N. Korea likely monitoring diplomat’s defection: Unification Ministry

While North Korea remains outwardly quiet
on the recent high-profile defection of its number-two diplomat in the U.K,… a close
former associate of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il believes that South Korea
pressured the ambassador to desert the regime. Kwon Soa has our top story. There’s been no official response from North
Korea yet on the defection of its deputy ambassador to the UK… since the South Korean government
officially confirmed the news Wednesday. But that doesn’t seem to mean the case is
off of Pyongyang’s radar. “North Korea doesn’t necessarily react to
defections. It’s likely that it is cautiously watching
over the situation, considering the impact the case will have internally.” Kim Myong-chol — a close former associate
of late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il who is based in Japan and regarded as North Korea’s
“unofficial spokesperson” — told British daily The Telegraph that South Korea’s intelligence
authorities either forced Thae Young-ho to defect or bribed him,… claiming he wouldn’t
have defected on his own. Kim said it’s part of a tactic used by South
Korea’s intelligence agencies to bring about the collapse of the regime. He added the South Korean government is using
women to lure North Korean diplomats from all across the world… and even suggested
South Korea could have kidnapped Thae’s children until he agreed to go to the South. Seoul’s unification ministry spokesperson
on Friday characterized the comments as a natural reaction,… as the North wouldn’t
want to acknowledge a sense of defeat. He also said that defections like Thae’s seem
to be the result of an unbearable situation,… and that it could be linked to the tough international
sanctions on the regime. As more information about the case emerges,…
multiple sources close to North Korea say Thae was in charge of the ruling Workers’
Party Secretariat,… delivering high-level information directly to leader Kim Jong-un. In addition, he was probably also responsible
for work related to the Kim family’s secret funds. The sources also say that,… despite their
elite status,… diplomats of Thae’s rank in London are paid around 450 to 500 pounds,…
or roughly 590 to 660 U.S. dollars per month,… and that in many cases North Korean diplomats
abroad can’t even afford basic health care. “Reports are emerging that an official at
the North Korean embassy in Russia also defected recently,… with some saying at least seven
diplomats have fled this year. Seoul’s unification ministry said Friday that
it cannot confirm any of the reports due to safety concerns and for diplomatic reasons. Kwon Soa, Arirang News.”

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  1. I can't wait to see the Kim regime to finally fall. The people of NK deserves freedom and change. I hope the NK military muster some courage to hold a coup. But their culture itself is a hindrance, this subservience to authority. I hope this evil regime falls soon

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