100 Replies to “Obama Diplomat Opposes Trump WH Releasing Ukraine Call Notes | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. What happened to obtaining information before talking endlessly-and Obama’s assistant…..didn’t Obama have a terrible record with whistle blowers? It’s all new when Trump does anything. A whistleblower that heard this secondhand. Wow!!!

  2. Started the accountability clock?
    “He’s been running loose since the Mueller report.” There wasn’t a crime. He was running free. Appropriately. When will the Dems be held accountable for their ongoing smear campaign. Taxpayers are covering the cost and real work isn’t being done.
    This charade sickens me!!!!!

  3. were here in this mess because polosi pulled back on investigations and official impeachment inquiry. you tell a crook your not going to do anything and guess what . crime spree !

  4. U can take my phone for transparency and what I wrote to whom …you must be knowing who was on the other end …but I have no knowledge who was on the other end ..I fully follow the law ..do what is good for your country …

  5. The whistleblower complain contained ALL HEARSAY which is not real evidence. There was no reason to turn it over to Congress unless real PROOF of any crime could be found. They didn't HOLD evidence of anything and probably withheld the complaint to avoid this circus and delusional hatred the dems have for Trump from blowing it way out of proportion, just like they did. So now the dems look like idiots….AGAIN, Trump looks like a saint…..AGAIN and whoever CORRECTLY decided not to immediately forward this complaint was doing the DEMOCRATS a favor. They just shot themselves in the foot…AGAIN. Sometimes I wonder if it's on purpose because they secretly wish to have the Democrat party dissolve so they can officially replace it with the Socialist party.

  6. The America hating left will never stop until they've destroyed this nation…these are the most evil people in modern times…at least they've been exposed, they'll never be able to deceive anyone ever again.

  7. if anyone is suffering from diarrhea, just come to this fake news crap channel. just listen to what these "morons" on this channel have to say and their followers will post and you are cured.

    MSNBC = crap news network that is FAKE and CORRUPT. nuff said.

  8. Complete and total lie. He ordered the payments be withheld, and the OMB has the records to prove it. No one at OMB or any other agency had any idea why the president was withholding this aid from Ukraine.

  9. MSNBC, please spell correctly in your notes above. It's 'self-censor', not self-sensor. Now, you try to get the President coming and going. If he doesn't release, you go after him; if he does release, you find some hack who says it's a bad idea. You hate him, it's obvious. We will vote him back in in 2020, so get used to it.

  10. The presumption of innocence is the legal principle that one is considered innocent unless proven guilty.
    Every story has two sides.

  11. This “presidency,” this “administration,” is a depressing, destructive aberration in U.S. history, and must be brought to heel forthwith.

  12. It should never be career-ending for engaging in a legally protected duty to blow the whistle on government corruption or crime . It should instead be promotion for the person doing it.

  13. I think the whistle blower is Coats and the real person is the lady who resigned with him. Coats went into a meeting she was in and told her she hard to resign now. Time line fits. He filed the report she was the witness.

  14. The media is as corrupt as the Democrats The AntiChrist is Using Them like a fiddle string…I Can't Wait To See How The Demonic Democrats handle when the truth comes out…GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED !,! Heavenly Father I Ask In Jesus Name That You Reveal The Truth Of What Their Doing And Who Is Behind All This Chaos In Our Government You lord know All Things.. You See All Things…Hear All Things Began To Uncover Who is Be Hind All This HATE and DECEPTION You Heavenly Father are more powerful then Satan and his human Eimps , Please lord bring this charade to a complete End and remove any Democrat remove all the media who are being controlled by Satan himself to destroy this Christian nation

  15. trump is lying about what Europe has contributed. They have contributed more funding to Ukraine than the U.S. has for military defense. Just more fake news lies from trump's filthy mouth.

  16. At first, I was against Trump releasing the call transcripts. But now, I realize it was a strategic move because the so called whistleblower is another deep state dossier for another witch hunt.

    BTW, I see the lying face of David Corn, the peddler of the fake dossier. This too will blow up in your face, and the country will laugh at you liberals again.

  17. Why is no one talking about Biden paying China over a billion dollars of our tax money? Unbiased media is long dead. Seek multiple sources and come to your own conclusions.

  18. No! Speaker Pelosi sees her boy Biden getting attacked by Trump and can reveal a scandal that might end his run for the Democrat nomination. That's why she's going balls to the wall with this impeachment now. Trump has been doing these shenanigans from the start… what now that he only has a year in office she decided to proceed with impeachment that will probably last 6-10 months? It does not make any sense.

  19. If you look at history and see what military funds have done in earlier confict in Europe (Bosnia-Hercegovia) it resulted in thousands of dead people. That is why Germany, France and others are not supporting Ukraine with war support. This is what the US should do as well. Focus aid on civilian use not military aid.

  20. Well, this didn't age well now did it?
    The whole "don't release transcripts" thing is stupid.
    Unless it's actual National Security issues, there is no actual reason for hiding what actually happens unless you know it's wrong.
    The President is supposed to be a SERVANT of the people, not a dictator with ultimate power.

