100 Replies to “Nunes lists questions for whistleblower in opening statement

  1. Nunes was on fire with this one ,. Great job Mr Nunes we need more people to step up and expose these lying traitorous rats,

  2. Nunes is absolutely correct about Americans turning to other sources for information, I get mine from DW Deutsche Welle in Germany, BBC in London England, NHK Tokyo Japan, Bangkok Post Thailand, and sadly even the Russian Times News English RT News is more accurate and honest then are own American news sources.

  3. We should set up a "Come Hug Me stand," on every corner of every city in America. The Left is going to need one, very soon.

  4. When is Senate going to get back to work for the American people? I don't mean the American people that hate Trump too! These people are making serious money every month and the past few years they have done nothing but slander our president. Stop hiding in your secretive hole and do something productive for America!

  5. Someone please help me understand… If we know who was on the call, why not have them testify? The whistleblower is just another person with second hand knowledge… right??? What am I missing???

  6. My goodness, the whole world now fully comprehends that the US Congress is literally a Banana Republic entity. The laughing stock of the whole world.

  7. Trust in Journalism is what was Different in the USA… It's time for American Citizen Class Action Lawsuits (Thousands of Litigants) against the Main Stream Media every time they are Caught Deceiving the American People… They make money on American Organized Chaos, They are part of Creating it, so if they make money telling the people untruths, they should be litigated… Attorney's should start soliciting and creating these American Class Action Lawsuits against the Main Stream Media who are being guided by the Organized Coup Plotters who think the press can never be litigated for helping to overthrow the USA… Freedom of the Press was written into the Constitution thinking that the Main Stream Media would actually tell the Unbiased story to the Citizens… America Vote With Your Wallet… Stop having to go outside Your country to Foreign News Agencies to find out really what is going on Inside our Country… We Need To Take Back Our Media… and Congress People elected and paid with USA Tax Payers funds who do not do anything for 3 years, should have to pay back the salaries and expenses they have used over the last 3 Years doing nothing to the USA Citizens.

  8. When this is all over Devin Nunes needs to go back to California and become a sperm donor. Devin Nunes balls are so big California can only be helped greatly by the spreading of his genes. Maybe Devin can out breed Democrat insanity.

  9. Freedom of the press is essential to keep the people informed about the events around them. But the media has been hijacked by the left to disseminate false propaganda to mislead trusting citizens.
    These news agencies ARE the enemy of the people. Not the institution of the press, but those who seek to use it’s national platforms to deceive a nation.
    WHO is pulling the strings or writing the play book to deceive you. WHO are they working with, inside our own government?
    WHO are the international players?
    WHAT, very important, is there motive??
    WHAT is it, that they’re trying to accomplish and Why?
    Pay attention to the Who, and the Why.

  10. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. There is a plus we get to witness the destruction of so many corrupt politicians .. goodbye republican aka trump party and good riddance

  11. There is a small group of filth in all countries that work together to stop humanity evolving and keep this financial system going for their own gain.

  12. Puppet Master Democrats & Main Stream propaganda Puppets accomplishments:

    1. Failed 2016 predictions and interference on who would be the President of the US.

    2. Failed propaganda campaign to keep Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court.

    3. Failed take down of a US President via the Fake Steele Dossier and political bias within the Mueller’s special counsel and FBI.

    4. Failed attempt to interfere with the 2020 Presidential election via a kangaroo impeachment inquiry by Adam Schiff and the Dems to divert attention away AG Barr’s investigation into 2016 Presidential election interference via the DNC collusion with Russian/Ukraine that helped develop the fake Steele dossier.

    Repeat Step 1: Failed 2020 predictions and interference on who would be the President of the US.

    The next step for you to take:

    Vote for Trump and a Republican Congress in 2020

  13. Blame this all on that piece of crap Paul Ryan, if he’d done his job when we had the majority we wouldn’t have lost the House and we would have had ALL of these evil demonrats behind bars. Keep him away from any power position, he can’t be trusted.

  14. Normal person- “the sky is blue”
    rebooblican- “no it’s not”
    Normal person- “then what color is it!”
    rebooblican- “it could be any color”

    rebooblican cocksucking maggot cap morons.

