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  1. List of all Pokémon Johto Gym Trainer :

    0:01 : Gym Leader Falkner

    2:57 : Gym Leader Bugsy

    5:48 : Gym Leader Whitney

    9:16 : Gym Leader Morty

    13:00 : Gym Leader Chuck

    16:39 : Gym Leader Jasmine

    18:52 : Gym Leader Pryce

    23:32 : Gym Leader Clair

  2. My teamlist for GSC
    Shiny Typhlossion nicknamed Ethan
    Shiny Noctowl nicknamed Ash ketchum
    Shiny Dragonite obtained from Dragon Den when use Extremspeed*
    Shiny Mewtwo trades from Pokemon Yellow
    Shiny Tyranitar nicknamed Baragon because Baragon is stronger kaiju ever
    Shiny Tauros
    Shiny Blissey,obtained as Shiny Chansey traded from Pokemon Red
    Shiny Ho-oh nicknamed Gold based from Pokemon Gold mascot and appeared first time from EP 1 pokemon anime:Pikachu,i choose you!
    Shiny miltank nicknamed Whitney because i love her👍👍👍👍

  3. If you max out a Heracross and get it to level 90 you can one shot Red's pussy ass Snorlax with one Megahorn

  4. Whitney has ruined many childhood memories of these amazing games, turning a fun experience into a living hell

  5. Few weeks ago I battled Whitney on Silver virtual console and I used a level 21 or 22 Geodude that was female worked great kicked her ass

  6. My all time favorite video game! Pokemon Crystal is the reason why I became a video game player and I can never get bored playing this game even if I start over after just beating it. Heart Gold and Soul Silver simply recaptured the experience I've had with this game as a kid and made it somehow even more enjoyable! This game will always be in my heart!

  7. This was my very first game that I played. Brings back memories, even though it use to be my brother's game as well.

  8. Best way to defeat Whitney(in my opinion): quilava (level 23 or above) with charcoal and fire blast.

  9. For me, I don't care for most Johto Gym Leaders, but I think Clair is a bit of a jerk. I say this because you have to complete a dumb challenge to get the badge, and even then, she needs persuasion from the Master (and a threat to inform Lance) to fork it over.

  10. I never actually got to battle any of them myself, but I think Bugsy is my favorite because apparently, his gender was difficult to determine by appearance alone (like how Red couldn't tell Yellow's gender in the manga)

    Speaking of gender, I didn't realize your starter was female until the Whitney fight. How lucky 😀

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