Opening ceremony of the US Embassy in Jerusalem – TV7 Jerusalem Live Stream

ladies and gentlemen we are about to
begin our ceremony please remember to silence your phones now ladies and gentlemen please rise for the
presentation of colors by our marine security guard detachment and remain
standing for the national anthem sung by sergeant first class
Cameron Hubbard March on the colors breathe hard oh say can you see by the
dawn’s early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming
whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight or the
ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming and the Rockets red glare the
bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there
oh say does that star-spangled banner or the land of the free and the retire
the colors ladies and gentlemen please join me now
in welcoming ambassador David Friedman distinguished guests and dear friends
Tammy and I welcome you to the opening and dedication of the United States
Embassy in Jerusalem Israel on this exact day 70 years ago at almost
this exact time David ben-gurion declared Israel’s independence just 11
minutes later President Harry Truman caused the United States to be the very
first nation to recognize the reborn State of Israel he later regretted that
he waited so long 70 years since that memorable event almost to the minute the
United States finally takes the next step a step awaited voted upon litigated
and prayed for for all these years today we opened the United States Embassy in
Jerusalem Israel again the United States leads the way as
the first nation to do so so many have worked so hard and for so long for this
day to come and they all deserve our thanks but make no mistake today’s
historic event is attributed to the vision the courage and the moral clarity
of one person to whom we owe an enormous and eternal debt of gratitude President
Donald J Trump we have among us an extraordinary
gathering of American patriots and Israeli leaders I’d like to recognize a
few of them from our host country the president of the State of Israel his
Excellency Reuven Rivlin and wishing the best to your wife nahama the Prime
Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah the mayor of
Jerusalem near bar cots and his wife Beverly the Speaker of the Knesset
Yuli Edelstein his wife arena the leader of the Opposition Isaac Herzog and his
wife Michal the Deputy Chief Justice of the Israel Supreme Court Anand Meltzer
the head of the Israel Defense Forces general gaudy Eisen cock the ashkenazi chief rabbi of Israel
Ralph double ow the safari chief rabbi of Israel Ralphie it’s Tokyo safe and
the former chief rabbi of Israel Rob yes royal Mayor Lau and all the ministers
cabinet members members of the Knesset members of the IDF mayors and religious
leaders from the executive branch of the United States government it is my
pleasure to welcome the leader of the president’s delegation the Deputy
Secretary of State John J Sullivan and the 77th secretary of the Treasury
Steven minuchin president Trump’s senior advisor Jared Kushner president Trump’s daughter and senior
advisor Ivanka Trump president Trump special represents the difference and
national negotiations Jason Greenblatt the United States
Ambassador to Italy Lew Eisenberg assistant secretary of state nicole
Nason and acting assistant secretary of state David Satterfield from the
legislative branch we have four senators whose support for Israel is legendary
Senator Lindsey Graham senator Ted Cruz senator Dean Heller and Senator Mike Lee
thank you for coming and from our House of Representatives a
delegation led by Congressman Joe Wilson Congressman Tom rice Congressman Steve
Knight congressman Dennis Ross Congressman Mario diaz-balart
Congressman Jody hice congressman Scott Taylor
congressman Lee Zeldin congressman George holding and congressman Ron
Santos just last year congressman DeSantis
stood at a podium here in Jerusalem and made a passionate and compelling case
that this day would come and so it has I’d also like to welcome with the
governor of my home state of Florida who also has been a strong advocate for
Jerusalem Governor Rick Scott in 1995 the Jerusalem embassy Act became law
voted in favor overwhelmingly by both houses of Congress and led I should add
by a former senator who is here today senator joseph Lieberman that law which
was reaffirmed just last year by a vote of 90 to 0 and the Senate declare
Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel and mandated the move of the embassy 23
long years have passed since the transfer of the embassy became the law
of the land but today we keep our promise to the American people and we
extend to Israel the same right we extend to every other nation the right
to designate its capital city a capital city I should add which houses
all three seats of government with the 3,000 year old history dating back to
the time when King David made Jerusalem the capital of ancient Israel Jerusalem
has inspired Americans since well before the founding of our Republic John
Winthrop in 1630 as he approached Massachusetts Bay spoke of his quest to
build the New Jerusalem as a city on a hill a phrase later expanded by
President Reagan to be a shining city on a hill the United States established its
consulate in Jerusalem in 1840 for a hundred and four years before the birth
of the State of Israel and President Lincoln relaxing for the
first time in years as the Civil War came to an end
told his wife Mary that it was finally time for him to take some rest and he
expressed his hope and desire to visit the holy city of Jerusalem many say that
those were his last words as he sat next to her in Ford’s Theater
I think President Lincoln is smiling today as another great Republican Donald
J Trump opens our embassy and the city that Lincoln admired so much I would like to thank the faith leaders
who are here and the entire faith community for their support and I’d like
to now call upon two of them dr. Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church of
Dallas along with rabbi Zalman Wallach from Chabad to offer a few words of
inspiration Heavenly Father we come before you the
God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob thanking you for bringing us to this momentous
occasion in the life of your people and in the history of our world four
thousand years ago you said to your servant Abraham that you would make him
the father of a great nation a nation through whom the whole world would be
blessed and now as we look back we see how Israel has been that blessing to the
entire world through her innovations in medicine technology and energy but most
of all Israel has blessed this world by pointing to us to you the one true God
through the message of her prophets the scriptures and the Messiah we come
