News Wrap: UK’s Johnson to call for new election after Brexit showdown

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day’s other news: A
new tropical storm, Fernand, has formed in the Gulf of Mexico. It has sustained winds of 40 miles an hour
and is moving toward Northeastern Mexico. Forecasters expect it to strengthen before
making landfall. Britain’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, announced
this evening he will call for a new general election over Brexit. That came after he lost a crucial showdown
vote to opponents of leaving the European Union without a formal deal. He also lost his working majority in Parliament. Earlier, the opposition Labor Party leader,
Jeremy Corbyn, lashed out at Johnson’s ideas in the House of Commons. JEREMY CORBYN, Leader, Labor Party: He isn’t
winning friends in Europe. He’s losing friends at home. This is a government with no mandate, no morals
and, as of today, no majority. The attack on our democracy, in order to force
through a disastrous no-deal Brexit, is unprecedented, anti-democratic and unconstitutional. JUDY WOODRUFF: In all, Johnson’s own ruling
Conservatives voted against him today. He will still need a two-thirds majority in
Parliament to set an early election. The current deadline for Britain to leave
the E.U. is October 31. It now appears the gunman who killed seven
people around Odessa, Texas, on Saturday bought his assault-style weapon in a private sale. News accounts today say that that allowed
him to avoid a federal background check, which had blocked him once already, reportedly for
mental health reasons. Meanwhile, Walmart announced that it will
stop selling ammunition for military-style weapons and handguns. We will return to the Texas shootings later
in the program. Officials in Southern California now say 34
people are presumed dead after a dive boat burned and sank on Monday. The Coast Guard called off the search for
survivors today. Divers have recovered 20 bodies, and they
kept looking for 14 others. The sheriff said all the victims were trapped
below deck. BILL BROWN, Santa Barbara County Sheriff:
That does appear to be exactly what happened, that the — there was a stairwell to get down
the main entryway, up and down, and there was an escape hatch, and it would appear as
though both of those were blocked by fire. JUDY WOODRUFF: Five of the six crew members
aboard survived by jumping into the water when the flames started. There is still no word on what started the
fire. In Afghanistan, the death toll rose to at
least 16, with 119 wounded, after a Taliban suicide bombing in Kabul on Monday. Rescue workers searched today amid wreckage
and burned-out vehicles. The blast targeted the city’s Green Village,
where international aid groups are located. The Taliban said that it carried out the attack
to show strength as peace talks with the U.S. reach an apparent climax. We will have a detailed report from Kabul
later in the program. United Nations investigators say the U.S.,
Britain, and France may be complicit in war crimes in Yemen. A U.N. report today found that the three nations
are enabling a Saudi military coalition to kill civilians by airstrikes and starvation. The investigators also faulted Shiite rebels
aligned with Iran for shelling cities and using child soldiers. Back in this country, a panel of North Carolina
judges rejected state legislative district maps. The ruling said that majority Republicans
drew lines to elect a maximum number of GOP candidates, and violated the rights of Democrats. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in June that
federal courts have no say in political gerrymandering cases. Today’s state court ruling is expected to
be appealed. And Wall Street started the week with a sell-off. It began after factory activity dropped for
the first time in three years, and the latest U.S. and Chinese tariffs took hold on Sunday. The Dow Jones industrial average lost 285
points to close at 26118. The Nasdaq fell 88 points, and the S&P 500
slipped 20. Still to come on the “NewsHour”: we discuss
Hurricane Dorian and immigration with the acting secretary of homeland security; a deadly
bombing in Afghanistan’s capital complicates plans for the withdrawal of U.S. troops; the
latest mass shooting in the U.S. prompts renewed calls to reduce gun violence; plus, we go
inside a new exhibition of the work of artist and designer Alexander Girard.

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