    I usually agree with the Ambassador, but I have to disagree with him here.
    It's not like it's a call to release EVERY transcript of EVERY call made by the President, this is a concrete criminal charge that is being levelled at Trump for yet another criminal action.

  21. Why don’t nbc question the democrats. About the millions of dollars spent in the las 3 years. Investigating this dully elected president.

  22. If the President is committing a crime, we have the right to know. This moron does not seem to understand that he is not above the Law.

  23. Wow, MSNBC lying and supporting terrorist democrats to keep destroying America…Keep going socialist terrorist democrats…You are doing a fantastic job in destroying the bastion of freedom…The United States of America…

  24. "There's the Ukraine piece of this" — then there's the russia part of this. The emoluments clause part of this. The GRU part of this. The many, many indictments part of this. The many, many convicted felons part of this. The hacking the DNC part of this. The extortion part of this. The stealing tons of taxpayer dollars part of this. The taxpayer paid children "advisors" part of this. And the "and on and on and on" part of this.

  25. CONald The Stupid Criminal, not only broke the law, AGAIN, but his stupidity has INCRIMINATED him on a MUCH LARGER SCALE, HIDING his CRIMES on a SERVER, for THE PUBLIC to DEMAND the FULL RELEASE of ALL TAPED CONVERSATIONS!
    His goose is COOKED! Lol!

  26. Biden is the top crook: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qB3KHMYS_go

    He has a lot to account for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBPtKSMJ_rc

  27. Joe Biden is a part of the Washington swamp. Rudy Giuliani was on his way to Ukraine some time ago to find out more about Biden's affairs. But suddenly Giuliani changed his mind. He cancelled the flight after having learned that it was not so "healthy" for him to go Ukraine at that point in time. Giuliani's explanation was: "They don't want us there."

  28. Impeachment day is not the saddest day in American history, but the day when someone like Donal Trump became a president should be the saddest day in their history. Kinda strange priorities in the USA- better keep the corrupt criminal as a president than impeach


  30. Remember this to "funny man" Lindsey is nothing. Especially, when he compares Trump's situation to his own father being legally forced to sell beer to African-Americans at his store in South Carolina. Morality is blurry concept in his mind.

  31. Omg I think trump has fake teeth his teeth shifted to the side u can bearly see it 0:49–0:58 <– click blue numbers to take u to footage

  32. Where was the crime exactly? The Ukraine president said, he wasn't pressured by President Trump. Also, the Whistleblower info is hearsay… not first hand info. The end game is this… there will be some leftist spies/leakers arrested in the White House soon, and President Trump will once again, prove the Democratic Party are scum of the earth liars.

  33. https://www.europa-nu.nl/id/vju4rbpx9yy7/nieuws/how_the_eu_is_supporting_ukraine?ctx=vi4vbv1tpls3
    Europe has pitched in 1.6 Billion Euros so far.

  34. He should just cut that mess off his head. It's a wrap! A orange yellow and white thin, mess that should've been glued on.

  35. Rudy, who is not in anyway an employed representative of the United State Government. Is sent to Ukraine by the State Dept. to get information to help Donald Trump. I was Born in the great State Of New Jersey. I can personally name at least 30 people who were cheated out of money by Trump. Not to mention the enormous debt that NJ had to absorb from this A-Hole due to his multiple bankruptcies. It is almost unbelievable that this situation got this far.

  36. What Trump means is why shouldn’t I get something personally from Ukraine when the US gives me them aid. He is a Mafia mentality so he’s going to conduct himself and bring his administration and our government along into that self service corruption and disregard the rule of law and throw away the Constitution. However that will not win out as the Constitution is a living document and is protected by Divine light. the Angels of Light and Justice will go forth to battle and remove its violators. Barr, McConnell, Trump, Giuliani, Pompeii, Conway, Trumps family, Gaetz, Jordon, McCarthy, Grassley, etc are all evil doers and will fall be defeated and face ruin and justice at different levels

  37. Trump is out of his mind and element. Germany has "paid more" than the U.S. and other countries too; Europe, as a whole, has paid far more to the Ukraine than the U.S. Trump is a thug and those who have compared him to someone in the Mafia have it right.  The man behaves like a mob boss.

  38. If nothing else happens, Trump will be exposed for what he really does and people can make an educated decision when they vote in 2020. He has alienated all conservationists, LBGT sympathizers, most minorities, and I hope farmers and coal miners. And still the Republican Congress support him. He must have some serious blackmail info on these people.

  39. McFaul: It must be released to Congressional Committees investigating Ukraine. It does not need to be released to the public. The fact that Trump allowed release of edited noted of a single call is enough for the voters. But in this dire case>Congress must see it all!

  40. Biden says there's no evidence my son did anything wrong. OF COURSE there's no evidence, because Biden used EXTORTION to get the prosecutor fired and then he BRAGGED about it on camera !!! Imagine Mueller fired !!

  41. Why? Because USA is the leader of the Democratic world apart from being the Richest militariraly and economically. Common sense..

  42. You people are so funny about the truth you are Trump haters the truth is there so sad for you people Trump 2020 impeachment will go no further than the house the senate will find Trump not guilty it goes no further…….

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