before you today thanking you for your providential and powerful protection of
this nation from all who would seek to destroy her this nation the nation of
Israel you have called the apple of your eye and father we are also grateful as
we think about what happened 70 years ago today at this very moment when you
fulfilled the prophecies of the prophets from thousands of years ago and
regathered your people in this promised land now we want to thank you especially
today for the courageous leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and
his determination to do whatever it takes to protect his people at all cost
we are equally grateful for the skillful work of our ambassador David Friedman
who so effectively represents our United States policy of always standing by and
supporting our most reliable ally and friend in the Middle East and now father
as we come to dedicate this embassy in the city of Jerusalem the city that you
named is the capital of Israel 3,000 years ago we want to thank you for the
tremendous leadership of our great president Donald J Trump
without president Trump’s determination resolve courage we would not be here
today and I believe father I speak for every one of us when we say we thank you
every day that you have given us a president who boldly stands on the right
side of history but more importantly stands on the right side of you oh god
when it comes to Israel and now today father we want to pray what the psalmist
prayed 3,000 years ago pray for the Peace of Jerusalem may
those who love her prosper may peace well within her walls and we
pray this in the name and the spirit of the Prince of Peace Jesus our Lord amen distinguished guests
I’ll just referred to by ambassador Friedman and honored friends it is with
profound gratitude to God Almighty that I addressed you here today at the
Embassy of the United States of America to Israel in the holy city and eternal
capital of the Jewish people Jerusalem truth is not determined by
popular opinion it is eternal not ephemeral unchanging not relative truth
stands the test of time while empires ideologies and philosophies rise and
fall the Jewish people’s attachment to this holy city has never waned or
faltered it is truth King David imagined a temple here and
his son Solomon built it here the prophets pleaded cajoled and Thunder
here from cradle to grave for thousands of years Jews of every extraction have
had the beautiful name of this beautiful city on their lips Jerusalem Jews have
lived here and when they didn’t they directed their prayers here that is
truth and today friends we celebrate the acknowledgement of this truth by a
country that has been blessed by God with global
influence the United States of America we applaud and thank the United States
of America and President Donald Trump for standing for this truth and for
continuously exhibiting a fearless commitment to Israel on the world stage
we pray that God Almighty continued to bless the United States her people and
her leaders and we pray that other countries follow their example of
affirming the Jewish people’s eternal bond with this holy city there is no
more quintessentially Jewish idea and aspiration than peace the beauty of
Jerusalem as my mentor the Lubavitcher Rebbe Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson
of blessed memory once said is that it’s walls are unifying walls within the
confines of Jerusalem every man woman and child became part of something
greater than themselves peace is ingrained in the mayor of Jerusalem but
the Prophet Zechariah said you must love truth and peace peace Shalom is the
inseparable sister of truth I pray that from today’s exalting of truth there
flow to Jerusalem her neighbors and to the entire world a true and perfect
peace may that they visualize by the prophets swiftly arrived when nation
shall not take up a sword against nation when there will be harmony not war
respect not envy love not hate in the words of the psalmist who sang his
longing for peace not far from right here pray for the Peace of Jerusalem may
those who love you be at peace Amin Thank You pastor Jeffress and rabbi
Wallach leading the president’s delegation to this historic event
his Deputy Secretary of State John J Sullivan Deputy Secretary Sullivan
served last month as our acting Secretary of State leading the
transition of leadership to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo he then returned to
the number two position in the State Department
I am honored to introduce deputy secretary John J Sullivan Thank You
ambassador Friedman for those kind remarks on behalf of secretary Pompeo
thank you for your dedicated efforts to establish this diplomatic mission and to
ensure the strongest possible bond between Israel and the United States
we’re also grateful to you in your team for the close coordination in months of
detailed planning to prepare for this important day of celebration it’s an
honor for me to be part of president Trump’s official delegation on this
momentous occasion on a day as you have already noted so steeped in history it’s
a privilege to stand before so many distinguished guests political and
religious leaders of Israel in the United States and to welcome you all to
the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem Israel I also come with a message from
secretary Pompeo who sends his best wishes it meant a
great deal to him that he was able to visit Israel on his first trip overseas
and he regrets that he’s unable to be here with us today in person
the secretary asked me to convey on his behalf the great pride that he feels a
pride that I share on this historic day for our two countries as president Trump
said in December moving the u.s. embassy embassy to
Jerusalem is first a recognition of reality a reality many many years in the
making Jerusalem is indisputably the capital of
Israel a capital chosen by a sovereign nation as the seat of its government but
moving the US embassy on a broader scale is also a step towards advancing peace
in this city in the broader region and throughout the world the streets of
Jerusalem with its many temples mosques and churches point to its place in
history but in Jerusalem we can also see a glimmer of the future filled with hope
the hope for greater understanding and peace today I’m confident that the u.s.
embassy in Jerusalem will be in the words of President Trump a magnificent
tribute to peace that is what we are celebrating here today as we officially
open the newest diplomatic mission of the United States of America as we do we
also recognize the deep and historic friendship that brought this mission
into being on this day as several have noted the United States recognized the
State of Israel it is fitting that today we mark a new milestone and a new day of
