Neuroscientist Reveals Why Trump Supporters Fall For His Lies

Ever since the election of Donald Trump, psychiatrist,
psychologist, other mental health professionals, neuroscientists, they’ve been looking at Donald
Trump and warning us that, Hey, something’s wrong here, but guess what folks? It’s not just Donald Trump where these people
are saying, Hey, something’s not right with his head. And now we have a neuroscientist man by the
name of Bobby Azarian, dr Azarian, who is actually completed a psychological profile
on Republican voters specifically though not limited to Donald Trump’s supporters and dr
Azarian in here identified five traits that these Trump supporting Republicans tend to
have. Maybe not all of them, but most of them. So I wanted to take a minute and run through
these traits that dr Azarian has identified in these Republican voters. The first is authoritarian personality syndrome. This refers to the advocacy or enforcement
of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom and is commonly associated
with a lack of concern for the opinions or needs of others. We see that all the time with Republicans. The very selfish mentality, I don’t want to
pay off your student loans. I don’t want to pay for you to have healthcare. I got to get mine and besides we got to follow
the rules. We all gotta do our part. We got to follow the president because he’s
the president. Now this as dr Azarian points out is a syndrome. It is characterized by belief in total and
complete obedience to one’s authority. That is why we see these hardcore Trumpers
out there always whatever the president says, I believe you best president ever hashtag
CAG 2020 it’s constant. Social media is disgusting because of it,
but that’s just one trait. The doctor continues social dominance orientation,
which refers to people who have a preference for the societal hierarchy of groups, specifically
with a structure in which the high status groups have dominance over the low status
ones. Excuse me. So basically what this means is protecting
the way things are, right? You got your upper echelon, your top 1% that
people get in those tax cuts. You’ve got the working class who is getting
absolutely nothing and that actually includes most Republicans, but they want to keep it
that way because they believe that’s the way it should be because they also believe one
day they’re going to escape that bottom rung of the ladder and make it to the top even
though it’s statistically unlikely to ever happen. The third trait he identified, obviously prejudice,
and this is interesting because he points out in this article that he’s written here
that this is not all Republicans. Obviously it’s unfair to say all Republicans
are even all Trump supporters hate any specific group, but it’s also unfair to deny that prejudice
played a large role in Donald Trump’s election. In his speech announcing that he was running
for president, he called Mexicans rapists and murderers, that that’s pretty much not
just a dog whistle. That’s a bull horn. We know where he stands on these issues. He said Muslims are dangerous. That’s pretty straight forward, so sure, prejudice
played a huge role in it. The last two here, real quick inner group
contact. This is an important one in psychological
studies. What this means is that Trump supporters,
Republicans in general, do not spend much time outside of their social group. Meaning they don’t seek out differing viewpoints. They don’t seek out different cultures to
hang out with. It’s just their little white group according
to the doctor here, and that’s what they like because it reinforces their own belief and
obviously that’s very dangerous. And the fifth one is relative deprivation,
which refers to the experience of being deprived of something to which one believes they are
entitled. It is the discontent felt when one compares
their position in life to others who they feel are equal or inferior, but have unfairly
had more success than them. This has played a part in a lot of Republican
campaigns over the last 50 years. This is how they do it. Ronald Reagan with the welfare queen. Oh, you hardworking conservative voters. You’re out there working 12 hour days working
overtime and not getting paid for it. Meanwhile, these welfare Queens are living
high on the government hog, they’ve got more than you and they’re not doing anything that’s
unfair. Bush one and two and Trump all out there selling
us the talking points that, Hey, they’re taking your jobs. The immigrants are coming over and they’re
taking your jobs. That’s not fair. It’s not because you don’t have the skills
necessary. It’s not because your employer wanted to fire
you to get cheap labor. It’s just because of the immigrants and the
Democrats are letting it happen. This is a phenomenally well written article. There’s a link to it in the description of
this video. I encourage everybody to not only take the
time to read it, but take the time to share it because this is probably the best glimpse
into the mind of a Republican voter that I’ve ever seen.

