MURPHY’S LAW | Draw My Life ‘Anything that can go wrong will go wrong’

You have probably gone through this a thousand
times: the one day you leave your house without an umbrella, it pours with rain – you buy
something in the vending machine and it gets stucked – every time you drop a slice of toast,
it always falls with the butter-side down. You probably think it’s a conspiracy in
the universe against you, but nope, most of these misfortunes can be explained through
the Murphys Law, which says that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. We are not the first ones to realize that
these things happen. The famous scottish poet Robert Burns wrote in 1786 that The best laid
schemes o’ mice an’ men often go awry. In 1884 the novelist James Payn presented the
example of the bread and butter for the first time. But it wasnt until 1949 that Murphy’s law
or laws appeared as such thanks to the aerospace engineer Edward Aloýsius Murphy, after whom
they were named. Edward worked for the army in the US in big projects such as the Apolo
or the Apache Helicopter, developing security systems. He carried out a project for the US Air Force
to calculate the g-force (which measures the effect of acceleration due to gravity) a person
can tolerate when stopping abruptly. After several attempts, Edward modified the design
but didnt get any results. He inspected carefully the connections of the cables set by his assistant.
There were two possible ways of establishing the connection between the sensors and it
turned out they were ALL wrong. Not even one was right! So Murphy said: If there is a wrong way to
do something, then someone will do it. Little by little, the expression Murphy’s Law became
famous, and what had been born as a principle of security to take into account in engineering,
turned out to be a famous version of the inevitabílity of disasters. But… how much is it true when we are talking
about the Murphy’s laws? It all sounds like coincidence or superstition, however, tho
it might seem weird, science is behind many of these pessimistic statements. In 1996, the scientist Robery A. J. Matthews,
after several experiments, proved that the Murphy’s Laws are not about bad luck, but
about pure physics. He got an IG Nobel Prize for this. Going back to the famous slice of
toast that always falls with the butter side down, he demonstrated, based on the mechanics
of a rigid solid and the rotation speed, that for a slice of bread to rotate completely
and not end up smashed on the floor, the table should be more than 2’5 meters tall. Unfortunately,
Ikea doesnt sell any tables this high, it wouldnt be practical for human beings. Another Murphy’s Law is related to the negativity
bias and selective memory. We tend to remember bad things that happened to us and consider
them more important. If something goes wrong once, it’s gonna be stuck in our heads,
more than the other thousand times that actually went right. This is something inherent to
our human condition and our survival instinct. Matthews also talked about another foundation,
the illúsory correlation. According to it, when we are in a traffic jam, we always have
the feeling of being in the slowest lane. This happens because we spend more time looking
at other cars going passed us than looking at ourselves going passed others. Another reason he gives is statistics and
logic. If we get to a place where there are two lines, probably the one going slower will
have more people and there are bigger chances that we’ll be in that line. If there are
4 lines and we choose one, there is a 75% probability of one of the other lines being
faster. Also, if we lose a sock it’s more likely that, the next sock we lose is from
a different pair – because other complete pairs are the ones we are gonna be using.
Murphy’s Laws have become famous in order to explain negative incidents in our daily
lives that happen accidentally – to justify how jinxed we are or why the Universe is against
us… But truth is, if we investigate, almost all of these principles have an obvious reason,
as it has been proved throughout the years!!! Tiktakers, leave a comment telling us about
your experiences with the Murphy’s Laws!

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  1. You draw better than me 😂 😞

    I REALLY want to be an artist. 👩🏻‍🎨👨🏻‍🎨

    I love drawing, using crayons, oil pastels, etc.

  2. Hey! Sorry, I'm commenting after a long time, but see my channels description, I have written draw the lifetiktak is ky favourite and the video was awesome 😇😍💟

  3. Can you draw your life?How you invatent the channel?Just saying :v im not forceing ya :v

    Edits:Mah god i have been noticed ^^

  4. 💜💚✌🏽️That is very interesting you are doing a great job keep them coming you can do a draw what happens when you have a panic attack and what happens when you have a heart attack please thank you🤗


  6. I have no such thing as luck no good luck no bad luck, and I have an effect called the Searez Effect which is incredibly unknown

  7. And, now we know that the "observer" can "change" the waveform of reality itself. Go figure right? hahaha. Knowing that, Murphy's Law needs a revisit. We are living in an energy extraction matrix (like a mulit-player game), and the Non Player Characters here are trying to "agitate" us into going through all the permutations.
    So, for me, Murphy's Law PROVES we're in an ENERGY EXTRACTION MATRIX.

  8. Why is my life just Murphy's law
    It's out to get me
    And it purposefully won't kill me so it can torture me more
    I almost died from eating some butter with cashew in it but Murphy's law was just like "no, we still have like, 20 more years tops, let him live"

  9. This is awesome info! Very useful that's why I was able to give my own comprehension about this in my vlog. Watch it guys! 😊

  10. In the same vein don't ever think that things can't change, they can change alright but only if the outcome of that change proves to be infinitely worse than the status quo. Watch the end of the movie The Grey, swear at god, show me something real, sure have a pack of hungry wolves….oh and by the way, your in there fkn den, real enough champ…

  11. Imagine a video on murphy's law where everything they can get wrong, they actually do get wrong. 🤔
    None of this is what murphy's law describes.

    First of which is that murphy's law doesn't only apply to negative stuff that happens but rather to everything that has happened, is happening and will ever happen. Whether they are negative, positive or neutrally indifferent.

    In some way you could say that murphy's law is the logical version of 'destiny'. Because everything that can happen, always will happen.

    If you were to rewind time and let everything play out again for a second time, everything will play out the exact same way that it did the first time around. Thus, everything that can happen, will happen. THAT is murphy's law as opposed to what this video says it is. This video is only about the history of how murphy's law came to be. Not about what it actually is.

  12. No, murphy’s law isn’t suppose to be seen as a negative man’s view on life. Its more accurately suppose to tell the reader to be ready for the worst possible scenarios when they exceed expectation.

    Its better to be over-prepared for a small mistake rather than to be underprepared for a large mistake, after al

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