Michael Moore Has a Winning Strategy for Democrats in 2020

-You want to talk about
strategy because you… -Yes. Yes. -Again, you called this
last time. And talk about what happened
in Michigan in 2018 and — -Last November, we — Michigan sadly went red
for Trump in 2016. But this past November,
we brought it back to blue. And we kicked out
all the Republicans in the state capitol
and we got the governor, lieutenant-governor, attorney
general, secretary of state, and we kicked out
two Republicans, Congressmen, in suburban Detroit —
in suburban Detroit — and replaced them with
two Democratic women. So Michigan is now back —
[ Cheers and applause ] Let me tell you how we did it.
Here’s how we did it. Amd we got to do this
in states — especially the swing states
next year. Ballot proposals brought out
the people to vote last November who may not have voted. So we came up with this idea.
Let’s get two ballot proposals. Actually, this is Karl Rove’s
and Bush’s idea. In 2004, they got 14 states
to put an amendment on the ballot proposal
to ban gay marriage, and it passed
in all 14 states, and it brought out enough people
to get Bush elected. We can do this this time. If we put ballot measures
on the ballots. We did it in Michigan with
with marijuana legalization, we doubled the youth vote…
-Yeah. -…from the previous
off-year election. And — and the African-American
vote, which thousands had sat it out
in ’16, unhappy with the choices, came back to vote
last November because we had a ballot proposal to make gerrymandering
and voter suppression illegal, and it passed.
[ Cheers and applause ] It passed, marijuana passed,
and we had a huge African-American turnout,
and that gave us — we got Democrats elected off it. So instead of putting all
our hopes in one politician to carry the thing, we have to
get these ballot proposals on in the swing states. That will bring out people
to vote. Now, I tweeted at Trump just before I came out
to watch tonight. -Oh, wow. Okay, gotcha. -You know, because I was
going to tell him, you know — You think he is —
[ Laughter ] He’s like — I told — -Thank you. -I told him to get
a bucket of KFC. -Yep. -And he’s in his robe right now
watching you and I. -Yeah, probably, yeah. -And I said, you got to watch
because I’m going to tell you how we’re going remove you
from the White House next year. -All right.
[ Cheers and applause ] -And we’re gonna do it —
we’re gonna do it by getting those ballot
proposals in those states to bring out the majority
of Americans, or that 70% — women, people of color,
young adults. We’re going to run
a beloved candidate who is a street fighter. All right, I’m serious. Folks, if we put up
the wrong horse in this race, we are doomed again. Let’s not do that. And I’m willing to say —
okay, so let’s say — Obviously I love Bernie
and his politics and all that, but we all have to agree
we’re going to all vote for the person that isn’t
just going to beat Trump, ’cause I think there’s
four or five candidates now that could beat him. But beating isn’t good enough.
Hillary beat him. We have to crush Trump. It has to be orange crush.
[ Cheers and applause ] Orange crush.
Operation Orange Crush — I just came up with that.
-There you go. Well, you got to
come back again. We’ll check in on the operation.
That’s Michael Moore, everybody.

100 Replies to “Michael Moore Has a Winning Strategy for Democrats in 2020

  1. And Michael Moore just explained how to bait and buy votes from the voters that aren't aware of the entire contents on the ballot. And doing so on purpose which is essentially working a SCAM ! !

  2. Phew, when Micheal is smiling, you know there is Hope! If you have to crawl there vote! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  3. Screaming about intersectional woke bullshit and lecturing the working class about how their supposedly uneducated, bigoted and “a sign of the past” from your liberal elitist ivory towers isn’t gonna win you anything, just a thought 😇

  4. Michael Moore is absolutely right. You need a street fighter. Your candidates need to be ready, willing and able to deliver on honestly promised progressive policies. Trump has to be crushed.

    I'm not sure it's such a bad tactic to have such a packed field until it's getting close, though. Get behind one – but keep it close to the American chest until the final reveal because Donald Trump, and his propaganda machine, are going to try to character assassinate any threats to his dictatorship. Have him chasing a myriad of targets and he wont be able to do the kind of damage that he would if there were only a handful. You need him having to split his attention against a multitude of heavy hitters. Every time he comes up with some feeble insults for one of them – he needs that candidate to thump him back really hard.

    Take the gloves off, Democratic candidates.

  5. It doesn't need to be Republican and Democrats. There are about 50 other parties……….. why doesn't anyone pay attention to that?

  6. Michael has this strategy because he knows the DNC will cheat the progressives again and will have to resort to a miracle when Biden gets nominated.

  7. It's amazing Michigan was able to do that with all the GOP mass voter suppression and radical gerrymandering. But when enough of THE PEOPLE turn out to vote, then there is an undeniable #BlueWave!

