100 Replies to “New texts show US diplomats arguing about Trump-Ukraine ‘quid pro quo’

  1. The answer to the question of quid pro quo has been answered in this text. One view says Trumps call involved a quid pro quo, while the other view said it did not. This amounts to two different views with each view defined by your preconceived political orientation. But the only way to know the actual truth is to know what was in Trumps mind when he created this mess. Most likely his mind was also a mess, as Trump has always been a human tornado, a bull in the china shop. Why should it be different now? Problem is that this bull, now that the Democrat the Russian scam is over, is going after Biden and Hillary. Its all going to be quite messy.

  2. …AND this also turned out to be nothing. LOL. Volker came out of his testimony and Adam Schiff was totally bummed out. LOL. Schiff wouldn't even speak to the cameras.

  3. After reading the texts, zero mention of Bidens….all about the 2016 campaign interference and corruption in Ukraine….would the Dems lie (again)?

  4. If he withheld military equipment it is because he did not know who would win their election he has a duty as President to deliver Any military funding or equipment into the right Presidents Administration. This tells me it's all leading up to Shumer pelosi schiff nadler waters cummings ect.. Nadler has meeting on not protecting the security of 2020 elections. He begins the Conspiracy to meddle in our 2020 elections to blame our Current Admiistration for something The Obama administration and some members of Congress who are guilty for meddling in both 2016 and the upcomming 2020 elections.

  5. Funny how all the comments are expressing anger that the texts got declassified & released to the public instead of the implications of the texts themselves.

  6. So the treaty with Ukraine signed in 98 applies to all corruption unless the people involved were politicians, those are above the law. Yeah, sounds about right.

  7. Trump and Clinton are two criminals in a pod. Your country, regardless of which team (political party) you play for is a joke. What's UNITED about your States?

  8. They cannot even say what the crime is that President Trump has committed. He has done nothing wrong. And I'll make a very good prediction, Trump will be re elected in the 2020 election. 🇺🇸

  9. "Heard from the White House — assuming President Z convinces trump he will investigate/'get to the bottom of what happened' in 2016, we will nail down date for visit to Washington," Volker said via text to the Ukrainian adviser on the morning of July 25.

    Clear quid pro quo. Right here.

  10. It's easier for Republicans to believe it's a secret society ( Deep state)that only was against Trump and no other President had that problem. But texts recorded conversations and admission to guilt are situations the Republicans don't believe!!!

  11. Everyone predicted this (except those who worship him), If Trump got away with the Russia thing he will do it again with Russia or another country

  12. A sure sign of insanity, making the same mistake, expecting a different outcome. Trump is the useful idiot for the RNC, they have their own agenda there sneaking in while he's not looking.

  13. Fox "News" needs to report on these messages as well:
    Bill Taylor: "Are we now saying that security assistance and WH meeting are conditioned on investigations?"
    Gordon Sondland: "Call me"

  14. Wow! "No Quid Pro Quo AT ALL"! The scripted texts truly showed President Trump is absolutely AGAIN an innocent man in the Russia collusion hoax part 2. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff need to step down as the top leaders of Democrats. As the biggest liars unashamedly misleading the American public, both of them are a disgrace to America and DNC. Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are immoral, irresponsible and unethical unconstitutionally libeling and slandering President Trump. Shame on Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff!

  15. Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are immoral, irresponsible and unethical unconstitutionally libeling and slandering President Trump. Shame on Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff!

  16. Love how tthis coming from FOX news has all the conservatives who defend Trump basically short-circuiting.

    Yep, your view of the world is a lie, FOX is not your friend, and neither is Trump a white knight against deep state corruption. It is deep state vs corrupt mob boss, revealed by jilted propaganda machine FOX news.. haha. This is funny to watch….

  17. Here’s something Fox news won’t cover. We are in the 122 straight month of economic growth.(longest in history) Chump hasn’t been president for 36 months. Hmmmmm…. sooooooo..
    The FACTUAL conclusion is, growth started during the second year of Obama’s FIRST term.

  18. The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command………………

  19. Wife: "Hi, dear, how was work today?
    Husband: "If anyone asks, I didn't cheat on you!"
    Wife: "Well that clears that up. If anyone asks, dinner will be ready soon."
    Ambassador: "If anyone asks, there was no quid pro quo."
    Diplomat: "Well that clears that up. Let's do lunch sometime."

  20. “It’s pretty clear that Pompeo has allowed the state department to be used by Trump for his own political ends,”
    Gordon Sondland, a wealthy hotelier who paid $1m to fund Trump’s inauguration and was then given the job of ambassador to the European Union last year. He has no previous diplomatic experience and Ukraine, not being a EU member, is not on his turf.

    But it is clear from the texts that Sondland is in charge and driving the hard bargain with the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy: do what we tell you or forget about a White House visit and a reboot of US-Ukrainian relations.

