Nigel Farage's Leadership: Piers Morgan vs. Tobias Ellwood (Brexit Party)

there have been rather opportunist about this there have been very clear what they want they just want to sow confusion knowing that it's damaging for the girl when it comes to confusion and kotori's can really lay blame anybody else for confusion I mean the Tories are falling apart before our eyes that is why Nigel Farage is gaining such huge traction with his brexit party I mean storming ahead in the EU polls it's because the Tories have got nothing to offer again I mean the knee-jerk reaction when you come to Nigel Farage is to speak about you know policy free politics he has one simple policy and that's to get out of the European Union he's now speaking of WTF sir the way is which is very very dangerous he never mentioned hang on he never mentioned right during the actual referendum itself there's no stalk of us moving out on No Deal are those damaging for Britain but with Rohit I know the imaging area our economy and also damaging from respective is of security so you vote to remain I did okay so do you believe brags it's a good idea I'm I've voted three times for brexit it brings me a good idea it's suboptimal but it's not music good idea or bad idea it's not a good idea you just give me a straight answer yes or no is it good or bad I give you a straight answer but you have to hold on to your seat and allow me to finish with your question the point is that yes it is suboptimal if I was to ask myself what is best economically then the idea of us having a strong relationship with Europe makes sense but democratically we had an outcome which said that Britain wants to leave the closeness of that result means we need to have a solution which brings the country together it isn't a winner-takes-all and what Faraj is saying is let's now not what he was saying before he's changed his views betrayed your view he's now going to emotionally sorry you've changed yours but though do you remain and now you've been agreeing to Teresa Mays deal to leave what happened to me can you change your view but Farish can't slightly adapt his message which is we have to leave and now he's saying let's leave with no deal we had something called the referendum which we must honor right and that's what all my colleagues should be doing as well to say what is best for Britain much is that I might like to stay in the damage that the uncertainty the lack of clarity is doing to this country reputationally but also economically is that's why we need to press on and get Raj is giving clarity where you're only not he's so incomplete he's deliberately playing on populism he's actually playing on fear and that's what really really worries me not just about him him so I would argue my politics he's showing more leadership than your own leader is not he's really showing no leadership at all where's the leadership in playing on anger where's that got to us in our history that is dangerous well we need to work out what's best for Brit my answer is a good coal would think like old heart is what for our words he wants to take us out and he wants to be Little Britain and our place on the internet would be damaged your view of ours but the leadership comes in the fact that his new brexit party is storming ahead of all bang on the anger of Britain which is understanding you guys sorry you got nowhere stopping him apparently what's stopping him what with stopping him running away to victory in the mep elections which most people don't even participate in okay the referendum for their pointless no let me finish the point the referendum a 72% participation these MEP elections I doubt whether you'll get more than 40 50 % the last ones in 2014 32 33 % participated so he will have his day there's no doubt about it will he have the answers for Britain will he actually bind Britain together those brexit and remain no he won't he will damage our reputation be fair when you say it it's not a winner-takes-all scenario that's exactly what was promised in the 2016 referendum in the booklet it said whatever you vote for we will implement it was absolutely a winner-takes-all and what people are cross about one all any of those words or do you remember what the ballot paper question was I recall well remember the ballot paper question was it was deliberately it was not was it it was do you but do we stay in it yes Britain's relationship with Europe is more in is bigger and more complex than that simple line when you look at the understand what people who voted it leave the European Union let rather mystified we haven't I can explain that if you again just allow me to finish the article 50 letter that was slid across to the European Union and indeed the Tory Party manifesto didn't just talk about remained leave they actually spoke about having a deep and working relationship with the EU that's what people that is exactly what they voted for it wasn't on the ballot paper sorry not on the bag meaningful relationship ever was in or out so that's it so what did the leave campaign actually campaign for where was their manifested there wasn't any the one person the architect of the leave campaign Matthew Elliott has actually said in looking at Theresa Mayes deal I'm content with them it's not brilliant it's not one at Waialae question i'm very convoluted ship sorry will you

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  1. Just another horrible politician who never answers the questions but gives us another tirade of gobbyldegook, is it any wonder how the politicians are now loathed in the UK.

