being through the CIA but funded by American taxes along with the Cabal/Nazi money).
    Now… how that related to us is this…. historically they have used England as a testing ground…. gun confiscation, terror attacks, infiltration of Muslims… you name it… they try it on England first and master it before bringing it to the US. So if you want a good idea of what the US will look like within 20 years take a look at England today.
    So yeah… not only do we need to unite amongst ourselves… but we also need to unite racially (don't fall for that you're a victim of someone else" bullshit.. they are using it to divide us!!!), with the 3%ers, and any other patriotic Americans who holds freedom as priority #1… those who want to stick to the Constitution and Bill of Rights… and want to get back to basics….to get rid of all of these laws that should not be.. no more prisons for profit, no more plutocracy…. back to less laws, less government and more personal liberty… to expose and do away with the inner-government crime that has taken over not just the US but the world (the swamp). To get back to the US and hopefully other countries as well… being run by the people, for the people… but not fall for politicians who say what they know you want to hear but are full of shit… if they have commie and/or Nazi roots or pals then they will be too… bird of feather. In other words don't listen to their words but look at their past actions and who they hang with, who funds them.. follow the money and you'll see where their heart truly is and what their actions will be.
    They are not undefeatable… but they will be as long as everyone stays simple-minded, narrow focused, and only caring about what affects them and theirs directly and has that shitty ass, new age "fuck you ….me first" attitude. That attitude is how we got to this point to begin with! DIVIDE AND CONQUER… and the Good Book is still point on where it says that "the root of all evil is the GREED of money" …as that is what has separated us all to begin with… made it into a money-hood instead of a brotherhood… but what good is it when we're all sitting in prison or as ashes in a fucking jar somewhere or buried 6 feet under (or 2' down in a swamp) because we lost sight of our priorities?
    Time to wake up. man up… and realize that we have been doing exactly what they wanted us to do
    Fuck that… as for me and my house we stand as one…. UNITED.

  17. MAN i think just like you man.i wish we could do it.its like they put white guys against,the black people.that crap has been working.what would happen if we all said fuck you we are all for one.,WE THE PEOPLE.they the(gov)would have to hear us now.then more people see it and they step up.that sure would change theys 100%..people come together could reallty work.i could talk about this all day.but maybe im talking out my ass.or a wishfull dreaming.

  18. It's not just M.C.'s being targeted. The government is targeting all of us. Trying to dismantle what our veterans have fought and died for. And you are right, race, religion, etc, those things are being used by the media to distract us from what the government is doing. Jesus said , in Mark 25, " And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand." We cannot allow OUR government to continue to infringe upon OUR rights. WE are the ones who control them, not the other way around.

  19. Unite anonymously, no patch, no identifying colors or tats or anything. Like Masons secret handshake or stance or word at a whisper. Then the shiteaters wont know who , what, when, or why when shit gets real. They fear MC's because of the knowledge held by brothers. Both in war and what can be shutdown by the work skils. Power, water, communications , transportation . The ones who bult it, work on it daily , know all about each field are bikers / ex military. Real badasses. Cops eat shit, hide behind their badges, bulletproof vests and the buddies who rally to their side. Fuck em . They lock up people for decades . Not thinking who that hurts most, kids , parents, grandparents. Peoples lifestyles drop from one status to below poverty boom overnight. Keeping a bro locked up 10-20 yrs the world is nothing like it was when they went in. Thats how you become institutionalized. Or they hold your ass for so long then offer a plea bargain. Yeah. Take the paper, give up all rights and go home to save what might be left of busting your ass your entire life. Easily done to millions. Fuckers playing God. Really then charge your club , family out the ass for phone calls. Why? They didnt do shit . Cause its a Multi-TRILLION DOLLAR A YEAR BUSINESS. Congress and the likes all need to be reformed. No more surveillance of Americans. Keeping data on us all. Fuck em fish gotta eat to.#GHOSTIN'

  20. #Ghostin #WashingtonState #Independent—Rolling on my twoS despite the 30 sumpthin degee.. Chillin and getting ready to settle in on your vids. Hoping things are rolling tight and on point for you my Brother.

  21. Imagine if every biker gang in America joined forces then found allies in the street gangs, mafia, Mexican gangs etc all joined as one unit? That would be one huge and dangerous militia!

