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  1. i wish my science teachers were as good as you. my science teacher in 10th grade had to be corrected by students such as myself all the time. I lost interest in scholastics and dropped out. I would like to think i would have done it differently if i had useful teachers that kept the materials interesting

  2. Thank you for all of your videos:) My teacher is hopeless and I've learnt more from you in about half an hour than I've learnt from my physics teacher in two weeks.

  3. Interia is the resistance to change In velocity. Ugh friction and gravity make things so much more complicated to lunderstanding physics. Weight is not massi it is actually te measurement of how much force is exerted on a object by gravity due to its mass ( the amount of matter). The more mass , the more resistance to change in velocity(( inertia)

  4. Thank you for your lessons. I'm a science teacher in HS. When I'm absent, I always have a clueless SUB. IT is videos like these that I have my students watch when I cannot be there. I also sometimes direct students to watch videos like yours as HW assignments for review. I even sometimes use your videos in class as a preview before I go over the material for something different. Keep up the great work!

  5. last time i tried to pull on toilet paper really fast with one hand, it didn't rip and i got 8 feet of toilet paper on the floor 🙁

  6. Hey there Mr. Anderson!  I am trying so hard to get a job, but have to demonstrate that I can make videos like yours.  I'm a public school teacher, and need some help.  I saw that you used the product phun but it doesn't work on MAC, so I can't use it.  How is it that you can write or activate circling information on "Powerpoint"? and also get your face on camera during your powerpoint?  Is it a movie that you film yourself in and then upload?  Can you give me some hints please about how to create my on-line classroom as you do PLEASE?  What software programs do you recommend?  Thank you! B Gomez

  7. sir i'm a little confused
    for every force i exert i end up with an opposite and equal force then how can i even have a resultant force if force pairs always cancel each other out?

  8. Are you sure it's not A=mf because in order to get the acceleration of an object, it would depend on the mass and the force applied to the object!

  9. hello .. I need people's opinion about this… A $10.00 bet is on the line.. a question with only two answers both of which I think are wrong on their own. here is the question

    QUESTION:a person is driving a car forward with his friend that is in the passanger seat. the driver suddenly jerks the steering wheel left….. does the window hit the passanger's head or does the passanger's head hit the window?

    LEE: the window pushes into the passanger's head F=MA.

    KEN: BOTH happen. the passanger's head hits the window AND the window hits the passanger's head. they both hit each other. newton's 3rd law applies (every action has an equal and opposite reaction..so the answer is neither fully the head hitting the window or the window hitting the head as both must happen .. the question is fallacious the fallacies : AFFIRMING A DISJUNCT AND/OR ALTERNATIVE ADVANCE

  10. Thank you, Mr. Andersen. It helped a lot understanding the laws of Newton. Enormous respect for you after 8 years.

  11. Dr, Anant Chaudri talking to daughter in law, Sudeshna.

    My grand son, 18 months old, very good at reciting nursery rhymes was watching his milk bottle next to him for a few minutes. He waited. for some time. He was still. I was wondering what was going on.

    He then moved the milk bottle about one foot away and waited, .My curiosity increased.

    He then rolled the bottle to hit the wall. Waited and waited for several minutes. I asked him what he was doing. He said he was waiting for his bottle to roll back to him.

    Then had his milk and started playing with his toys.

    I realised that he was trying to confirm Newtons laws of motion.

    I felt in my mind that this chap should have been born 300 years ago

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