Most Violence is Right Wing. Period. Stop Lying

Okay, let’s address something head on just
to do it and get it out of the way for future segments last week and in other segments,
I’ve made an effort to remind the audience that I’m completely fine covering instances
of right wing violence based on politics, end of left wing political violence. And that we shouldn’t be hypocrites, we shouldn’t
hide left wing violence to the extent that it exists, but when I do those stories, I
will remind you that it’s important to remember that most politically oriented violence in
the United States is right wing. It’s important to remind you of that, not
for some kind of what about ism, but because if we really want to deal with the issue of
political violence as an apparatus in the United States as a problem, we have to understand
where it comes from and it mostly comes from the right. Most religious violence in the United States
is from right-wingers, so let’s actually dig into that. And the way we know things is through studying
data and there are countless ways that you can come to the same conclusion. So let’s go through some of the sources. I’m sure many of you will have problems with
some of these sources, which is why I’m presenting a number of different ones. Let’s start with the anti-defamation league. The Anti Defamation League has studied this
for a very long time. Their latest report is from 2018 which makes
sense since we’re in 2019 right now and it is on domestic extremist murder. 50 of 50 people killed in 2018 we’re because
of right wing extremism. 78% were white supremacists, 16% were anti-government
extremists, 4% were in cell extremists and 2% meaning one guy was an Islamist extremist. Now we can argue over whether Islamist extremism
is left or right wing. The right loves to say Islamist extremism
is left wing because Muslims I guess often don’t like Republicans. This is extraordinarily simplistic and shortsighted
religious belief to a degree that you become radicalized, uh, is by nature a right wing
perversion of religion. But we can ignore it and we can say 49 of
50, 2018 domestic extremist murders. We’re definitely right wing extremists. One out of 50. I guess we can debate, uh, uh, the, the specifics
of it, that’s the anti-defamation league. Now I know some of you disliked the ADL or
you don’t trust the ADL. So let’s go to another set of data. This CSI s the Center for Strategic and International
Studies. They’ve identified that indeed the overwhelming
majority of violence from extremists in the United States is coming from white supremacists
and high government extremists, including militias and so-called sovereign citizens
groups. Very, very clear on the data. Some of you will say, David, I don’t like
the ADL and I don’t like CSI. Yes, well then you’ve got the data from the
Center for investigative reporting who also looked at this from 2008 to 2016 and they
found 115 right wing terror incidents, 63 Islamist inspired terror incidents and 19
left wing incidents. So if you include radical Islam as right wing,
which I do, it is almost 91% right wing. If you consider Islamic terror it’s own thing,
it’s still about 60% right wing. And bear in mind that this includes a way
broader definition of domestic terror than any of the other studies. What if you don’t like any of these three
studies? Well then you can look at the national consortium
for the study of terrorism and responses to terrorism. They maintain profiles of individual radicalization
in the United States. They look at individuals radicalized since
1948 and they have found that 40% are far right. 24% were Islamist, 17% are far left, and 18%
are what are called single issue individuals who could be anywhere on the political spectrum
or even sort of outside of it. So no matter how you want to catalog this,
no matter what set of data you look at when you look at radicalization in the United States,
when you look at what movements are leading people to commit violence in order to try
to achieve their political goals, goals, or enforce what they see as their vision of what
the United States is or should be, it is at minimum a clear plurality, right wing. And in some ways when we’re looking at, for
example, extremist murders, uh, we’re talking about 90 plus percent right wing. The normal responses that I hear when I talk
about this. Well, they’re not really right wing. Uh, and this is a sort of a no true Scotsman
fallacy sort of thing, which we could delve into a but listen, I mean these militia groups
are right wing white nationalism is right wing sovereign citizens movement is right
wing extreme dogmatic religious belief that leads you to violence because you’re angry
that other people don’t follow your religion, whether that’s Christianity or Judaism or
Islam, that is also right wing by any common sense interpretation of what we’re talking
about here. Uh, so that one is a common talking point. You’ll hear they’re not really right wing
hard to talk to people who are going to make that argument. What about Antifa right? But ANTIFA is a common one that you hear. Uh, look at the data. Big Picture. ANTIFA is tiny. I am not a fan of Antifa. I have denounced anti a methods to the extent
that Antifa is a, a sort of coherent and discrete group with methods. I’m against all of the stuff that has been
reported under the guise of Antifa. ANTIFA is tiny. These are the broader numbers. You can’t look at anecdotes. Both sides do. It is another common one that you will hear
where that’s why we’re looking at the data to point out that yes, both sides do it in
drastically different proportion and two d drastically different degrees. So we’ve got to take the narrative back. We don’t have to be afraid of talking about
a guy who attempted to fire bomb an ice facility where no one died or was even injured. We denounce it. Uh, we criticize it. We point out that that person should be prosecuted
to the fullest extent of the law, but we don’t lose the narrative. The big picture narrative that most political
violence in the United States is coming from the right. Do you have other data that contradicts all
four of these sets of data? Let me know. I’m on Twitter at the pacman and the show
is on Twitter at David Pakman show