  2. People like Tobias Ellwood are why I'll never ever vote for the conservatives again. Ever. There's no third way leave/remain solution. There's only leaving the EU – hence why the WA is a funny joke. The guy has no idea what on earth he's talking about what's best for britain. None at all.

  3. very strange for a politician who claims to want to remain states MEP election meaningless. he needs to realise how his attitude demonstrates why the public are so annoyed with current MP’s. He claims he wants to change the EU from within yet appears to not give a damn about getting representatives elected. I hope this all turns around to bite him and the others like him when the next national election comes around.

  4. Your colleagues are not trying to honor the people’s vote. This guy is quoting from globalist talking points anger populism etc etc etc he’s playing on the anger of Britain HA HA what a hater! get him Piers. This guy is a snake typical politician

  5. This wanker is my local MP. He was canvassing outside Tesco. I was going through a split with my wife at the time and had just got my 3 kids back. She was entitled to Child Ben for 3 months after i got the kids. Until i was in receipt of Child benefit i couldn't claim income support, effectively leaving me with nothing and 3 confused and hungry kids. The woman at the Social told me that if i was coming in as an immigrant i would automatically receive income support with or without kids. I brought this up to him and asked him to his face why he won't stand up for the British people. His words to me were ''I wouldn't want to be classed as a racist''. I flipped at that point. Told him I had served my country in the army and he was a fucking disgrace. Cunt shit himself, prick !! (He tried to intervene when some lads were having a kick around in a back alley. One of them dropped him. He tried to act like he was helping them when he offered to mentor them. They told him to fuck right off) Should have punched him harder.

  6. Well if people don't want Farage they won't vote for him or the Brexit party. But you Conservatives might just wake up and realise now that there is a majority in the UK for leaving with a no deal and this will be confirmed next Thursday – bring it on!

  7. Why do people in the media and Westminster obsess about Nigel Farage? It’s the 17.4 million other people who voted to leave the EU they want to concern themselves with! Don’t be fooled by this drive to present this situation as being about one man – who can then easily be discredited. Vote in next week’s elections for any party that supports this country leaving the EU whether it’s UKIP, English Democrats or The Brexit Party not for ( or against!) any individual.

  8. What a waffle, you don’t get closer vote than one with that casting vote being from a tag wearing early release convict. Give parliament a re vote on no deal again. He is typical of why we are in this mess.

  9. He is a complete liar. Every prominent person on both sides of the campaign stated leave meant leaving the single market and customs union. Theresa May confirmed that by her Lancaster house speech and the Tory party and Labour Party did so in their manifestos.

  10. Don’t worry Tobias your unfortunately our local MP in the next general election hopefully you will lose your seat and once we eventually leave you and your ilk.will have no prospect of a well paid desk job in Brussels 🙂🙂🙂🙂

  11. What is wrong with Ellwood. Does he not realize millions voted Tory expecting them to execute Brexit. Instead many Tories (including Ellwood) have done all they can to delay Brexit hoping it will all go away. As for clarity : the only party with clarity of policy is Farage and the Brexit party.

  12. This is basically the Peirs Morgan show, those other two are just there as a bit of eye candy and because of political correctness. Especially the blonde one, I have never heard her say a word.

  13. Let’s see now.

    Remainers keep telling us “no deal” would be a disaster but let’s look at what they said would happen just from VOTING to leave:

    GDP would fall by 6% – lie

    extra 800,000 unemployed – lie

    falling employment – lie

    rising deficit – lie

    Remainers are liars.

  14. The main problem with Brexit is not the "Leave" majority, it's the "Remain" minority who are trying to overturn a democratic referendum result and seeking to undermine democracy in this country.

  15. So he wants to stay in the EU but has no interest in the MEP elections. Clown. Most people dont participate in them because we have no interset in staying in the EU. The Brexit Party will win and help get us out once and for all.

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