    Sondland derives his authority by his connection to the White House – a power he repeatedly flaunts in his texts.
    Richard Grenell, the US ambassador to Germany, was also dispatched to Kyiv, for reasons that remain unclear. On Friday he was given a second job, the special envoy for peace negotiations between Serbia and Kosovo.
    Like Sondland, Grenell is an unquestioning Trump loyalist with little or no relevant experience in a tense and complicated part of the world, where there are particularly high stakes. And like Ukraine, the countries of the former Yugoslavia are of special interest to Vladimir Putin.

    What a clusterfuck.

  21. Very simple. Trump had 2 and 1/2 years to be interested in Ukraine corruption, but he waits until Biden is winning in the polls to "investigate"? Right.. More lies from a liar.

  22. Ukraine 🇺🇦 has always been the most critical of their time in the past few years so much to do so much for the people I know that is a lot better than I know and how much they have to say that they are going on a long day or even a little hard for them to do it so much but I feel like that’s what they say and then I’m not sure 🤔 what’s right now the things that are so much more than I can think 💭 about this situation with the right people who are going to believe that they will feel like they need to feel like they are going out of their own place or their own rights to make sure they have a good relationship with their family and friends 👭 and their neighbors.

  23. Dear Fox Viewers,
    How is your taxcut? Did you pay more tax than last year? or Amazon. Trump is a scam artist & you fools fell for it. Where is the wall? Not built & Mexico did not pay. Lower prescription drugs? Nope. Infrastructure? Nope. Background checks? Nope. The Best healthcare ever? Nope.

  24. It has now come out that a Chump appointed CIA official made an official request to investigate because of Chump behavior. This was before the SUMMARY of the phone call was made public. His own people are turning on him in the name of America and the Constitution.

  25. Quid per quo doesn’t matter. What democrats did or don’t do doesn’t matter. What Biden did or didn’t do doesn’t matter. What Trump did was against the law, period.

  26. don't get what this would have to do with the election. a crime is a crime. biden should be investigated. suggesting this is in preparation for the campaign is a joke. nobody believes Biden has a chance.

  27. "Assuming President Z (Zelensky) convinces trump he will investigate/"get to the bottom of what happened" in 2016, we will nail down a date for visit to Washington. Good luck!" Sounds like Quid pro quo to me.

  28. The Democrats want to teach us a lesson. The Democrats are very angry that the American people voted for President Trump and now they are going to make us pay by sending this economy into a recession and impeaching President Trump. Think about what will happen to us if they impeach President Trump for political reasons. The poor American Democrats will then realize only the rich and famous will survive this deep American corruption. I've watched this President turn this country around in less than 3 years and it makes me wonder what has all the other Presidents been doing especially the ones that served 8 years as President.

  29. This is what’s going to happen, not a darn thing! Even if he broke the law, nothing is going to happen, not a darn thing, just more head aches. you remove them from office by not voting for them, we will just have to wait, however, nothing is gonna happen right here in this wild and crazy days we live in,

  30. This season of Apprentice is legit. I just wonder if Trump will deliver the line “you’re fired” to himself at the end.

  31. "We Came, We Saw, He Died " Hillary Rodham Clinton(known as the Queen of corruption).
     "We Came, We Saw, We steal " Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (known as Joe Biden).
     "I Came, I Saw, I Lie "Adam Schiff. (known as Jussie Smollet of Congress).

  32. Nothing New … Trump been corrupt and lying everysince he been in office !!! Just Republicans don't have the balls to admit it… Man Up !!! 😡💪🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷💪💯

  33. The crime is soliciting personal favours from foreign governments

    Guilty as stated over and over again by trump lol

    What a dumb looser

  34. So Bill "MOSSAD" Taylor is the sicario for the impeachment proceedings.
    Nice to know another hidden agenda player.👌

  35. Hahaha now it’s a deep state conspiracy where they are fabricating txts? I’m here for the punchlines. 😉

    Even if Trump came out and admitted it, the right would come up with some preposterous excuse. Y’all are too much.

  36. Why didn't Fox cover Mick Mulvaney when he came out today – live, in public, on camera – and said, ok, there was quid pro quo. "but everyone does it"

  37. And Mulvaney just admitted the quid-pro-quo. Hiding behind 'happens all the time' it's still against the law (a few, actually).
    Who let's these people speak — don't we have lawyers to shut these idiots up?

  38. Obama did his crimes in public too, but not enough people willing to impeach him for his tan suit, his coffee cup salute or his worst scandal of all: mustard gate.


  40. Bill Taylor new about the whistleblower before these texts. It sounds to me like he was in on it with the whistleblowers and Shiff. I would bet a good amount of money that Mr. Taylor, in these texts was purposely bringing up the quid pro quo, and whatever that was about the interview. It seems to me that the other party in this exchange was more than a little taken aback by these texts when they were sent, and he seemed to be very clear on the no quid pro quo according to Trump.
    Yet here we are with Taylor's testimony being the only to support the narrative, despite 4 or 5 people that are countering his testimony.
    But Taylor is the only one telling the truth ? Yeah, right !

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