Party Instability: Why American Politics Feels Broken

American politics feels more chaotic and unstable than ever our political parties have sorted into ideological opposites but there's a reason for all this turmoil America's political instability is occurring because of deep ongoing economic and demographic structural changes that are causing existing voting blocs to regroup and reconsider which issues motivate them and which party they support as a result control of the legislative and executive branches keeps shifting back and forth and notably these structural changes are affecting countries all over the world what is stable today isn't stable tomorrow and political parties have to adjust in order to find positions that win them a majority of voters luckily there's a reason to be hopeful this has happened before in our history for example in response to the Great Depression Democrats found a winning combination of issues with the New Deal they promised voters security from financial ruin made welfare a popular voting platform and as a result went on to control Congress for 60 years today political parties are struggling to find a winning combination of positions on the challenges that are causing people to change political allegiances including global trade immigration automation access to health care and inequality once one political party figures out a winning combination of policies that can consistently win them elections political stability will return you

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  1. Almost as though actual leftists (Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, etc.) in the US have a policy agenda that, when you do polling on those individual issues, without attaching a party or a name, are OVERWHELMINGLY POPULAR throughout the US. And Centrist Democrats (who are completely bought by corporate interests) and the DNC Establishment don't want those ideas as a part of their platform, because those ideas don't make them MONEY. How shocking.

  2. FDR and The Democratic Party at large extended the Great Depression and pinned their troubles on the Hoover administration and the Republican Party. Read “The Forgotten Man” by Amity Schlaes.

  3. Having a single side be in control isn't stability, that's a monopoly. Having only two options is what lead us here, a two party system is too shallow and too easy to be manipulated the way it has for so long. You bring up the new deal as a winning strategy, which it was, but if you look at what that constant 60-year control did to our country you would find that it lead us down a very difficult path.

  4. Look, this video is really just dumb. There will be no return to stable politics in this country.

    Why? The voting blocks are clearly restructuring themselves along racial lines, and America is racially divided. It's white patriots & traditionalists (Republicans) versus a temporarily united front composed of literally everybody else (Democrats). Whites are projected to become a minority soon. That means we're approaching the racial fork-in-the-road beyond which there will be no "combination of winning values" that everyone can support in common.

    The different racial groups want different futures. They have different common heritages and different common destinies that cannot be reconciled.

    The patterns are clear. Rome, Spain, Yugoslavia, the USSR, etc. We have two options: Peaceful separation, or violent separation.

  5. I hope you're right..but with the attempted overthrow of the trump china in the SCS Iran threat to close the SOH south Americans flooding across the board Antifa trying to get guns from the drug cartels to start a war on the Southern border thank god for the FBI RUSSIA GOING IN TO VENEZUELA TO LOCK DOWN THE OIL AND HAVE A FIRST STRIKE ON THE UNTIED STATES. . AND THE DEMOCRATS ARE GOING TO LOSE IT ..BECAUSE THE NEW AG AND TRUMP GOT THEM ..THIS GOES ALL THE WAY UP TO THE OBAMA WHITE HOUSE…. IT'S BEEN A RUFF WEEK I DON'T THINK THAT THE DEMOCRATS WILL WANT TO FIGHT TO MUCH AS THE.FORMER LEADERSHIP. Is going to jail KNOWING THEY MAY BE THE NEXT ONE TO GET A INDITEMENT.

  6. Is the same thing again, republicans hate illegals, homosexuality… vs (Democrats) we hate that guy because he is a hater. And pretty much that's it, Bernie sanders and AOC are the only ones talking about policies that could help the country and by that i mean the people. If politicians and their friends (mainstream media) keep using the same techniques they been using for years people won't care about any politicians at all or ended up supporting somebody stupid that doesn't know about politics (a tv star or other celebrity)…

  7. This video puts forth a mere pipe dream. Identity politics of black versus white versus brown are not going away because it's just TOO EASY for politicians to win districts of majority one race by blaming all their problems on another race.

  8. PolicyEd! Your number one fan here. Once again well done! Please do videos about local politics. How should Mayors encourage economic growth? What should we look for in city council members? This stuff applies to us directly.

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