bright hope and promise for the United States and Israel the State Department
is proud to continue our close cooperation with the Israeli government
and people from our new embassy here in Jerusalem we’re grateful to President
Rivlin Prime Minister Netanyahu and the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their friendship in their hard work to keep
our alliance ironclad thank you all for your tremendous support as we sought to
make the president’s pledge of the move of our embassy a reality we’re eager to
make our bonds even stronger from this very place the United States is
committed to Israel we’re committed to our alliance and we are committed to
building a more peaceful more prosperous future together may God bless the
us-israel alliance on this historic day and I thank you for letting me be a part
of it Thank You mr. Deputy Secretary President Trump who made this all
reality could not be here today but did record a message to honor us at this
ceremony please watch and listen exactly 70 years ago the United States under
President Harry Truman became the first nation to recognize the State of Israel
today we officially opened the United States Embassy in Jerusalem
congratulations it’s been a long time coming
almost immediately after declaring statehood in 1948 Israel designated the
city of Jerusalem as its capital the capital the Jewish people established in
ancient times so important today Jerusalem is the seat of Israel’s
government it is the home of the Israeli legislature and the Israeli Supreme
Court and Israel’s prime minister and president Israel is a sovereign nation
with the right like every other sovereign nation to determine its own
capital yet for many years we fail to acknowledge the obvious the plain
reality that Israel’s capital is Jerusalem on December 6 2017 at my
direction the United States finally an affair
recognized Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel today we follow through on
this recognition and open our embassy in the historic and sacred land of
Jerusalem and we’re opening it many many years ahead of schedule
as I said in December our greatest hope is for peace the United States remains
fully committed to facilitating a lasting peace agreement and we continue
to support the status quo at Jerusalem’s holy sites including at the Temple Mount
also known as Haram al-sharif this city and its entire nation is a testament to
the unbreakable spirit of the Jewish people the United States will always be
a great friend of Israel and a partner in the cause of freedom and peace we
wish ambassador Freedman good luck as he takes up his office in this beautiful
Jerusalem embassy and we extend a hand in friendship to Israel the Palestinians
and to all of their neighbors may there be peace may God bless this embassy may
God bless all who serve there and may God bless the United States of America
thank you it’s now my great honor to call upon
Treasury secretary Stephen minuchin and senior adviser Ivanka Trump to
respectively unveil the seal of the United States
Embassy and to read the dedication on behalf of the 45th President of the
United States on America we welcome you officially and for the first time to the
Embassy of the United States here in Jerusalem the capital of Israel thank
you Thank You mr. secretary and thank you
Ivanka in 1980 a Jewish man of 19 was married to a Jewish woman of 17 in
Ethiopia that night the married couple shed all indicia of their Jewish
heritage and set forth on foot on a lengthy trek through the desert until
they reached the Sudan there they were led to a remote airfield and taken by an
Israeli military aircraft to Israel having been rescued they settled in the
town of stay wrote on the Gaza periphery and years later they were kept safe from
incoming rockets by the iron dome an Israeli missile defense project financed
by the United States one of their daughters went on to become a successful
singer and she is here with us today to sing hallelujah the great word of praise
coined by King David the first Jewish king of Israel please welcome fagot yes
oh I heard the was a secret chord that
David played and it pleased the Lord but you don’t really care for music do ya it
goes like this before the fief the minor fall
that made you leave the bath she should be Denis coldplay manly Gumi story me no no
my family Oh yeah but baby I’ve been here before I’ve seen
this room when I walked this floor I used to live alone before I know we are senior on a mama yeah yeah Oh yeah Sagi thank you that was beautiful as a
seventh-generation Jerusalemites fuen Israeli politics have a longer or
stronger connection to this holy city than our next speaker I’d like to
welcome his Excellency president Reuven Rivlin to deliver his remarks Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and
mrs. Netanyahu Speaker of the Knesset Yulia under strain in mrs. ebony
Secretary of Treasury Stephen Minuten minuchin deputy said Deputy Secretary of
State John J Sullivan Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump ambassador and mrs.
Friedman mr. Jason Greenblatt senators and congressmen members of the
distinguished delegation coming from the United States our chief rabbis ministers
and members of blessed head of the Opposition Commissioner of
the police head of the Mossad mayor near Berkut ambassador distinguished guests
on dot how you Ragueneau our feet were standing within your gates
in the gates of Jerusalem the capital of Israel Jerusalem whose faith we swore to keep
Jerusalem we who we never forgot and never will forget for three thousand
years the Jewish people kept the faith in Jerusalem for three thousand years we
prayed for Jerusalem and since the establishment of the State of Israel 70
years ago Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel and the obvious as President
Abbas said the obvious should be set from time to time even could be written
from time to time Jerusalem is the heart of serenity of the State of Israel yes
president Trump Jerusalem is home to the President of Israel Jerusalem is home to
the government of Israel Jerusalem is home to the Knesset the Parliament of
Israel Jerusalem is home to the Supreme Court of Israel the state of Israel’s
commitment to Jerusalem is not only a commitment to the history of the Jewish
people but is also a commitment to all residents in Jerusalem all the
Jerusalemites Jerusalem is a microcosm America cause
some of our ability Jews and Arabs to live together the unity of Jerusalem is
also seen in that all living in the city are equal and as of this happy day
Jerusalem is also the embassy to Israel of the United States of America thanks
God the American Congress has for many years
now recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and I want to say to thank the
many members of the Congress and Senate Democrats and Republicans Republicans