100 Replies to “Most Violence is Right Wing. Period. Stop Lying

  1. This is obvious, but your typical online right-winger is too ignorant and partisan to actually face the reality and condemn right-wing violence. They're trolls first, who don't really care about any of this.

  2. Hi, I see 2 different titles: 1.Most Political Violence is Right Wing, and 2. Most Violence is Right Wing. Accepting your sources which I do, the first is accurate, but second is misleading and grossly inaccurate. For another program please present data for all murders in US, not just political, and weapon used to commit murder.


  4. Wow this comment section is full of ingnorant lefty violent thugs …..let me remind you that since trump in in the white house you guys keep protesting with violence you censor you threat people who dont think like you you use violence everywhere you can and blame everybody else exept you for you're faillure's you guys are so blinded by this twit pakman and the fakenews cnn nbc ect…that you swim in a pool of violence,bigotery,lies,murder's (the clinton's) and keep blaming other for it 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  5. As a conservative, his analysis is fair. IF all you care about is extremist violence, which y’all do at the moment because it would seem it’s mostly from far right personas, which the right/conservatives call out without fail.

    As a whole, extremist violence is a small part of overall deaths/murder, yet the left wants to conflate the two as one so they can enact BS “sensible” gun control. Bait and switch on a large scale and dupe a population with your bogus, ignorant policies.

  6. Antifa is modern day terrorist. They are the ones destroying cities. They are the ones who are openly hostile even on their media sites

  7. I don't understand calling Islamic terrorism right wing. Way too many of these are lumped in to right wing, aside from that.

  8. Your the dumbs bundle of sticks; I have ever seen..
    The only white supremacists are in prison.
    Prison creates or makes race hate possible.
    You can look at all the data from people with agendas trying to create facts that don't exist that you want, doesn't make it true.

  9. David pakman are you some kind of nutjob or are you simply blatantly lying to your viewers you can see very clearly that the left is promoting violence how about antifa these aren't leftist and they do nothing but destroy burn attack people and you think this is not violence you are more of a dumbass than antifa if you believe this. You leftists are the real fascists. Look up the definition of fascism and you will see that you qualify perfectly.

  10. I'm going to start a YouTube channel to just cover "left-wing violence." I going to do it because I'm lazy and I would never have to fucking do anything. Easiest thing in the world to become an expert on.

  11. Hahahaha😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 WHAT A FUCKING CLOWN🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 BETAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

  12. The fact that the far right commits the overwhelming majority of violence is backed up by the empirical data and evidence. Right wing claims the left is more violent is based upon the videos they keep being fed in their brainwashy echo chambers.

  13. The conservatives can just say "the police are more likely to arrest and charge conservative terrorists" like the left uses to explain away black crime statistics.