  8. Vote Blue no matter who! (Personally I hope for Warren or Bernie, but I'll even vote for corporate biden if I have to).

  9. Ok, so how are we gonna convince the Pelosis of the country to put weed on the ballot?
    Can we bait and switch their lobbyist friends by promising Monsanto and Pfizer weed contracts then sneak in provisions that protect non-corporate weed farmers?
    I don't want to think that we need to seduce the industrialists, but we definitely need help bringing the underground pot farmers back from the brink of full blown, prohibition style organized crime.

  10. That was a fluke at the time. Mike does not consider the ballot proposals might bring out the opposition to vote against them. smh. I think Mike may be a secret right-winger. Does he really want Trump? Mike is one of those multimillionaires Bernie now keeps talking about.

  11. Kamala Harris is the other street fighter. She's smart and takes no prisoners AND has great proposals for middle class problems . Problems like prescription drug prices ( gouging ) and how its often only possible for lower middle class people to lower not raise their credit scores even if they have no debt and pay bills on time.

  12. Ballot initiatives:
    Pot covered 100% by Medicaid, 4-day weeks with government subsidized partying on weekends, tax cuts for grills in the back yard, Turn Area 51 into a public park, make Youtube public and get rid of all the advertising. Pay content creators in direct proportion to their views, put all the anti-vaxxers and flat earthers in locked up mental facilities WITHOUT internet, ALLOW ONLINE VOTING!!

  13. Also people have to realize if your candidate doesn't get the nomination it doesn't matter. Get out and vote anyway. If necessary hold your nose and vote Democrat or the evil GOP will return.

  14. Operation Brown Bag and operation Clunker Slum. From 4/1/20 to 9/30/20 eat most of your meals at home (ten million restaurant workers unemployed.) Don't buy a vehicle or major appliance or electronics unless you absolutely NEED one! (tank durable goods orders.) When the Leading Economic Indicators are Bad in October, he doesn't stand a Chance! I'm leasing a Bolt this year-2019, and maybe buying a used 27" iMac. Nothing next year. Christians…Delay your Xmas gifts until 2021.

  15. Congrats on Michael Moore turning Michigan Democrat again!!! Yay now we got higher taxes from our ”Beloved Governor” who has barely passed any good resolutions. Oh yeah and thanks for allowing me and the rest of the working class people pay for people who choose not to work and who want to live on government assistance for the rest of their lives 🙄🙄🙄

    Give me a fucking break the Democrats are ruining Michigan and making us hard working Michiganders pay more taxes than ever before. MAGA 2020

  16. So… Moore is another pedophile who needs democrats to block pedo investigations and protect pedos. Epstein is bringing the entire house of cards down. All these late night anti patriot weirdos and Hollywood, MSM, big tech etc have imploded nonstop since 2016. You bet on the wrong horse…. and this all comes crashing down this year… no more secrets!

  17. I thought that maybe a conversation with the voters that left the Dems would be more fruitful. It's always about themselves the Democrats. We will tell you how you are going to live your life. How dare you vote Republican. The conversation is with the voters. I think Trump has to keep the plug open and really drain out these drongos.

  18. I love this, and even the centrists could surely get on board with something. Cannabis at least right? Hell, even Republican voters hate gerrymandering.

  19. Trumf is not going to lose if the elephant in the room is not addressed.. even if every repub vote for him that's not enough to win the presidency unless the machines are hacked.. why do you think the repubs don't want to investigate russia.. com on now

  20. Moore has some great perspective from Mid West White voters point of view.
    Michelle Obama will be great Michelle can also be the VP to beat racist corrupt trump huge.


  22. Two mental asylum patients discussing a strategy and few hundred morons commenting about it. Dream on #DemocRATs.

  23. what sense or intelligence does Michelle Obama have to understand moral standard or to recognize the difference between males and females. Any person who see people less than humans and promotes them as transgenders is not fit to lead.

  24. Trump will just come out drinking a orange crush and knock you over the head with the bottle. Get real the Russians will make all you DEMs vote for trump lol

  25. I have a REALLY radical idea.
    Bernie Sanders supports at least 40 of the democratic party policies in their platform.
    The majority of Americans support at least 90% of those policies.
    How about nominating someone who supports the party platform that people want ? Too radical ?

  26. Why would you inform your opposition how you plan to defeat them? That's a stupid idea. Especially when the opposition are the ones currently in power.

    🌺 What makes you think anyone cares
    about what you say or think. You have
    an over sized EGO. Take a hike wanker. !!!