and Democrats alike for the love and support from for Israel in every US
election every presidential candidate has promised to move the American
Embassy to Jerusalem finally we have a leader who promised this and also kept
his promise and for this we say vamos
chefe Yahoo Becky Malo Reggiano last man I say we give thanks that we have
arrived at this place and at this time president Trump president Trump send the
message to your father the Israeli people thanks you for keeping your word
for your courage for your determination and for your firm unwavering stand
alongside to the State of Israel we hope and expect that other nation will follow
your path and your leadership we will continue to save God Jerusalem as a city
of peace as a city as an a home to all those of faith a city of all its
residents and citizens of all religion and communities who share together
together one city which is so greatly loved by everybody thank you all and God
bless all of you thank you Thank You president Rivlin the State of
Israel has many advocates in the White House but none have shown greater
advocacy for nor greater effort to advance the special relationship between
Israel and the United States and the cause of regional peace than my good
friend Jared Kushner mr. Kirschner will now offer his thoughts on this historic
moment Thank You ambassador Friedman you’ve
really done a great job today and you’ve done a great job as an ambassador but
today’s really been spectacular so thank you very much I am so proud to be here
today in Jerusalem the eternal heart of the Jewish people and I am especially
honored to be here today as a representative of the 45th President of
the United States Donald J Trump I also want to thank Prime Minister Netanyahu
and Sarah for being with us here today to celebrate this historic occasion
thank you very much I’d like to ask all the members of Congress who are here on
their delegations to rise and be recognized today would not be possible
without your advocacy throughout the years Thank You deputy secretary Sullivan for
leading our delegation secretary minuchin for your leadership and for
your friendship and of course Ivanka thank you for all the great work you do
to help so many people in our country and throughout the world including me so
I love you I also want to acknowledge vice president Mike Pence for his
tireless efforts to strengthen the us-israel relationship in December of
last year president Trump announced to the world that the United States would
finally recognize the truth that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel he
also declared that we would soon move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
and just five months later we are standing on these grounds while
presidents before him have backed down from their pledge to move the American
Embassy once in office this president delivered because when President Trump
makes a promise he keeps it but today also demonstrates American
leadership by moving our embassy to Jerusalem we have shown the world once
again that the United States can be trusted
we stand with our friends and our allies and above all else we’ve shown that the
United States of America will do what’s right and so we have Israel is a
sovereign nation with the right to determine its own capital the same right
that is enjoyed by every other country in the world in taking this action the
United States has also chosen to strengthen the bond between our two
countries our special bond is the envy of nations
throughout the world this bond is forged through shared history sustained through
shared interests and immortalized through shared principles the United
States stands with Israel because we both believe in freedom we stand
together because we both believe in human rights we stand together because
we believe democracy is worth defending and the United States stands with Israel
because we believe we know that it is the right thing to do when we stand together for the
principles and the values we share we shine a light of justice unto the world
Israel proves every day the boundless power of freedom this land is the only
land in the Middle East in which Jews Muslims and Christians and people of all
faiths participate and worship freely according to their beliefs Israel
protects women’s rights freedom of speech and the right of every individual
to reach their god-given potential these are the same values that the United
States cherishes these are the values that bind us together these are also the
values that have made Israel one of the most vibrant nations in the world this
tiny population has spurred advancements in technology medicine and agriculture
making the world a healthier safer and more prosperous place these are the
blessings we hope Israel can one day share with its neighbors last week
President Trump acknowledged another truth and kept another promise he
announced his intention to exit the dangerous flawed and one-sided Iran deal Iran’s aggression threatens the many
peace-loving citizens throughout the region and the entire world from Israel
to Jordan to Egypt to Saudi Arabia and beyond many leaders are fighting to
modernize their countries and create better lives for their people in
confronting common threats and in pursuit of common interests previously
unimaginable opportunities and alliances are emerging I am also proud to be here
today as a member of the team that president
Trump has entrusted to lead the efforts to bring peace between the Israelis and
the Palestinians it has been an honor to work with our new Secretary of State
Mike Pompeo national security advisor John Bolton our ambassador David Friedman and our
Special Representative Jason Greenblatt who really does so much pretty well I also want to acknowledge ambassador
Nikki Haley who really has created a new day for Israel anyway on December 6 president Trump was very
clear that his decision and today’s celebration do not reflect a departure
from our strong commitment to lasting peace a peace that overcomes the
conflicts of the past in order to give our children a brighter and more
boundless future as we have seen from the protests of the last month and even
today those provoking violence are part of the problem and not part of the
solution the United States is prepared to support a peace agreement in every
way that we can we believe that it is possible for both sides to gain more
than they give so that all people can live in peace safe from danger free from
fear and able to pursue their dreams the United States recognizes the sensitivity
surrounding Jerusalem a city that means so much to so many Jerusalem is a city
unique in the history of civilization no other place on earth can claim
significance to three major religions each day Jews pray at the Western Wall