  14. This is laughable. Where are you getting your information from? Who are these people? Are they the same people who doctor up and falsify the climate change data? Have you taken a good look at the antifa thugs and the violence that’s perpetrated by those wingnuts? I call fake news. Or at least it could be if it were actually reported on.

  15. I will preface this by saying I am a right wing libertarian. I have a few questions…Why should anyone care if these extremist groups define themselves as left wing or right wing? What point is he trying to make here? They are criminals and should be treated his such. Why should we care what their political opinions are? They don't represent me. This entire subject seems anecdotal considering these are extremist groups and they do not represent the majority.

  16. Left, Right, Christian, Muslim….they ALL have their lunatics, only America allows them to arm themselves to the teeth.

  17. Wow. Apparently Packman, and most of the comment posters, forget that Democrats were the slave owners, started the KKK, and are still supported segregation to this day. Oh, almost forgot that Democrats tried to hide what Hitler was doing to the Jews. Thankfully, our brave soldiers filmed what they found when they liberated the camps and evil liberals couldn't deny it any longer. Pathetically ill informed left, but not surprising since they stopped teaching actual history in schools.

  18. Most political violence in America is right wing. Other than the weekly occurrences of Antifa attacking people, and of course other than the unmatched death toll at the hands of islamic extremists. Really reaching here David.

  19. Most crime is by antifa "politcally" …… religois violence is from the right? Dude what are you saying. Most right wingers r Christians, who do not believe in violence. Antifa is violent. Islamic extremists r terrorits. Neo nazi are terrorist, but the violence currently does not even compare. Y ok ure sources are literally bias af and just flat out lies.

  20. I am Muslim I can tell you that Islamic extremists is right wingers. They hate democracy. They hate gays they don't like women are equally or have a power in any shape. They killed and terrorist any one Who are against their ideas no free speech only theirs. All those things are right wingers conservatives. That's why we should United and destroy religious fanatics right wingers conservatives politicians misusing their power's and media who works for corporate. We should all fight against Zionist and Israel. So you racists white trash right wingers conservatives they are your twins. They Love hate racism oppression violent hate women with voice terrorizing their opponents. That's right wingers nutshell.

  21. Overall violence comes from the left. There are more killings in major cities where the killers are Democrats or liberal. Political killers are a tiny portion of overall killings. Just like antifi these numbers dont matter when we look at the bigger picture.

  22. Bad sources and bad definition. Islam and Nazism/white supremacism are leftist by any classical and historical definition. Incels for certain are leftist. It is little wonder that the modern left in the west and Islam are allied on many fronts. The vast preponderance of violence is from the left despite what your Goebbels'esque sources and presentation say.

  23. Islamic terrorism is neither Left nor Right so it makes no sense to attribute this to your argument of being right-wing. Also what categorizes as 'White Supremacist'? Thats a huge percentage of your calculations. Is it just because the person who committed the crime were simply white? Additionally all your sources are from renowned left wing sources. You have to use government statistics because their categorical definitions are better vetted (i.e., FBI) and understood across the board. What if some right-wing guy quoted a bunch of FOX friendly sources.. you certainly wouldn't trust them now would you. The same applies here.

  24. Can't we all agree that political violence is bad for any liberal democracy- then I remember most people who like to use violence don't see any merit in liberal democracy . And it seems ultra conservatives disregard liberal democracy and hate others unlike them the most . As for Islamofascism- is it left or right wing. Economically and in terms of hierarchy it has no clear position but culturally it is extremely right wing .

  25. This is so misleading and intellectually dishonest. Violence isnt just when someone is murdered. Beating people with bike locks and using black bloc physical intimadation is also violence. If you actually counted attacks carried out by things like branded antifa cells you would find it to be much higher then overall rightist violence. Your arguing whose deadlier not who commits more violence. On top of that all these studies will include things like mentally ill people who screamed non sensical racial slurs during a crime as right but not count things like cop hunting as leftist even though a lot of the times these individuals were spurred on by constant leftist talking points. I dont eveb favor the right but you have to be intentionally ignoring reality and the fact you can watch hundreds of videos of leftist protestors attacking people rn but would be pressed to find more then a handful of rightist mob violence in the last few years.

