NEW POKEMON! Gigantamaxing Revealed! Version Exclusive Gym Leaders! Pokemon Sword / Pokemon Shield

another doozy of the day Pokemon has announced Giganta maxing and all kinds of other goodies in their brand-new trailer that they showed off today and Giganta maxing is kind of interesting it's basically mega evolution the Pokemon get bigger I mean I get Lucia never explicitly stated that they need to get bigger but they do get bigger just the same as Dyna maxing they change forms or appearance form / appearance appearance so they change of parents and they get different moves they get basically these gigantic max moves that are very very strong so it's damn-near mega evolution I'm pretty sure not every Pokemon is gonna be able to Giganta max but let's go ahead and learn about or on the Pokemon website again as usual they have all the informations laid out for us in a beautiful organized fashion so let's go ahead and dive in gigantic maxing changes of Pokemon size and appearance mega evolution changes the pokemons appearance and sometimes their suffix anyway it looks like gigantic mashing is just an alternate form of Dyna maxing and it seems like you need a specific Pokemon within a species so not every korver Mike and I can Giganta max not every dreadnaught can gigantic max certain dread nas and certain korbinites can check in to max we don't know the criteria yet I'm sure we'll learn at some point but I doubt it'll be too difficult to obtain because they never are it seems like max rate battles are going to be the ones supplying you with these new gigantic max you know ready Pokemon so that would be pretty cool and then they show three gigantic Max Pokemon dreadnought korbinite and a new Pokemon named our creamy and it's funny because it's definitely just a giant ass cake Pokemon is so funny so it seems like gigantic max dreadnought has a mood listen here here's the kicker bro gigantic Max general has a move called max G max don't search skins G max moves are the moves you gain once your gigantic max alright so G max don't surge does water damage and sets up stealth rocks at the same time that's not broken just gigabytes which I get to max core of the night all right has a move that does damage and gets everything off the field at the same time so it's literally an attack and it's defog at the same time so they counter each other I guess all right guys like damn but that's that's dumb why would you make defog that strong I'm assuming Giganta maxing also last three turns I don't think they actually said how long it lives I guess Jack Anton maxing is just a more powerful Dynomax that's what it seems like anyways it seems like some Pokemon died and I some Pokemon to die again tonight now if you die get the max of Pokemon can you also Dynomax oppose can you only do one or the other is it better to Dynomax something over – is there any incentive to Dynomax something instead of Giganta maxing another pokemon that's what I want to know because that right there will attend advise people to Dynomax why would i Dynomax my Pokemon over here when I can Giganta max this one over here is it even worth it the Dynomax should I just die against max every time like and that's the kind of stuff I want to know as far as competitive goes but moving on they actually felt something Pokemon as well I'll creamy yapper which we saw before and was also talked about in the league and speaking of the leaked dynamaxx sting and Giganta max we're both in the leaked and then we got Rolie Kohli and derp all do Rowlett on the first Pokemon is all creamy this is the Pokemon but we also saw Giganta maxing in the trailer this Pokemon is just whipped cream it's a whipped cream fairy type and it's Giganta max form is pretty cool just because I don't know they're making it sound like this damn cake is indestructible and it also has a move called gene Max finale and it heals your team while doing damage to the other Pokemon on the other side of the field what bro what what is going on who did this this is some bullshit next we have yam / puppy Pokemon it's just an electric dog oh it is and it has a trashy ability ain't ball fetch forget about it forget about it people like Yammer though people think it's really cute the keep Pokemon sell these games I'm telling you you can't take the key Pokemon out you can't disrespect them otherwise their fans will come after you Rolie Kohli alright now this Pokemon is cool it hasn't do ability but I don't know if its ability won't even be useful for it because if it's super slow who cares it's no ability steam engine doubles your speed or at least boosted by two stages if you are hit with a fire or water moves so if I switch it to a fire move and take the hit I can get a speed bismil well that even helped me Pokemon you know most rock pokémon are pretty slow if this Pokemon is extremely powerful it has a decent speed stat than that yeah that'll help but if it's like super slow and weak it doesn't matter so I'm hoping that its ability actually helps it because there are plenty of Pokemon out there with abilities that are worthless to them you know what I'm saying so uh let's leave the little description about them apparently every household meet what's needed Rolly : just cuz of how useful it was as far as the coal and stuff like that heating up your house cooking all that good stuff and the last Pokemon II know what I'm most worried about is do a load on this Pokemon a significant just because of the fact that it's the only other steel dragon in the entire game aside from Dialga the only one that's not a legendary but I don't like what they did with it it's abilities are trash light metal and heavy metal two of the most worthless abilities in the entire game who actually cares about light metal and heavy metal light metal makes it so that you don't take as much damage for moves like low kick that are weight-based but that's so specific heavy metal makes moves like heavy slam do more now that's probably gonna be the way to go but it's still not a good ability and it would only need that because its weight is 88 pounds its weight is 88 pounds so it's a steel dragging with 88 pounds of weight on it so heavy metal is needed for for you to be able to do damage with a move like heavy slam I hope it has another ability that's better than cuz I don't like this I don't like those tours and then here they compared it to Tyranitar so it's looking like this pokemons not even going to evolve because Tyranitar is one of the best pokemon they ever made ever in their lives all right and you're comparing this pokemon to Tyranitar this pokemon i was not evolving this because why would you disrespect Tyranitar by making it fight regularly a pokemon that doesn't even a vault that doesn't even evolve doral dog can evolve but he's been fighting Tyranitar as this whole time that's a disrespectful you're not gonna disrespect Tyranitar like that therefore it is my deduction that this pokemon is already fully involved he does not evolve he's a single-stage evolution it's disrespectful if he evolves because he's been fighting Tyranitar this whole time I don't really know if I like this Pokemon man I hope it's good I really do hope it's good I hope it's not a tamato but if he can't evolve this probably isn't our pseudo legendary maybe he's just like a judging on type of Pokemon he's just a lone dragon or like a Pokemon the turn turn a turn turn a maybes like Atherton ater like just dragging that's in the in the region but we'll see we'll see man I hope this Pokemon is good I really do and it last but not least as far as the important things go we have seen two more gym leaders but I don't like what they did with them I really don't they made it so that each gym leader is in their own version of the game so baya is going to be Orbea I don't know using an idea and you wanted me a Pokemon sword and Alistar is gonna be Pokemon shield but it's not the same as exclusive Pokemon if I get sword version and you get shield version you can trade me the Pokemon that are not available in my game and I can do the same for you a gym leader is not something that I would buy two copies of the game for absolutely not it's not something that I would go out of my way to do but it does feel like I'm missing out you know what I'm saying it doesn't feel like I'm missing out on one of these gym leaders if the gym leaders themselves are version exclusive I really don't like that I don't think that's a good idea if they're gonna do stuff like this they need to do more than they need to do more stuff so that the actual versions of the game are completely different because otherwise it doesn't really it just feels like I'm missing out but I but it's not enough for me to actually go out of my way to play against one of these people I think they're trying to get people to buy both versions like why wouldn't they but I don't think this is the way to do it I think they need something bigger because this is just like this just sucks baya BIA she is the fighting-type gym leader which is pretty cool I guess she's just an expert in fighting types I don't know what kind of Pokemon she has we haven't really seen the fighting types of the reason yet and Alistair is a ghost type gym leader haven't seen those types of the reason yet so I'm actually pretty excited about the Pokemon that they're gonna have because those are actually two of my favorite types competitively and I'm pretty sure they're whatever girl's fucking want to have in his game about um you clean she has the fucking mask on her face which is pretty dope I actually like that Wow I like these designs of these gym leaders I really do but anyways that's pretty much it they didn't really show too much they didn't go too crazy they went kind of crazy but not really like there's other stuff I could talk about but it's not really that important so just save that for next time or wait until there's more news let me know what you guys think I'll be in the comments as usual the Pokemon cypher GoFundMe is still up we are only about two thousand dollars away from the goal and then we're five thousand after that away from the stretch goal of making the album so hit that up if you guys are trying to see a pokemon cipher get complete Ted I'd greatly appreciate you guys donating if you can you can't just spread the word if you can if you can't spread the word it's all good man do you do what you gotta do anyways I'm out of here your baby

