MOOC: Global Governance

each year several thousands of meetings gathering hundreds of thousands of individuals representing governments as well as private entities take place across the globe to discuss problems such as climate change trade liberalization investment protection migration flows security threats or the safety of consumer goods many of these meetings occur under the auspices of hundreds of international organization and in accordance with rules from thousands of international treaties some of these meetings aim at making new rules or amending existing ones while others focus on the implementation of and compliance with those rules how do we make sense of all these initiatives to make the world a better place this course will push you to unleash your critical thinking on that question and practice it within a social learning environment you will explore and navigate the complexity of international affairs which means that you will discover the visible and the invisible in international processes of government evaluate the tractable and intractable dimensions of global problems discuss the respective contribution of the private and public sectors in providing solution to difficult challenges on the practical side you will identify a toolkit of global regulation and learn to use it to address complex form

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