Muslims bow in prayer at al-aqsa mosque and Christians worship at the Church of
the Holy Sepulchre that is why President Trump has called many times including
right now on all parties to maintain the status quo Jerusalem’s holy sites
including the Temple Mount also known as Haram al-sharif while the challenges to
peace are numerous I have personally seen that the determination of the
leaders in the region and throughout the world remains steadfast they have seen
too much pain sorrow and wasted opportunity and they think it’s time to
try something better throughout history Jerusalem has been
the victim of war in conquest it has been used to divide people and to
instigate conflict by those with evil intentions but it does not have to be
this way Jerusalem must remain a city that brings people of all faiths
together to visit to worship to respect each other and to appreciate the majesty
of history and the glory of God’s creation Israel
has been a responsible custodian of Jerusalem and has kept these religious
sites open to all in fact immediately after the 1967 war one of
the first acts of the Knesset was to adopt the protection of holy places law
ensuring access to places of worship to members of all religions funds were
immediately allocated to repair any damage to the churches mosques and
synagogues that suffered through war conflict and neglect as Israel turned 70
the search for a lasting peace turns over a new leaf
one of realism and of not being afraid to stand strongly with our allies for
what is good for what is right and for what is true when there when there is
peace in this region we will look back upon this day and remember that the
journey to peace started with a strong America recognizing the truth the pursuit of peace is the noblest
pursuit of humankind I believe pieces Within Reach if we dare
to believe that the future can be different from the past
that we are not condemned to relive history and that the way things were is
not how they must forever be it will not be an easy road and it will be filled
with difficult moments and tough decisions but if we dream big if we lead
with courage we can change the trajectory for millions from hopeless to
boundless this is a hope that many of us know personally I am here today as a
proud American and the grandson of Holocaust survivors during World War two
my late grandparents Ray and Joseph Kushner fled their homes to the forests
of Belarus to escape Nazi persecution somehow they managed to resist the
horrors and survive after the war they built a new life in America a beacon of
hope a land of limitless opportunity in my office in the White House I keep a
photo of them on my desk to remind me of how high the stakes are when nations
fail to recognize right from wrong and the decisive power America has to tip
the scales in favor of the righteous today we take another historic step in
that direction I am confident that as a result our
nation’s will be stronger our peoples more prosperous and our futures filled
with even greater promise for peace may God bless you may God bless Israel may
God bless the United States of America Jarrid just referred to as two
grandparents who survived the Holocaust to the Holocaust survivors who are here
with us today and to those who are watching on television who thought that
this day would never come we can never relieve the nightmare of
your past but we do hope that today brings you some measure of comfort it is
now my great honor to call upon the prime minister of the state of Israel
Benjamin Netanyahu president Rivlin the shavasana said I
Otto Salim awakeness it was idiotic who shall
I’m your servo shop Aziza secretary minoan deputy secretary john sullivan jayson
Greenblatt and Naomi and your family ambassador David Friedman and Tammy and
your family senators and members of Congress and the governor of Florida we
have no better friends in the world you stand for Israel and you stand for
Jerusalem thank you Albany the chief rabbis of Israel the distinguished
rabbis who are here the pastures the ministers the many friends who have come
here from around the world the many friends who have prayed for this day and
have worked for this day thank you all and of course I want to especially
welcome Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump your presence here today is a testament
to the importance of this occasion not only for the Trump administration but in
a very personal way for you for you each of you for the pursuit of peace and for
President Trump himself thank you dear friends what a glorious day remember
this moment this is history
president Trump by recognizing history you have made history all of us are
deeply moved all of us are deeply grateful for me being here brings back
wonderful memories from my childhood adult people
advil shalash I do elect Bob uh Sadat at your left Bob uh Sadat a truly adore
keepo i miss you can then hands a young God all younger dolly who shall I’m
younger doll named in artisan young she her head busy horn annual Umi Linda
worked so I know some of you didn’t follow
every word I said in Hebrew and I’ll tell you that I spent the first three
years of my life in this neighborhood in in Getty Street in Tokyo which is not
very far away there were a few charming houses here many open fields
I remember ambling in these fields with my brother yoni he was 6 I was 3 my hand
very typed we’d walked to this Wanderers house a professor joseph Klausner the
renowned jewish historian was my father’s teacher i used to peer through
the slats of the wooden synagogue where he and the great israeli writer shia
known used to pray on Shabbat and David I would approach this place right here
but only so far because my mother told me you can’t go any further this was
near the border it was exposed to sniper fire that was then this is now today
today the most the Embassy of the most powerful nation on earth our greatest
ally the United States of America today its embassy opened here what a difference what a difference so
for me this spot brings back personal memories but for our people it evokes
profound collective memories of the greatest moments we have known on this
city on a hill in Jerusalem in Jerusalem Abram passed
the greatest test of faith and the right to be the father of our nation in
Jerusalem King David established our capital 3,000 years ago in Jerusalem
King Solomon built our temple which stood for many centuries in Jerusalem
Jewish exile from Babylon rebuilt the temple which stood for many more
centuries in Jerusalem the Maccabees rededicated that temple and restored
Jewish sovereignty in this land and it was here in Jerusalem some 2,000 years
later that the soldiers of Israel spoke three immortal words how a bite be a den
the Temple Mount is in our hands words that lifted the spirit of the
