100 Replies to “Mike Pence: Russia, China, Cuba engage in ‘debt diplomacy’ with Venezuela

  1. Bullshit Lies, everyone knows what you want, steal there gold, money, and oil, destroy the country , and build a wall to keep them out.

  2. There’s no care from the USA 🇺🇸 USA is only interested in to their Petroleum that’s it……. they think they can put presidents they think they can rule the world 🌎 that is completely wrong… GOD RULES AND THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE CHOSEN DEMOCRATICALLY NICOLAS MADURO AS THEIR PRESIDENT, leave them alone, THEY ARE POOR JUST BECOUSE OF THE UNFAIR AND EVIL BLOCKAGE THE THE OUSIDE WORLD TO DO BUSINESS…….

  3. New President? Are the USA trying to put their own puppet in place to get rid of demecracy in Venezuela? This is just such a pile of BS

  4. US mind your fckg business and butt out of Latin America. You dont care about the people Us after the oil. Dogs

  5. Maduro's regime is so brutal and repressive that it lets the opposition hold a rally without intervening whatsoever.

  6. The reporter is a typical American Republican cum dumpster. No brain she should have gone into porn and actually done something for us all.

  7. Bs this mother fuckers want to do what they did in the middle east to venezuela they going to start with there false propaganda

  8. hi america, world terrorist country, you are not a god, to bring freedom in venezula, and in the world, your devil, satan,, only god can bring freedom and peace on earth,. america and binladen you were good friends, to terrorize russia,! to kill people, and come to play now, after 2020 god will destroy America for their acts in the world, Democracies Democracies You may bless what wants and talk, said the Americans,! have you killed Bopmarley, bring peace to the Israeli and the pallestina, it would be better, because there are more than thousands killed by Israel

  9. why do not the amricans fight for the pallestina? there is no oil there, satan america, the falling angel, has fallen in rome, england, isreal, and america, but there comes a time when these countries will be destroyed by god himself, like sodom and gomorah, these countries have the total role of Jesus in the world, there is a man who murdered his brother for power at that time, that man has played the main role of the film of Jesus, this killer photo is now spreading in the hellworld that he is jesus ,, but jesus was never a white man, because they had heard of jesus by jealousy, and the role of jesus was taken over, this population group were the falling angel with their false jesus

  10. FYI nobody not even the U.N. has recognized Guaido as president. only the U.S. and a few small countries being pressured. so he's pretty much an idiot plain and simple.

  11. Hajajajajajajajajjaajajajjjajjajajaajajajajajajajajhahahahahahahahahahahahahajahajajjaajajajajajajajjaajajahahahahahahahahhaahhaahahahhahahahaahahahahahhahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  12. Trish your a fucking idiot America is a vampire in the world sucking the life of all nations Russia will shortly punish your land of fools

  13. Trump and make pence broke the law by illegally recognized and proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido Al of thems for prison behind bars for life

  14. IMF is engaged in debt diplomacy right out of the Pentagon itself. Those vast crowds were supporting Maduro not Guido this is nothing but a disinformation campaign.

  15. Pence only wants Venezuelan oil to be privatised for American oil companies and not for the people of Venezuela that's for sure

  16. So? That's their business, and their business alone. I have to say, this administration is walking a tightrope. Trump wants boots on the ground in Venezuela. A tariff war with China. We will leave Russia alone, we all know that one. North Korea, Cripes! A starving nation, with or without sanctions. But let's leave Venezuela alone. Why? Oil. Lots of it. And Venezuela is the only Western Hemisphere state in OPEC. We screw with Venezuela, OPEC will no doubt cut production. Anyone for 5, 6, 7 dollar-a- gallon gasoline? How about a fuel shortage worse than those in the early 70's? It could happen, especially with those dolts on Capitol Hill. My story.

  17. The constitition?? Lies all lies. If the US get Petro Caribe the Caribbean will plummet into poverty without discounted Venezuelan Oil

  18. Name a country where U.S. intervention made life better?
    Now name a country Without OIL that gets this attention.
    Nigeria has plenty oil and the U.S. actions there are clandestine. They never express concern like this in Africa. At least not openly.

  19. Treat others how you want to be treated. Russia, America, China, France, England ect ect. Proxy wars and spy games should end. Proping up dictatorships or pretending to have a democracy while marginalizing your citizens by withholding information so your citizens can't have informed thoughts to actually participate in the Democratic process needs to stop. The security council members really need to evolve into participants of real security and democracy for all global citizens. Stop playing games and thinking your better than other human beings while using propaganda to evoke emotional responses from your populace rather than promoting logical responses. Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure, and constructive economy are Human Right issues. Families and Human beings around the whole earth deserve the best.

  20. Hi, these people only work
    by orders of their masters, they only bark when the dip state orders them …..

  21. Mike Pence is the best VP weve had in decades , he is America personified , determined , principled , a defender of freedom and the American way.

  22. yeah, ask the garden gnome, who's scared to sit next to women without his wife present, what he thinks about Venezuela which is outside his jurisdiction.

  23. Trish reagan is a stooge for the neocons in D.C. she needs to get off the air everyone knows she represents the evil neocons in D.C.
    Don't they realize the american people knows what they are up to in venezuela. The american people are sick and tired of these
    useless illegal regime change wars which has cost the american tax payer trillions of dollars. Do think the american people are complete
    idiots and can't see there true intent to over throw an legitimate democraticly elected president and installe their own stooge juan quido.
    When will these idiots in D.C. wake the hell up and see their regime change scheme is over. Russia and china are not going anywhere.
    They have made it clear they are going to support their ally and prevent another war criminal invasion by the united states.
    I am an american and I support venezuela and their allies 100%. America needs to be stopped by any means necessary.

  24. US propaganda throthing at the mouth. It's embarrassing how weak the US must be to rely on such cheap arse attempts at influencing public opinion.

  25. You have to counter those russian hypersonic beauties pointed right at florida… nasty , nasty present by the bear to the eagle. That will keep you from meddling in other countries for oil.

  26. US meddling in Venezuela and many other small countries are giving credit to Chinese system. US called themselves democratic countries. But their behaviors are sooooo disgusting.

  27. Hahahaha the world is waking up america will be alone!!! Venezuela dont need america!! america NEEDS VENEZUELA!!

  28. Sorry children, they were open with doing business in the US. This "new president" spends more time in Washington than with his people. Oh, by the way, foreign supported leaders that aren't elected are usually puppets that sell off country resources, as Venezuelan white leaders did since oil was first discovered in Maracaibo. Oh, jailed opposition, you mean like Assange and Chelsea Manning's solitary confinement. You pig actors. You are lying to yourselves and you will get I'll from it in your older years.

  29. What a joke……he’s a lying Christian, all to plunder and pillage…….get real……. the world sees what is going on.





  31. Chosen by the people? Guido wants freedom for his people? it should read freedom for American corporations.
    Guido is a C.I.A. asset and this is not a conspiracy theory please read Guido's bio. what a joke.

  32. fox news never ever mention or report the great africa today talk less just take a break look in africa today after china help building up all infrastructure and manufacturer africa today has it home grow production line like refrigerator LEDTV home appliance electronic wash machine all you need china has help africa people lift up poverty life you won't believe what i've told you today just visit yourself

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