Pitt County Democratic Party host District 3 public forum

MORE THAN A HALF OF A DOZEN CANDIDATES ARE SHARING THEIR PLATFORMS WITH VOTERS. TONIGHT, THE PITT COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY HOSTED A PUBLIC FORUM. FOR THE COMMUNITY TO HEAR THEIR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE. NINE ON YOUR SIDE’S DOMINIQUE MOODY IS IN WINTERVILLE WITH MORE – – – LLINTRO: JOBS, HEALTHCARE, AND THE ECONOMY JUST A FEW TOPICS DISCUSSED AT THE FORUM. AND IT’S ABOUT, INFORMING THE PUBLIC ABOUT HOW THEY PLAN TO HELP DISTRICT 3 IS THE FUTURE. PKG: IT DIDN’T TAKE LONG FOR THIS FORUM TO HEAT UP… ONE BY ONE— CANDIDATES TACKLED THE ISSUES—INCLUDING NATIONAL DEBT… FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND WORKING ALONG PARTY LINES. EACH — SHARED THEIR PLANS FOR THE DISTRICT’S FUTURE. TWO CANDIDATES HAILED FROM PITT COUNTY…. ERNEST REEVES, WHO RAN AGAINST WALTER B JONES IN THE 2016 ELECTION. “they can see how we look, you know they can see how we answer the question, they can see how we interact with the each other, how we interact with the community, and I think it’s very important. AND FORMER MAYOR OF GREENVILLE ALLEN THOMAS. “if you’re in Eastern North Carolina and you have a need, just like Walter Jones did, I’m going to follow that same mantra to help you and bring opportunity here and my track record hopefully speaks for itself. FIVE CANDIDATES MADE THEIR ARGUMENTS TO VOTERS DECIDING WHO WILL FILL THE SEAT HELD BY THE LATE CONGRESSMAN JONES. TWO FORMER MARINES ARE ALSO VYING FOR THE POSITION— IKE JOHNSON OF ONSLOW COUNTY “we can get a chance to get to our voters with our message, they are key because we want to make sure every democratic voter is informed about the candidates, we have some great candidates.” AND RICHARD BEW OF CARTERET COUNTY “this opportunity hasn’t come along in 23 years…I think some people are excited, but they’re also unsure…we have a big field of candidates.” CURRENT MAYOR OF NEW BERN, DANA OUTLAW…IS ALSO RUNNING. “give a conservative democratic message for the voters, to be able to make a decision with a candidate that has actually enumerated what they stand for.” WHILE VOTING BEGAN APRIL 10, THESE CANDIDATES TELL ME THEY HOPED THEY PURSADED THOSE THAT ATTENDED. IN WINTERVILLE, DOMINIQUE MOODY, NINE ON YOUR SIDE…. STUDENTS AND STAFF AT E-C-U ARE MOURNING

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