33 Replies to “News Now Stream 2 – 07/04/19 (FNN)

  1. To everything (turn, turn, turn)

    There is a season (turn, turn, turn)

    And a time to every purpose, under heaven

  2. Am i the only one that doest like that the band is dressed as british red coats…. seeing as its a celebration for defeating them..

  3. thank you President Trump for a great day in history. you made my 4th of July a special one.GOD BLESS YOU AN YOUR WIFE an our country. thanks to you.

  4. the greatest President of all time at the right time for the greatest nation to ever stand on this planet if we can't defend this land then we do not deserve it rise up Patriots American needs you to defend her from the enemy with in and we all know who the hell they are!

  5. What a farce. the true 4th of July celebrations happening at the other end of the trump cringe worthy show. It sounds like trump is learning for the first time about American history.

  6. It is the same people the deplorables/troll/bots/sleepers that follow trump to all his rallies, trump makes everything cringe worthy…

  7. Battle Hymn of the Republic is all there is to say…Christ Died To Make Men Holy, His Truth Is Marching On.

  8. On the day Trump got his daddies doctor to fake his Bone Spurs, 45 young Americans were killed in Vietnam. This is the cowardly conman who says he loves the military. His dumb followers who are part of his sect believe all his crap. Salute to America.

  9. Don't rain on my parade
    We've got important stuff to tend to, like HELPING Wikileaks
    Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning. They are in tough situations but I might be able to do something.
    Look at Equador. I mean really!!! On the one hand they grant Assange ASYLUM and the next guy just took it away. It was even
    AGAINST their own laws and stuff.
    And Chelsea Manning is in a tough position as well. She hadn't done anything wrong since OBAMA granted whatever it is he granted and now she's in jail? I tell you it is very UNFAIR. Very unfair.
    Folks we have to FIGHT for what's right.
    Enjoy the celebration!

  10. Happy 243rd birthday to our dear country, may all the celebrations be a reminder of when we started and why we chose to become who we are.

  11. God has to be watching over our President! He stands strong for the Good of the American people regardless of any slack he gets! He's so proud of our military. So am I. he did a great job showing his appreciation for them. His speech was fantastic.

  12. This speech was so good. It is genuine proof that president trump cares about America and cares about American history. He’s loyal to we the people. He wants what is in our best interest. President trump has shown that he is honorable and humble. President trump honored our military and our great achievements as the great nation that WE are. President trump is the best president in many many years and nobody will take his place in America’s heart.

    Eat your heart out democrats. You got nothing on trump.

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