entire nation we are in Jerusalem and we are here to stay we are here in Jerusalem protected by
the brave soldiers of the army of Israel led by our chief of staff Gaddy Eisen
code and our brave soldiers our brave soldier of protecting the borders of
Israel as we speak today we salute them all and the members of our security
forces the Shin Bet at the Mossad is head as with us today we salute you all
all of you we gather here today to celebrate another historic day in the
life of this city which I know will take its place alongside other momentous
decisions in the history of our people over a century ago
the Balfour Declaration recognized the right of the Jewish people to unnatural
home in this land and exactly 70 years ago today President Truman became the
first world leader to recognize the newborn Jewish state last December
President Trump became the first world leader to recognize Jerusalem as our
capital and today the United States of America is opening its embassy right
here in Jerusalem thank you Thank You President Trump for having the
courage to keep your promises Thank You President Trump and thank you
all for making the alliance between America and Israel stronger than ever
and thank you a special thank you to you ambassador Friedman thank you David for
everything you do to bring our countries and our peoples closer together today
you have a special privilege you are privileged to become the first American
ambassador to serve your country in Jerusalem and this is a distinct honor
that will be yours forever nobody can be first again thank you David my friends this is a great day for
Israel it’s a great day for America it’s a great day for our fantastic
partnership but I believe it’s also a great day for peace
I want to thank Jared Jason and David for your tireless efforts to advance
peace and for your tireless efforts to advance the truth the truth the truth
and peace are interconnected a peace that is built on lies will crash on the
rocks of Middle Eastern realities you can only build peace on truth and the
truth is that Jerusalem has been and will always be the capital of the Jewish
people the capital of the Jewish state true peace and justice as our justice
souter Haddad Meltzer can attest truth peace and justice this is what we have
and this is what we believe in the Prophet Zechariah declared over 2500
years ago Kamala do now chav TLC own vishanti
bateau mouche aligned then Achaean shall I’m ill her amid so said the Lord I will
return to Zion and I will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem and Jerusalem shall
be called the city of truth may the opening of this embassy in this city
spread the truth far and wide and may the truth advance a lasting peace
between Israel and all our neighbors god bless the United States of America and
God bless Jerusalem the eternal undivided capital of Israel denied LOL
new marathon Chetty a new became a new day keanu thus
man as they thank you very much Thank You mr. prime minister for those
stirring words to now offer a closing benediction I’d like to call upon Pastor
John Hagee founder and senior pastor of the Cornerstone Baptist Church in San
Antonio Texas pastor Hagee can we Stan I’m most gracious Heavenly Father God of
Abraham Isaac and Jacob the God who calls the Stars by name and major space
with a span of his hand the God who is the king of the universe we gather here
today to thank you for the joy of living and seeing this glorious and historic
day we thank you for the State of Israel the lone torch of freedom in the Middle
East who lives and prospers because of your everlasting love for the Jewish
people it was you O Lord who gathered the exiles from the nations and brought
them home again it was you who made statehood possible it was you that gave
a miraculous victory in 1967 when Jerusalem was reopened to worshipers of
all faiths Jerusalem is the city of God Jerusalem is the heartbeat of Israel
Jerusalem is where Abraham placed his son on the altar of the Temple Mount and
became the father of many nations Jerusalem is where Jeremiah and Isaiah
penned principles of righteousness that became the moral foundations of Western
civilization Jerusalem is where Messiah will come
and establish a kingdom that will never end we thank you O Lord for President
Donald Trump’s courage in acknowledging to the world a truth established 3,000
years ago that Jerusalem is and always shall be the eternal capital of the
Jewish people and because of that courage of our president we gather here
today to consecrate the ground upon which the United States Embassy will
stand reminding the dictators of the world that America and Israel are
forever United we thank you for our ambassador David Friedman
and pray your anointing upon him as he opens the doors of the US Embassy to
receive the nations of the world let the word go forth from Jerusalem today that
Israel ills shout it from the housetops that Israel lives that every Islamic
terrorist hear this message Israel lives let it be heard in the halls of the
United Nations Israel lives let it echo down the marble halls of the
presidential palace in Iran Israel lives let it be known to all men that Israel
lives because he that keepeth Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps as King
David prayed 3,000 years ago we pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and all its
inhabitants that the name of the Lord be glorified today for the defender of
Israel today tomorrow and forever is here can we all shout hallelujah
amen once again I’d like to call upon Leggett
yeah so to sing oh Devo Shalom Aleinu peace will yet come to us all faggot a chinoise limo eatin a shambles limo we
did a shambles limo Leeton mo eden a shambles
we did a shambles limb what we did we did a shame if a shallow shallow shallow
a share if a shallow shallow shallow okay – every word I said Oh Diavolo male no audio for Shalom
Aleinu oh dear for shallow my little with water ship fare as huggy just sang so beautifully may
peace yet come to all of us here in Jerusalem and throughout the world as
vice president pence said at the Knesset this past January echoed by President
Rivlin today and by Prime Minister Netanyahu saffiano Viki Amano the Higgy
a new las monjas we are also grateful for this very special day this concludes
our ceremony I’d like to thank all of you so much for your support and please
come VIN us visit us again soon thank you very much ladies and gentlemen this concludes our
dedication ceremony please make your way to the exit where buses are waiting to
take you back to the parking lot at Teddy Stadium and to the manila mall
area once you are outside you will be able to take pictures like the new seal
in black and the embassy engine expect near the buses thank you and good
evening thank you thank you