100 Replies to “Neuroscientist Reveals Why Trump Supporters Fall For His Lies

  1. My wife and I speak all of the time about the lack of empathy we all exhibit these days… this just proves this is the area that truly needs to be engaged if we are to survive.

  2. It's pretty much how religious corporations work. See how they worship tRumps "spiritual adviser", the unscrupulous Paula White.
    Consider how much better off we'd ALL be if those who grew, processed, cooked & checked our food. Being controlled by roughly 500 of the wealthiest families isn't where I want to be. Think of the amount of wealth porn on ALL the media. It keeps the masses both wistful & angry, this is then weaponized to direct voters. This campaign is created by those with the time, money & desire to prevent that which they fear most, actual work & living like the rest of us.

  3. With EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING, i believe DT only says things to help HIMSELF. He says those racist things to keep his base. Is he racist? I believe he is but the things he says is just to reel folks in to feed his narcissism. Period.

  4. On Amazon Prime there is a good documentary "the brainwashing of my dad". It talks about the media and its role in this mess.

  5. It's really sad that some people have to be followers. To make matters really bad you follow someone that doesn't have any respect for you. Trump is a user. In turn he's being laughed at and used by Putin.

  6. old, gullible, bigoted, and clueless that their taxes are lining the pockets of the rich instead of improving the lives of themselves and their fellow americans

  7. I mean can't we just say it's because they're stupid and willfully ignorant? Because they think that being a racist asshole will just work out OK and nothing else matters because everything's always gonna be fine for them no matter what?

  8. Fuck that! Keep this shit A BUCK! They follow him because they are racists. Obama is who we as a people ASPIRE to be BUT trump is who WE ARE! Fat Greedy Disrespectful and blind to reality. Trump supporters are afraid of the BROWNING of AmeriKKKa

  9. I agree w everything you're saying, however, you projection has too much victim and lacks power! By power, I do not mean loud words and opinions…

  10. Trump's Supporters Love Him Because…. Trump's Selfish, Mean Spiritedness Is Their Selfish, Mean Spiritedness! And They Live In A Bubble! Thinking They're Better Than Everybody! Oh, And They Are Excellent Projectors! If You Want To Know What They Think Or Are Doing…. Listen At What They Accuse You Of….,Say You Are Doing!

  11. Hey Farron, remove that beard, it looks terrible. You look like you live in a dirty caved besides which, you have creepy crawlies all around and in that hair!

  12. Telling Trump supporters they're stupid doesn't help anyone. They may be selfish, bigoted, and or duped, and it may be impossible to change their minds. But calling them stupid only makes them more defensive. As much as some frustrate me, it seems mean spirited.

  13. Trump supporters feel they are emotionally neglected. Some may have a biological brain center that is susceptible to the behavior described.

  14. Some of these traits spoken of are shared among the "educated" class. The asummed status as social paragons has fostered an attitude of superiority resulting in the deigration of those who dare to challenge an idea. "You can't say that, that's not political correct" the oath of the uneducated bigot taught on every college campus.

  15. Lmfao. Yeah. It took a fkn scientist to determine something is wrong with this man and his supporters. Yu guys think I'm joking when I say these ppl are a threat to our national security and unfit mentally to vote. I can assure yu. I'm no fkn scientists

  16. Trump makes people feel good about their prejudices. I believe that, or something similar, was originally said by Ronald Reagan. Misery loves company. And Republicans are pretty miserable people. But, and you hit on this at the end, Democrats let them get away with it. Any system that supports this behavior is suspect, reprehensible even.

  17. All obvious and true. What's the solution? To find a solution we must first understand the problem. They are proud of him and think he's great. Sad that they have so little care for anyone but themselves.