  26. "Most" is NOT a scientific value of "Everything". Maybe it's 51% Right Wing, 30 % nutjobs and 19 % other religious nutjobs. But mostly just GUNS. Stop this "MOST" bullshit. And also: Really ?! 9/11 still outnumbers everything by FAR.

  27. Right wing violence is the only violence that gets coverage in MSM,. Mainly, because MSM is hard left leaning and prefer to sweep left wing's violence under the rug. I'd bet that left wing violence is at least 3X higher.

  28. What does political violence have to do with stealing someone’s wallet phone and car? Nothing blacks just love doing it to whites…it’s all over social media who is this guy f]ucking kidding?

  29. So… Islamic extremists are "right wing"… but they are fully supported by the Left, liberals and Democrats….NOT by Republicans and Conservatives. This dude is full of shit. #FactCheck TRUE.

  30. Just a comment about Antifa: Antifa is an ideology, and not an actual group. Antifa actually means: Anti Fascist.
    So, that makes ME Antifa, and I don't belong to any groups. (I try to keep myself off lists)

  31. Your the one that is lying. The left wing is literally famous for bombings, assassinations, lynchings, doxxing, harassment and basically weirdo losers that are mentally ill attacking people they don't agree with. This is regular business for the left and has been, in America, for nearly 200 yrs.

  32. I once asked on a website what do right wingers think of these statistics, and they just dismissed it by arguing that they're all made by leftists lol.

  33. I would have guessed Antifa is far higher on the violence statistics. Maybe it's because their attacks are usually not lethal?

  34. Which two have the most in common, fanatical right, fanatical left, fanatical Islamic? There is no doubt what-so-ever. And the thing that binds them is…….their religious dogmas!

  35. I guess you didn’t see the Bike Lock incident by your ANTIFA friends, or the Independent journalist who now suffers from a brain hemorrhage, or property damage by Leftists liberals during protest. You’re PURPOSELY BLIND. This is why we know you’re full of shit, INTERNET is forever and you are not.

  36. Political violence or "undue force" is basically literally by definition right-wing, the rest are autocratic systems etc. That is why conservative shouldn't call themselves right-wing, this is a deliberate provocation to stretch boundaries ("conservative" is not the same as right-wing, only relatively or by tendency especially if it gets more extreme). Nor should "liberal" call itself always "left", it is not, "liberal" stands for free choice of ideology or plan in as far as they reconcileable with democratic principles (making all Western democracies liberal by definition to some extent). And if "left" stands for "social", first of all, not some specific system above people themselves (an idiotic twist that makes no sense), it is also by definition, by the very word "social" obviously, against political violence or undue force.

  37. You looney leftists consider speech from the right a crime, so these numbers are flawed!
    But keep turning a blind eye to ANTIFA!
    Those Beta males need a good ass kicking, besides the ones The Proud Boys give them!! 🤠🖕

  38. The problem David is that the right-wing violence you refer of are all left-wing violence wearing the veil of right-wing. Just like the neonazi in your icon.

  39. Conservative minds:

    Black people are poor because they don't want to work.
    Worried about blacks taking their jobs.
    If you don't suck Israels dick, you are an anti-Semite and not a patriot
    Jews will not replace us, very fine people.

  40. There are several different types of political violence. You have the assassins creed type, (no not the game but the real thing), all the way to terrorism. If we talk about terrorism then yea political violence is stupid. But if we talk about professional and surgical assassinations of key individuals to cause change then I think it might be justified to use violence. Who can argue that assassinating Hitler in 1936 would have been a bad idea?