92 Replies to “Opening ceremony of the US Embassy in Jerusalem – TV7 Jerusalem Live Stream

  1. I think that Jered Kushner is one of the lowest profile heroes in this historical moment. Love Him. God bless Him and his family. God Bless America.

  2. Genesis 12:3 King James Version (KJV)
    3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

  3. I'm a little old canadian women applauding and crying for joy. God bless Israel and God Bless America.

  4. So wonderful to behold,The Sovereign Lord's mighty hand.
    Thank you,President Trump, for your willingness to stand.

  5. Happy Birthday Israel 🇮🇱!! What a wonderful gift from United States 🇺🇸!! Peace to you our Holy Land.

  6. Sha'alu shalom Yerushalayim (pray for the peace of Jerusalem); they shall prosper that love thee. Shalom be within thy wall, and security within thy.
    Tehillim 122:6-8

  7. May God bless this prophetic and historical day! May God bless President Trump with opened eyes of the heart, heavenly wisdom, holy boldness and with all Blessings he and his family need. Everybody, who blesses Israel may be blessed and everyone, who curses Israel may be cursed.(First book of Moses 27, 29)

  8. Jesusofnazarethkingofthejews didn't receive the glory due Him at this embassy inauguration. The arm of the flesh got the glory. The apple of His Eye be blessed.

  9. in germany Media
    cannot handle Millions of hate comments in social Media…
    Antisemitism explods this days all over Europa.
    please pray for this twisted souls…
    Thank You .

  10. but there will never be peace on earth tell the LORD Jesus Christ returns if anyone tell you different they are lying

  11. we have been at war  sense the dawn of flesh age peace is a good thing only in a anther world  is it possible with out Jesus back on earth  we will never have peace  we have a lot more war to come     why the young die the old and rich eat a wine they shall be least in heaven if they make it

  12. Islamic Stauts power full pakistan Army .ISI . Coming soon in the world Army pakistan Dangers Army pakistan

  13. Isaiah 54, Psalm 91,after rapture of bridegroom ,all hell literally breaks lose watch out 4 un leader,peace and safety. lie they are the Antichrist system 10 horns.israel belongs 2 the Lord he will after tribulation rule 4 ever. mom

  14. All thanks goes to president Donald Trump, i pray God bless him and his families and all American and Israel people one love from Nigeria

  15. Astounding, inspirational speech by Kushner. So thankful for Kushner and Ivanka.So good to see new individuals lead.The old leaders,so CORRUPT .

  16. "Praise The Lord " I am very happy , Hail Jerusalem-Congratulation Israel & U.S.A. ,After all Bible prophecy is going to fulfill,. God bless Israel & America.

  17. Thank God that I am alive to watch that Bible prophecy is fulfill I wish I could be there to see live. God bless Israel..

  18. Now U.K. France,Germany Italia, India, And other country should come forward to start their Embassy in Jerusalem , God will bless them . COME FORWARD>

  19. God bless Israel and USA and Mr.D.Trump and Mr.B.Netanyahu and God bless IDF and Jerusalaim and all Jewish people!!!!Long live Israel !!!!

  20. God bless Jerusalaim and Israel and Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump!!!! God bless USA and Israel !!!! Stay strong Israel and USA be safe and never give up!!!!
    God bless IDF and Mossad and all israeli jewish institutions in amazing country Israel!!!!

  21. Shalome- Israel ( Jerushelem ) Thanks TV7 Israel News showing live . God bless all – Aamen, India love Israel.

  22. F**k Israel,,,, stop sending my american tax money to those illegal occupiers and murderers👎👎👎

  23. 60 Palestinians killed, 1600 injured. Today the 'democratic' State of Israel got a lot of Blood on its hands. This i will never forget or forgive. Nor do i forget the Gaza Bombing and Killing some years ago.

  24. A Very Happy Birthday to Israel – the Holy Land! Thanks and praises unto the One True & Living God!

  25. Thank you President Donald J. Trump your a Champion for America and a Man of his Word as the President of the United States of America God Bless you – PTL! Congratulations Jerusalem official Capital of Israel – Happy and Blessed Birthday – Shalom from California!

  26. Isaiah 44:24-28 “This is what the LORD says— your Redeemer, who formed you in the womb: I am the LORD, who has made all things, who alone stretched out the heavens, who spread out the earth by myself, who foils the signs of false prophets and makes fools of diviners, who overthrows the learning of the wise and turns it into nonsense, who carries out the words of his servants and fulfils the predictions of his messengers, who says of Jerusalem, ‘ It shall be inhabited,’ and of the towns of Judah, ‘ They shall be built,’ and of their ruins, ‘I will restore them,’ who says to the watery deep, ‘Be dry, and I will dry up your streams,’ who says of Cyrus, ‘ He is my Shepherd and will accomplish all that I please,’ he will say of Jerusalem, “ Let it be built,” and of the temple, “ Let it’s foundations be laid.” AMEN. Sing to the LORD a new song, for he has done marvellous things; his right hand and his holy arm have worked salvation for him. The Lord has made his salvation known and revealed his righteousness to the nations. He has remembered his love and faithfulness to the house of Israel; all the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our GOD. Hallelujah, AMEN. Nga mihi ki Israel, May the LORD bless you and keep you, May the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto. Amen

  27. Moving ceremony to see. Giving thanks to witness this historic day, both worldly and spiritually. To God be the glory!

  28. Bless you Israel on this historic day in history; Our Father in heaven keeps "covenant" and "promises"! May all those who love Israel continue to pray for its "PEACE"; Blessings in the name of Yeshua Messiah for the "Capital of Jerusalem" in Israel! Amen!

  29. Thanks for airing this on YouTube so that I could watch it. I was unable to see it live when it happened. Shalom!

  30. Those who sought to destroy Israel have all perished. The unseemingly invincible empires are gone but Israel is alive. The people of Israel survived. They are alive. God bless ISRAEL and all those who call JERUSALEM their home.