  28. At 2:40, Michael absolutely destroys his own argument. He says the only way Trump can be beat is if – wait for it – Michelle Obama runs.
    That's not going to happen. So, why did Moore spend 2 full minutes acting the hero, and then collapsing in on himself at the end?
    Not helpful, Michael!

  29. The economy is booming under trump, lowest unemployment. Btw why isn't Seth Meyers ever made fun of Obama or bush they were worse then trump

  30. Heres some of the small list what Moore forgot to mention in farenheit 9/11

    Muhammad was a white racist and sexist

    Sahih al-Bukhari Book 3 Hadith 63
    -Narrated Anas bin Malik:
    While we were sitting with the Prophet in the mosque, a man came riding on a camel. He made his camel kneel down in the mosque, tied its foreleg and then said: "Who amongst you is Muhammad?" At that time the Prophet was sitting amongst us (his companions) leaning on his arm. We replied, "This white man reclining on his arm." The an then addressed him, "O Son of 'Abdul Muttalib." The Prophet said, "I am here to answer your questions."

    Sahih Muslim 6081 – “It was narrated that Abu Juhaifah said: ‘I saw the Messenger of Allah with a white complexion and some white hairs.’

    Sahih Muslim 6071 – “It was narrated from Al-Jurairi from Abu At-Tufail…he was white with an elegant face.’
    “…the whiteness of his cheeks.” 4:1208
    Sunan abu dawud- 3:1002

    The Muslim sources even go out of their way to remind us how white Muhammad was. They frequently reference the whiteness of his various body parts—something that was not mentioned about any other prophet, from Abraham to Zachariah.

    Find the following in sahih albukari
    “The whiteness of his shins.” 1:8:367
    “…the whiteness of the thigh of Allah’s Prophet.” 8:3325
    “…the whiteness of his leg.” 456:7:67
    “…the whiteness of his stomach.” 9:90:342
    “…the whiteness of his armpits.” 8:78:631

    Find in sunan abu dawud
    “…the whiteness of the forearms.” 20:3200


    Sahih Al bukhari- 7263,6161

    Black slave shot to death while holding Muhammad's luggage- 3858

    So mubammad had sex with a 9year old girl, robbed caravans, beheaded hundreds of Jews (he is okay)- but this black man grabbed cloak before spoils were divided so he is going to hell

    Provisions of the Afterlife Which Lie Within Prophetic Guidance (By Ibn Qayyim Al-jawziya) list 28 of the slaves muhammad owned. Named a woman "ship" in arabic because he loaded her like a ship to carry his things.

    Muhammad had sex with his slaves- ibn ishaq page.653 (i guess thats only creepy when thomas jefferson does it)

    *he called black people "raisin heads" sahih albukari- 7142

    A woman may never be a leader because their mind is deficient of a man, and since oprah wants to run for prez and she is black. Guess muhammad disagrees-7099


    If you say muhammad was black. Thats a death penalty. AL SHIFA-Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman page 387

    Why are some black people muslim…. they should be some of the last people to become muslim. Muhammad was clearly a false prophet. Muhammad thought he was possesed by a demon.. he was a sinner and couldnt save anyone let alone himself

    Moore is a beta Male. Softie.

  31. I wish Michael Moore would become a presidential candidate. I’d vote for him in a heartbeat. Love him and everything he stands for, especially regarding how to take America back, make it a much better and safer place to live, and have more respect internationally.

  32. Michael Moore is an idiot ! Bowling for Columbine was a stupid idea. Voter suppression is having illegal immigrants voting illegally !


  34. Michael….DEMOCRATS voted for Trump even though they LOATHE Republicans. You can't use the results of 2018 to predict how those same DEMOCRATS will vote in 2020….for President! Trump will get elected by a landslide in the electoral college…like he did in 2016….by DEMOCRATS.

  35. Something to consider, Michael. Maybe…..there WON'T BE a 2020 election…at least the way you THINK it will be? Every state with "sanctuary cities" could be declared "null and void" for participation in the 2020 vote…and MAYBE…even put under martial law… by the time November 2020 rolls around. One way or the other…Donald Trump will remain in office after 2020.

  36. All the Corporate Democrats will lose to Trump. Only two candidates can beat Trump Or maybe three, I will tell you, Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, and Andrew Yang,

  37. The thing you are forgetting is middle America knows you are total hypocrite. And what an idiot you are to inform the right of what your game plan is.

  38. Michael Moore, please go on the Ketogenic diet so you can lose that weight. You are too precious and valuable for us to lose you to illness due to obesity.

  39. Hey FAT AsS – Go get yourself 30 more 2 lbs. Hamburgers with Cheese – we need you to have your ass off the planet sooner than later – you jackass – TRUMP 2020++++ TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++TRUMP 2020++++

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