  22. #Ghostin Sosa, we all, 1%, 99%, RC/MC need to support each other instead of fvcking with each other. If we don't we will all be riding friggin' prius, or some other $hit cars. #Savethepatch

  23. In the Netherlands all mc club members are all military. Reason being they all have to do 2yrs in military mandatory then go to ww1 n 2 weapons caches all over n grab military grade weapons n they know how to use them due to their mandatory 2yrs of service.

  24. Not into motorcycles or MCs but this is bigger it effects us all. Thier ban anyone or anything that is a threat to thier power. One way to do it is get us to fight each other

  25. Fuck the alphabet agencies and the pigs. I respect outlaw culture because it's based on honor and respect. It's the sole purpose of the government agencies to lie and deceive. A cop can shoot and kill you in this country while unarmed on video and go home that night! To have your life taken in the streets you 9.90/10 earnestly it. That's the culture I respect that's the country I want to live in. I'm no member of any mc and dont represent one. I've grown up in the biker culture and respect the way of life.

  26. Chop Sosa well said mate💪👍
    DIVIDE and CONQUER is what it all comes down to.
    I said on here a while back, I won’t be joining a club until all clubs recognise the real enemy.

  27. The day will come when Christians( and I am) are gonna be taken out by the government faster than the MC's .All people need to wake up and realize who is really worshipping the devil. The govt is the one.

  28. Exactly what Iv been saying for months end of the day were all 1%ers or aspiring to be if were all together as one we could stand against anything

  29. 100% correct. Divide and conquer, most don't see the truth.

    To the left I see the rats and to the right I see the snakes In my ear they're whispering sweet sermons of cruel hate So do you buy the fear, or do you buy the lies
    Tell me, what will set us free
    Do we kneel before the crooked few Or do we bite the fucking hand that feeds. (Parkway drive)

    Stay real.


  30. #Ghostin, Hey big bro it's time for the people in general but it will never happen because of the love of money!and as for the for you and the Christian honestly bro you are giving to satan however the Lors knows you and what you are really about much love

  31. I agree with what your saying Dogg, patches over badges it takes unity in numbers. Divide and conquer is their method of division. I appreciate all the knowledge you be putting out. Keep doing what your doing bro.

  32. Yes I agree, imagine if all bikers stick together for one common purpose like have a march, I’m talking bout all MC’s, Riders Clubs, Support Clubs, Lone Wolves, you know put our differences aside and ride like one brotherhood and put all that petty bullshit behind us and ride for one common purpose. Damn that would be legit! #Ghostin

  33. . . well if we learn and practice SELF governance, based on and in natural law with connecting systems of individual and community self sufficiency!! Abolish government!!

  34. #Ghostin – Yo Sosa- Great video, maybe your best. I've said it before and I'll say it forever……The MC's (especially the 1 %'s) must UNITE. However, this dream will never happen so long as the MC's engage in violence against each other and their members engage in serious felonies (I'm talking here bout stabbings, killings, drug trafficking, gun running, etc). The territorial disputes must stop. These childish disputes over states, territory, etc always escalate into wars between ourselves which inevitably lead to serious violence, even murder. The MC's have themselves to blame, in large part, for the police pressure and the negative publicity. The MC's themselves and their leaders and officers must condemn and stop the violence I'm talking about and dismiss any members (Bad) who are convicted of such activities. There will never be unity, their will never be 'brotherhood' between 1% MC's, their will never be peace, there will never be tolerance for 1% MC's, there will never be freedom for MC's until the entire MC community comes together and eliminates their hateful rivalries, their participation in and their tolerance for serious criminal activity, and their violence they have for each other. Your video is a small step in creating that direction of a new world order for 1%'s but it will take a real committed effort on the part of all the 1% leadership to work together and achieve such a goal that I fear will never happen.

  35. Too many short sighted people out there. The government keeps us busy fighting each other so we don't organize and turn our attention to the real problem, the blatant abuse of power.

  36. It's past time! Why are we fighting each other for taritory when the fucking government is trying to take it from all. I'm not saying to kiss each others ass, but if we don't stand as one….there will be NO ONE TO STAND.

  37. I 100% agree brother. If we can get past all this territorial bull shit and stand and ride together. The government wouldn’t stand a chance. I can’t even ride to the corner store with out getting rolled on an profiled by the police. Scared lil punks that got picked on in school. FTP

  38. Hey Chopersosa. One topic I would love to hear you touch on that we have here in the UK is the levels between clubs, from back patch MC to front patch MCC's. Loving your channel and every topic so far. #Ghostin

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