  31. Truth is not Measured by Many Voice but truth only measured by People like truth and do it.
    It is really great decision to decided that Jerusalem as capital City of Israel and move Embassy to there, while world united together and denied the truth on the Jerusalem. His Excellence Donald John Trump the President of USA absolutely stand with truth. My God bless him. God bless USA and Israel. If nations against the truth, they against God and those against God will be destroyed. We will pray for them as they not fall under God’s anger punishment.

  32. Amen! Yeshua is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! Hear, O Israel the Lord our God is One! We love You our Father! We love You Jesus! We love You Holy Spirit! Hallelujah!

  33. John 4: 19- 21 " Jesus replied, "believe me, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem.

  34. The name "Muhammad" has been discovered in the Bible in the original Hebrew language.

    In the 5th chapter of the Shir haShirim ( שיר השירים ), which is one of the five megilot or Sacred Scrolls that are part of the Hebrew Bible or for short the "Song of Solomon" (also called "Song of Songs"). That chapter is giving a prophecy about an individual to come, a mystery man.

    Song of Songs 5:15 compares this prophetic mystery man to the land of "Lebanon" which is the land of the Arabs. This implies that the mystery man would be an Arab.

    Song of Songs 5:10 says: "My beloved is white and ruddy, pre-eminent above ten thousand." This is a prophecy of Prophet Muhammad as he conquered Mecca. It is a well known historically documented fact that in the year 630 CE Muhammad entered Mecca as the leader of an army of "ten thousand men". This verse and the preceeding verse (v. 11) also match Muhammad's physical discription as found in Muslim sources (light skin and black hair).

    In reading the English translation of Song of Songs 5:16 it finishes the description by saying: "He is altogether lovely" but what most people don't know is that the name of that man was given in the original megilot. Here is the name written in ancient Hebrew as it appears in verse sixteen: מחמד . It is read as : "Mahammad". According to Ben Yehuda's Hebrew-English Dictionary, it is correctly pronounced as "Mahammad".

    If you don't believe me, go to these translator links, paste the name מחמד and then translate it into English. You will see that מחמד is translated as "Muhammad".

    You can also see and listen to the Song of Songs in its original form, in Hebrew where Muhammad is mentioned by name in the below link (please notice the "im" in Hebrew is a plural of respect):

  35. A must see! The legendary video in which a Jew rebuffs the claim of evangelicals, newly edited and now in annotations!

    Even Jesus said Allah. According to an Aramaic dictionary, ( ) the word for God in Aramaic (The language which Jesus spoke) is "Aalah", which is the exact same thing as the Arabic "Allah" since in English there are many ways to spell a foreign word (Example you can spell the Muhammad's name in 27 ways, including Muhammad and Mohamed). Just visit the link and type "God" if you don't believe me, then scroll down to "Pronunciation"

    So Christians, if your god Jesus said "Allah", it means the Muslims are using the correct word for the creator!

    The word Allah is better than the word God and is purer since God can be pluralised (gods) and genderised (goddess), the word Allah is more suitable for being HIS name because it CANNOT be genderised nor pluralised (in Arabic) since it is genderless and single, an example in English would be the planet Mars, it is genderless (you cannot say Marsa or whatever it would be if it could be genderised) and it is unpluralisable (you cannot say Marses), it simply wouldn't make sense to genderise or pluralise this planet, the same goes for Allah (الله) in Arabic, so in essence IT IS SUPERIOR to the word God.

    Lets not forget that Arab Christians, and Jews (as is the case in this video) say Allah, and have been saying it before there were even any western Christians!

    Jesus said Allah too, so if you consider yourself a serious Christian you should start saying it to follow your god Jesus. So please, open your brains a little, it's good for you.

    Now to see what different prophets called God.

    Abraham PBUH called him El shaddai

    Moses PBUH called him Elohim (see Genesis)

    Jesus PBUH called him Allah

    Muhammad PBUH called him Allah

    Two prophets called him Allah, and they are the most known of prophets, Muhammad and Jesus peace be upon them. Nonetheless all of these are Semitic words, so as far as I am concerned, any Semitic word for God is acceptable, but why use a European word for Allah when not a single prophet used a European word?

    Also, did you notice something? All of these words for Allah begin with either EL or AL, this is because in proto-Semitic (an ancient language which all Semitic languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew, evolved from) the word for God was AL or EL, Abraham PBUH spoke proto-Semitic and he called God "El shaddai", "El" here meaning God and "shaddai" meaning mountain, so basically he called God "God of the mountain".

    The Semetic languages evolved in a way that they retain the word AL/EL at the beginning of the word, but there is an additional "lah" in Arabic and an additional "lohim" in Hebrew, I hope this clarifies.

  36. Congratulations to Israel. God be with you. Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel now and forever…

  37. Ha Ha Ha american just CONQUERED ISRAHELL and is inserting CHRISTIANITY and those DUMB JOOS are too stupid to realize it…. Can't wait until Pizzahut starts serving All MEAT pizza with copious BACON, HAM, PORK in that hole called israhell…

  38. Can’t watch this shit anymore Torah stone an Adulterer,,,,,you name a holy city with his infidelity only you would

  39. Shavuot Chag sameach from the Philippines. And congratulations to the People and country of Israel and the USA for the new home of the US Embassy. May the God of Israel bless you all!

  40. am so happy to witness this,am blessed by God of isreal,God bless Isreal,God bless America,I love Isreal,I love America..

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