  18. Wonderful, but what can we DO about these prejudices in Trump supports who might change?
    I suggest that Democrats need more FOCUS and REPETITION. Just being anti-Trump is not OK.
    Democrats should, I believe, FOCUS on a new DEMOCRACY, with safeguards to protect it, now.
    I suggest repetitive messages, like the DEMOCRACY song of L. Cohen. "Democracy is coming…"

  19. In addition to FOCUS and REPETITION, I think Democrats need better IDEAS.
    They can have IDEA CONTESTS, to search for better campaign IDEAS to FOCUS on WINNING.
    Here is a version of "Democracy"
    (I fear that simply LABELING Trumpsters as FOOLS, in not enough to turn the tide) thanks

  20. Seems to be a learned helplessness. Brought in by an oppressive and bullying parental situation. That is pretty typically American sadly.

  21. Well everyone has a right in this country to their opinion.Quite a few have foughy and die so that you can say things like you are
    An easy way to take care of it is to move to a country that is more suited to your taste.Love it or leave it.It's just that simple

  22. I mean…that's not at all unique to republicans. It's true of nearly everyone. Maybe a tiny handful of people, in the entire world, don't fall into that category. It's true in religion, politics, "wokeness" and related cultural aspects.

    Humanism is as much a cult as any other. It just has a better sales pitch.

  23. And how do these same psychiatrists, psychologists and neurologists assess people who believe the lies of the other politicians? I’m no Trump supporter but I don’t believe his supporters, as hopeless as they are, are not an exclusive group with regard to this. By the way, thank you for calling out Ronald Reagan and his BS. The most out of touch president of all time.

  24. I'll blame immigrants for taken your jobs & when you end up on walfare I'll call you lazy & even find an excuse to make disabled persons looks bad & take their money too. I'll go after kids meals at school for parents "Making "Too Much Money". I'll call war heros un-American & put them down. I'll never admit I'm wrong, because I believe in using my gut feelings without using my resources or Intel. You are judged by your actions not by someone's opinion.

  25. Classic . Liberal MSM is now beyond satire . When he talks of prejudice , he honestly seems unaware of the irony . NOT, very bright . lol

  26. This is one thing that just blows my mind about the Trump supporters: the man was born into wealth and has no history of being a loving, caring, helpful, person for others. Rather he is the typical spoiled old rich man who doesn’t like poor people. The thinks they are beneath him. He is only about what you can do for him and his brand and his wealth yet his supporters can’t see that at all. Soooo blind and foolish. I don’t care if he can add 20 extra dollars to my check, the truth, dignity, integrity, empathy, and loyalty matter to me. He lacks all of those qualities.

  27. Hey if yas want to see both Trump haters & Dem O Rats haters go to da vid about da Andaconda crossing a major hi way & da people stopping traffic to allow it to cross. The comment section is full of both

  28. They sure didn’t feel a blind obedience to authority when it was Obama who was President. They also excuse all of Tump’s behavior that does not abide by the law or to any norms.

  29. feel better? i have a feeling it wont last long. it gets worse perhaps you could save yourself with a few kinder words

  30. I have family members who worship trump. They believe he is great. That he has drained the swamp and rid the country of pedophiles. They believe trump has been treated badly and that the crooked establishment has been thwarted. Give me strength!!! With that BS in mind, I can see how civil wars happen because it had caused a great deal of tension in the family. No middle off the road, it's just them or us.

  31. 😂😂😂 I'll break it down in simple terms. Trump supporters don't give a damn about America or American policy. Trump is still playing reality tv star. He has written and is playing every character in this story. He plays the hero, the villian, the damsel in distress aka the victim, he even plays the side characters, but his most important character is the narrator. The narrator sets the tone for all the other characters. That's why his supporters love him so much because they pick one of his characters…not his policies.

  32. I'd bet it has more to do with a form of hybristophilia, for a lot of them, considering their delusion and his criminality.

  33. Linda Taylor (born Martha Louise White; c. January 1926 – April 18, 2002) was an American woman who committed extensive welfare fraud and, after an article in the Chicago Tribune in fall 1974, became identified as the "welfare queen".