  41. 100 million dead from communism in the last 100 years. What a moron. Your fans must all be as uneducated in history as you are.

  42. There is a profound difference though. Right-wing violence tends is almost exclusively lone wolf attacks. Left-wing violence tends to be manifest it self in Mass riots and brawls which has the potential to be a much greater existential threat to democracy. Also just want to point out 'anti-government' does not automatically men right wing. Some of the most anti-government people I know are self-avowed communists.

  43. Yet you don't include when thousands of non-western migrants are forcefully integrated into every western city by left-wing politicians and start committing crimes at vastly disproportionate rates. That is left-wing violence that people like you ignore, it hurts and scares people to live in their own neighbourhood.

  44. I would like David to state his definitions of right or left wing. I would also like to know his definition of violence. I can't take it on faith that he uses the same definitions as another person would. Statistics can be manipulated by the changing of a single word. Intent or attempts of violence or threats of violence are tallied differently. There are more facets than can be summed up with a blanket statement.
    Why would you go out of your way to say one side is slightly more violent than the other?

  45. Klantifa are right wing now, are they?

    Wtf happened to you David? I was a fan of yours simply because you were unbiased – or so I thought. Now you just echo far-left talking points, and anything that comes from CNN. You sold your soul.

  46. No, it is not. Most political violence is from leftist terrorist psychopaths like you (e.g., BLM and Antifa). Stop projecting your lies onto the opposition.

  47. This is addressing terrorism, not violence. Both sides pointing out the others problems and downplaying their own. Wonderful

  48. Mhm All of this data gleaned from "identifying" incidents that are all shaped and framed by the media. All defining what is "far" right or left wing, what is a terrorist group and who qualifies as a "white supremacist" Just admit that the left wants to paint everyone on the right and constantly attempts to as a white supremacist. Period. Stop Lying.

  49. It's that obvious that the ttump crazy 🚆 is full of alt right crazy outfits i.e. white supremacists,kkk,skin,neo Nazis and the neo Confederate.

  50. Fucking sports teams. There's a million sects of left and right ideologies. Fuck the left and the right and just do the right thing. Is it that hard to be a decent human being? Yes. Yes it is in this age of global capitalism.

  51. Huh, there have been 600 or so politically-motivated assaults committed by left-wingers in the last three years. Five cops shot in one incident by a BLM activist, other cops attacked regularly due to false liberal narratives about police racism, and let's not forget the multiple-assassination attempt on Republican congressmen that nearly killed Steve Scalise. Then there are the attacks on ICE facilities, shooting up/burning of republican campaign offices, etc. That's just the stuff that actually made headlines, when the entire news media can't simply ignore it.

    Nice, lumping in Islamists with American "right-wing" politics. They have no historical place in American politics, and they have nothing to do with american right-wing politics. Typical bullshit, trying to pretend that Muslim terrorism has ANYTHING to do with American right-wing perspectives. Laughable.

    Libs are so desperate to blame all violence on whites or "right wingers", they even blame them for the violence caused by their precious "vibrant diversity".

    Pakman is a liar and a moron. His fans are, at least, morons.

  52. Name 1 white supremacist and please do actually prove it with facts. Not just your typical pussy whiny blag blah blah bullshit! The left's ideas are far more dangerous than any right wingers actions! Dude buy a shirt that fits and stay outta Baby Gap!

  53. I follow Prager on facebook and the last video they uploaded about "Violence of the left" was filled with comments of inbred hillbillies and "Tactical bros" fantasizing about "concealed carry" and "good guys with guns" to help a guy dressed as a knock off hoplite (yes, a hoplite) protecting some little girl (that was the video btw, the hoplite guy "protecting" the maga child).
    They don't seem to realize how they undermine themselves by boasting about using guns, when most antifas prefer not to use them to keep a higher moral ground (altho, to be fair, keeping a higher moral ground than fascist, Christian fanatics, is far from what I'd call an accomplishment).

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