‘No one in Europe’ wants second Iraq: Austrian president slams ‘provocative’ US Iran policy

once Iran makes the decision to withdraw from any kind of a deal everyone will forget that the u.s. initiated the collapse of the deal and global opinion will be it's Iran's fault I have said this to Iran on many occasions I don't think they have any reason to withdraw from the deal huge three days here in Sochi very big talks high-profile talks first we had the Chinese Foreign Minister than the US Secretary of State today the Austrian president got a lot of topics almost every major crisis in the world now was discussed here and of course they talked about Iran Venezuela Ukraine the wars in the Middle East Syria Yemen they talked about financial markets about oil about gas you know all sorts of things but because front and center was was around because it is really getting into the dangerous phase now the phase where everybody fears an escalation and today Vladimir Putin was asked about what Russia plans to do to help resolve this crisis I see any pressure may come on them when Russia is not a fire brigade I cannot just go around saving everything that is burning around us we have played our part and we are ready and willing to play this part in future but it depends not just on us but on our partners on the Europeans on the US and on Iran itself the Europeans the Russians in the Chinese have similar views and the Iranian crisis they believe it's gone too far and that the best option for the world for all the countries involved is to stick to the Iranian nuclear deal of 2015 and even the Europeans have called what the United States is doing is dangerous and provocative let's listen talk of the impression I have is that any additional pressure on Iran is only going to undermine political relations even further no matter how much we argue about the probability of this happening if the US continues putting pressure on Iran at least to the risks of a crisis as happened in Iraq several years ago and in Europe no one wants that to happen unfortunately there's easy solution to the Iranian crisis but they at least talked about it and that by the way was the takeaway yesterday when might compel the US Secretary of State visited and today Vladimir Putin said that you know he now has a sense that there's some willingness in in Washington to repair restart relations with with Russia they agreed yesterday that you know they disagree on many things they also agreed to start repairing various communication channels hotlines for example counterterrorism intelligence financial political the Vladimir Putin was also asked about the potential meeting with Donald Trump and he replied that at the g20 summit if the Americans are willing if they want to start the serious serious you know take serious steps towards repairing relations Russia is always willing you

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  1. The US fixing problems with Russia to get them on board to take Iran out. Pompeo thinks he's smarter than Putin. Russia nor china will ever go against Iran. Putin will play pompeo out, wait and watch. He played them in Syria, playing in libya, Venezuela. 😀😀😀

  2. Shouldn't matter whether others follow U.S. hypocrisy. They need opportunities to expose themselves for what they are.
    Leave the deal, Iran.
    EU needs to learn their lesson first, feel the consequences, or they will never change. Keeping traitors in check all your life is not fulfilling. The traitors need to go.

  3. The JCPOA was in place to keep PEACE. Benjamin Netanyahu influenced the Zionists in Washington DC withdraw from the Agreement. Here we are in a potentially Dangerous situation. Israel will lead the United States to it's Destruction.💥💥☠☠

  4. If you really look at the situation the only thing that gets most leaders to take action is either a firm bitch slap from Trump or Putin putting people in their place.

  5. America have nuclear weapons and all kinds of weapons, but other countries cannot develop it and not allowed to have it, the restrictions only for poor countries, if Russia was not strong America would have destroyed whole world….. I pray Russia to become world leader… Lots of love from India….

  6. When American power and equipment cannot fight in Syria, Lebanon 2006, and now in Yemen, how on Earth can the same equipment take on the master like Iran? Really no logic.

    Air power will not win any war .

  7. Finally we are ignoring USA. Enough us enough. They went power hungry for too many time. We need to end NATO. I don't want to do anything with USA. Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, Lybia, Ukraine, Palestine, Cuba, Mexico,…always messing around. Always trying to generate conflicts.

  8. If U.S. goes to War with Iran and Russia and China helps Iran, Iran will win. It's about time Russia,China, and Iran go after the Unholy Trinity of U.S.,Saudi, and Israel and bring about World Peace.

  9. Those criminals invaders,thieves and murderers will have to answer God on judgement day for there action…I hope the million of people who were kill will throw those criminals in hell fire at the sirat bridge

  10. To star a war with Iran is bad idea while Iraq & Syria are not stable, all that area will be a war zone & Iran will have a room to play that game, & it's going to be unstoppable war

  11. Unlike loyal Tarkish 5Eyes allies, the False prophet cannot trust any Gomeric European who will become the camp followers of his Archrival Gog of Magog according to Ezekiel's 38.

  12. Far right here looking to betray those in our side who've betrayed us for years. You're not RIGHT! Martin Sellner and Brittany and Pettibone. They're not RiGHT. Can we dump them off with you liberals? They seem to exemplify you.

  13. Putin speaking the plain truth! It has been and it is the US causing all these unnecessary issues with Iran! It's America's fault for being so incompetent and breaking the law while being puppets of Israel + Saudi Arabia. Ridiculous.

  14. Iran can go to Russia. What I don't like about Muslims are if you don't like certern countries why would you even come. I will be honest Muslim are the reason why UK is leaving e.u. Muslim needs to be killed on Friday. I could and I could hammer his or her face 100 times. Fucking anyone who is a begging filthy muslim.

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