  34. Not many of republicans can read because if they did they would know the facts🤦🏼‍♀️ FYI, Transcript 💁🏼‍♀️😜🤣😆😂 #LockTrumpUp #TrumpTraitor #RepublicanSellOuts

    🇺🇸Trump Pence 4 Prison 2020🇺🇸

  35. The authoritarian aspect is also why so many people who obviously hate the message of Christ and would lynch him if they met him consider themselves evangelical Christians. The bit that they're drawn to is the giant daddy figure who will smack down anyone who isn't like them.

  36. Very good episode man the behaviour effect I call it , You see when things are different it seems easier to not accept it , BUT that ads to further problems down the line

  37. One important correction the article was WRITTEN by science writer Azaryan, who does have a PhD in Neuroscience, but the actual work and thesis comes from Psychologist and UC Santa Cruz professor Thomas Pettigrew.

  38. the re BUBBA ICK CANS ARE the MINNIONS of the SELF PROCLAIMED (ANTI) "king of Israel" CONald drumph the ANTICHRIST!!!! Dam THEM (CONald & the TOO WHITE whitehouse) ALL back to the hell these racists rapist pedophiles!!!!

  39. Hitler did the same thing, actually Trump uses a lot of what Hitler did.
    Like his non stop campaign rallies, The bad mouthing of immigrants and people who were not americans or white.
    the calls to violence, Calling another race vile, ( including different religion )
    these are all things Hitler did that Trump is copping, and i'm sure there is a ton more, plus new stuff that's orgional to Trump.

    There will always be people who will flock to dictators ( or wanna be ones ) and defend them no matter what truth comes out.
    which is why we still have Nazi sympathizers and Nazi groups to this day. hate takes a long time to die out.

  40. The two main ones are (a) nasty personality disorder and (b) stupid personality disorder… oops, I almost forgot the third one (c) stupid/nasty personality disorder.

    All reasons for being a Trumpist can be traced back to one of those three personality disorders. "best president ever" = stupid, "yes, disabled people should be mocked" = nasty,
    'immigrants are coming to take our jobs" = nasty and stupid. "We need a great businessman like Trump as President" = stupid, "I always vote Republican" = Super Stupid, and so on, and so on…

    Right now, your nasty dumb uncle who comes on Christmas, gets drunk, and starts spouting idiotic and racist rhetoric… he is running the country.

    November 2020 will tell us if we have decided to let the nasty idiots continue to run the country.

  41. 4:03 to be fair, tons of people on the left don't seek out others with different points of view. Good analysis otherwise.

  42. We need some qualifications on becoming the president of the United States. President must be a college graduate with political experience. A dumb ass man with inheritance from his daddy don't get it

  43. Who was that major American politician who said "I love the poorly educated?" Could that possibly, even just a tiny bit, have something to do with it?

  44. Hmmm……Conveniently calling people mentally ill? Gee…Isn't that what was done in the Soviet Union to label someone who disagrees with them. That is what the left is doing now, only they are using compliant phony compliant shrinks…HA!

  45. An experiment has been repeated by many science/psychology labs and written up in Multiple Peer reviewed Science Journals. Conservatives are motivated by FEAR!

  46. No matter what the media the Democrats the people jealous envy criticism they hate Republicans they hate prisident Donald Trump no matter what he still our president in America just pray unity peace and understanding god bless America God bless our prisident Donald Trump in right direction

  47. I really hate to say this but Republicans can (and probably do) say similar things about Democrats, and particularly Obama-Ds, Hilary-Ds, etc. It's easy to say "that side's crazy for this/that/the other reason."

  48. Trump is definitely mentally ill and he wants to be a dictator. That's not going to happen. Why is Moscow Mich and hypocrite Lindsey Graham backing Donald Trump up? Are they getting Pockets full of money? Payoffs?

  49. Are you kidding me? This guy has degree, but who know does he has any doctor practice? This guy just writing for left press like: Daily Beast, Huffington Post, New York Times, Salon. By the way all this points could be applied to regressive left.

  50. Demagoguery is the oldest, cheapest play in the book. Appeal to people's fears a d prejudice's. Create a tribal "us v them" group mentality. Blame all your failings on somebody else. And offer simplistic solutions to complex problems, that don't require thinking too much and accepting harsh realities.

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