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  2. is to conquer the galaxy, then the universe, then the next dimensions to create and enslave our own universe to produce energy for us. obviously. peace

  3. What is the meaning of life, is a useless and pointless and very popular question. Rather, We should strive to achieve the felt presence of immediate experience, as Terence McKenna put it.

  4. A wise old man said, 'Keep look'n up, there's only dirt on the ground!'

    N.B Seems a little look'n up might not go astray here? 🤔

  5. The idea that he doesn't know if the universe disappears after his consciousness disappears is absurd. Of course, it doesn't. The universe was here before human consciousness and it remains after. We have evidence to know the universe existed before mankind, and anytime you see a dead body you understand that that person's consciousness is gone, but the universe remains. The same holds true for Noam, once he dies, the universe will still remain.

  6. yeah.. significance, not the literal meaning, glad that he clarified that! 🙂 I was expecting more from him tbh, given his political activism, etc. Or maybe it was all implied…

  7. I’ve just googled ’significance’ and I found the google’s recommendation (Oxford) closer to the context, in my opinion. I think he marked out the second meaning (out of three) himself, but the third one makes as much sense as it doesn’t. I believe, he did not choose this word just randomly. One of the meaning of the word significance from Oxford dictionary: ”3.
    the extent to which a result deviates from that expected to arise simply from random variation or errors in sampling.” Thanks Lex for this interview.

  8. I was thinking why is picture of Sisyphus on the clip? Mr. Chomsky said – 'The action create meaning in the sense of significance' so maybe is it becuse you agree with A. Camus on this 'You have to imagine Sisyphus happy'?

    And Chomsky also said – 'But sgnificance of your life is something you create' I don't think Sishypus had any choice 😉

  9. when a person dies the rest of the people go on. Noam is not very thoughtful about some things. He makes up for it with what he does know however.

  10. Our mortality. I use to when I was 12 the fact if my conscience disappeared everything disappeared. Woody Alan. What is your problem the universe is expanding. Something we answer by our activity. We define what is the meaning. The significance of your life you creat

  11. More progress can be achieved by asking the question what is life? That question has a reasonably well understood answer. Life is a very complex chemical system. It works through physical characteristics that apply to all physical matter in the universe. A very large amount of biochemical experimentation has reliably demonstrated the workings of the basic biochemical activities that the system of life depends on. That work has also established at least an outline of the history of the process used by evolution through natural selection to generate the biochemical system we currently experience as life. All evidence points to the reality that all human experience is the result of operations of that chemical system. Those operations conform to the scientific understanding of physics and chemistry. Over time evolution has generated very complex chemical systems with a very complex structure in space and time. A subsystem has evolved the ability to represent and provide an higher level of control over the whole individual animal. That subsystem has also evolved the ability to project the patterns of its structure out on to an external world. When those patterns can be fit to patterns in an animal's visual data, some representation and understanding of that visual world can be achieved. Humans have evolved a particularly complex social biology that enables a collective effort to explore the world by this kind of process. One major human effort has been to project the pattern of intention that is central to human and all animal behavior out on to the external world and to look for some intention responsible for creating life. That effort has failed. Life was generated by a random process incapable of achieving optimized results. Perhaps there is a chance that collective human intelligence can do better and engineer a future that conforms to some human generated intention. But even in that case mortality is likely to remain. There is nothing unusual about mortality. All physical objects wear out with time. Even with ever increasing skill with technology, the process of creating a new human being from a cell that has been protected from the trials of time is likely to be more effective than trying to use ever more complex technology to fix problems that appear in the biochemical system of an human life as that system is heavily used.

  12. I want to say goodbye to the world… I’m feeling crap in my body I know isn’t normal. I’ve definitely not taken care of it. Zero insurance so I’m super fucked. Could just be inflammatory type stuff caused by the alcohol but I doubt it… begged for help getting into rehab but people are just that…. not good… peace out cruel world…. Ai is scary… kinda glad I won’t make it to see it….

  13. Noam Chomsky: "the meaning of life was hidden from us by a deliberate conspiracy of the US governments imperialist policy, which I always bring up totally not to overlook communist crimes in history"

  14. It says something about the core of a human being if the thing that's most bothersome to them about death is not the cessation of his own existence but the possibility of the same for the world…

  15. The meaning of life is to allow regards like Chomsky to advocate for blacks and socialism whilst not being able to name a black or socialist country he’d want to live whilst self hating white leftwing retards lap up his bullshit

  16. Philosophy has no place in Human Mortality our Mortality is black and white it simple going to happen regardless of what we think ☝

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