  15. One of Let Col Vindman's statements stood out. "America is better than the personal attacks on political opponents" He's singling out President Trump as the one who shouldn't make personal attacks. Is he serious! The entire Democrat party and fake news media attack Trump "personally" 24/7 & his family & supporters. So he's president. So the hell what??? He's fighting back..unlike a lot of the spineless Republicans. Vindman's opinion & double standard is all he brought with him. I have a one word attack for him Personally.."Traitor"

  16. This is God's Country and My Country will be a Country of Prayer and Brotherhood from Sea to Shinning Sea !!!,,,, All Glory to God $$$,,,, ,,,, 👑

  17. Open their eyes..Lord…So that they can see…This is why the rest of the world start to hate America….America is suppose to be the leader of the free world….and look at this…the most corrupt country on earth !!! Drain the swamp Mr Trump…and make America great again ….The world need America !!!

  18. I Dan Kilgore hereby Charge.. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff , Chuck Schumer of TREASON and DEMAND that they be ARRESTED! And PROVE their Innocence. Who's with ME? TheConservativeFace.com


  20. Nunes is mistaken. There was substance in some of the reports he listed. I also like how the Republicans are protecting the IRS whistle blower that claims someone in the organization was messing with Trump and Pence tax returns. But if a whistle blower comes forward about someone that reports a possible crime on their side the whistle blow needs to come forward. No hypocrisy there. Giuliani son works at the white house Ivanka and Jared work at the white house. They have no experience and make 6 figures. O that's right your a hypocrite and propagandist.

  21. Trumpty Dumpty made a BAD call
    Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall
    Even Devin Nunes with his stupid conspiracy
    Can’t keep the DONALD from his own dam lunacy

  22. ok so, Biden thinks since he was working for a joker president he might as well embezzle some money via Burisma through is coke head son. I'd be interested in the other nations Biden did a shake down through. Ask foreign nations to step forward. China et al. After the election and Trump wins do an all nations call over the loud speaker. Then audit the 10 trillion obummer made off with.

  23. Trump called it from the very beginning they are fake news only twisting stories positivr ly for democrats and smearing negattive against Trump and supporters.

  24. Liberals champion bullying laws yet they have murdered a man with words in front of a nation all because he won a fair election. Hypocrites you decide !!?!?!!!

  25. Trump has no defense. The last option he has is claiming dementia. Regardless, he’s getting impeached. Nunes is a disgrace to our nation.

  26. Impeachment is Dead On Arrival in the Senate (BOTH PARTIES KNOW THIS) and is a Sensationalist Circus. Soviets are asserting control of Hong Kong (western territory) and Narco-States are capitalizing on perceived inaction. Law Enforcement, Judges and State Representatives are working for Cartels on the Texas Border. McAllen, TX is openly inviting foreign nationals to be counted on the census.

  27. So during the time that Republicans tried to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about a BJ, they created whistleblower protection laws. Now, that those laws are coming back to get them, they are being cry babies about it. Typical. Also, while the rules of the impeachment inquiry were established BEFORE this inquiry, the Republicans purposely break the rules by trying to give part of their opening 45 minutes to someone who had no right to speak during that 45 minutes. She gets gaveled down for breaking the rules, and Republicans use that to make the Dems look bad, because Republicans cannot follow rules. In fact, if Republicans could follow rules, they would never be elected, would they? But to Fox Entertainment viewers….Nunes is a genius? Wow. I feel sorry for them a little. The best thing they have going for them is a man suing a fictitious cow on Twitter. Nunes is an idiot. Trump is a liar and a criminal, always has been. If you STILL support Trump, you are NOT a patriot, but a moron.

  28. becoming more and more clear that this is such a sham and it's basically was only brought on and put on to try to cover up their own track so that these communist socialist scumbags can run away and try to keep away from prison for their corruption you're not going to get away with it you pieces of garbage your comment is socialist scumbag trashed your traitors to this country and you will have to pay for your corruption your crimes and lining your pockets for years with our money and other countries money you corrupt scumbag communist socialist garbage you're not Democrats you're not liberals you're just liars corrupt lying garbage

  29. LT COL Vindman is a spy. He was asked if he speaks Russian. He replied; he was more fluent in Russian and a little bit of English. This man should have joined the Russian Army.

  30. Im so sick of Fox censoring me they arent much better than CNN or MNSBC. Chat by invite only? So who are the worthy ones?

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