43 Replies to “NEW POKEMON! Gigantamaxing Revealed! Version Exclusive Gym Leaders! Pokemon Sword / Pokemon Shield

  1. I think certain Pokemon from gigantamaxing you would need the catch a Dynomax Pokemon from the max raid battles in the wild area

  2. Dont forget they have done the whole Version Exclusive Gym Leaders thing before. In Black and White the final gym had version exclusive gym leaders and in Sun/Moon the first Totem Pokemon was different depending on the version. It isn't without precedent. Although to your point, Black and White had a ton of version exclusive stuff, including entire locations

  3. Might i add people complained about mega and z moves so if you think about it logically nintendo pretty much 3 turned it to shut pwoplw up and also put less pokemon into the game because they have an overhaul of pokemon animation work including balance issues because eveyone complained about some pokemon with the demands of the pokemon mechanisms physics and etc hit the pokemon hard

  4. I really like the gym leader thing. It makes getting both games more worth it for me because i planned to get both versions anyways

  5. Competitive players: thank god they're taking out megas, it forced you to use specific pokemon

    Gamefreak: oh BTW gigantamaxing only works for certain pokemon and is insanely op

  6. How is duraludon 88lbs? Its a 6 foot steel dragon that goes toe to toe with tyranitar. Its gotta be at least 450lbs or ttar is gonna yeet his ass every time. It makes no sense a kid is heavier than that thing lmao

  7. They just need to keep making remakes, oras was a really good remake. Stick to it mane and keep megas, and like add evolutions thatd be cool

  8. I believe that Duraludon is the final evolution of a family of three and together with Tyranitar, both will get the Giantamaxing feature. Godzilla and all that

  9. Version exclusive gyms?…. and you people are hyped for version exclusive gyms? I can't be the only one that sees what a gimmick that sounds like. ❤omg I can't wait to battle this exclusive gym gee willockers❤

  10. Even if the game doesn't have the national dex, I know I'm going to love this game, pokemon forever.

  11. I like the different gym leaders. Maybe one day the 2 games will be REALLY different outside exclusive Pokémon. Have people talk about the differences. Black and White was a good game so I don’t see why this would be a problem.

  12. i saw someone say duraludon looks like an inhaler (the asthma pumps) with legs…and they aren’t wrong

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