Play. Learn. Grow. Together! Part 1

Playing, dancing, talking, reading,
even helping cook or tidying up. Did you know every time you do any of these things
with your child they are learning? Children start learning from the moment
they’re born. The World Health Organization says the brain develops
most rapidly in the first few years of life, so it’s very important we do
everything we can to make the most of those early years. As a parent or caregiver,
you have the potential to help all children of all abilities learn and
grow through natural everyday interactions and activities. What you do now will lay the foundation for positive healthy behavior, learning and relationships to help your child succeed, build confidence and thrive. And the best part?
It’s easy and it’s fun. For great tips or to share your own stories on
easy and fun ways to learn with your child, follow the Government of
Saskatchewan on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube or visit

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