Politician Refusing To Answer Tough Fundraising Questions

now John Boehner is very upset about the four Americans killed in Benghazi they always say that as if it was Obama and Hillary Clinton's fault that those Americans that they never actually make that charge it's like an old Republican trick it's what they used to do after 9/11 they would just say 9/11 and Iraq in the same sentence and then they would say we didn't say Iraq did 9/11 we just said them in the same sentence and the Republicans keep saying all those poor for Americans that died Obama Hillary Clinton okay but the real so-called charge is that the White House didn't want to get blame afterwards so they manipulated some talking points so that they wouldn't take political blame that's a totally different thing and a much more minor thing right we're always talking about the four Americans who died well if that's the case now you're not gonna raise money off of them are you and we covered this issue before when we told you that's in fact exactly what the Republican Party is doing now even the guy who they pull out a put in charge of the Select Committee on this in the house trey Gowdy said no one should raise money off of this tragedy the Republicans brazenly raised money off of it anyway so John Boehner was understandably asked about it let's see if he was gonna get moved off of his talking point on committee our focus is on getting the answers to those families who lost their loved ones period but should the NRCC their fundraising off of it right now is that our focus our focus is getting the truth for these four families and for the American people why is that happening our focus is on getting the truth for the American people and these four families if that's the case then will you bend to some of the Democrats demands on the way that the committee is structured to make it even more clear that it is not going to be a circus or political I had a conversation with the Minority Leader yesterday and made clear that this is a serious investigation so I told him what we're gonna do and he said well that's a sad day for us and I said correct so no they're not gonna change the committee and of course they're gonna continue to raise money off of it that's the whole point right so they our focus is on these four Dead Americans and all the money we can make off their back did I say that out loud right so I love when politicians have no good answer and they just repeat the same tongue point that their staffer wrote down for them so the only thing that I have to add to this is that look is this about politics say it with me o course but look they're both sides that in this case both sides do do it right I'm sure the Democrats raise money off of some other tragedy etc so this whole thing of like actually what bothers me the most is the media taking seriously the idea that it wouldn't be about politics like they're like oh is this about Paul of course it's about he's a politician that's this job of course about politics so like the idea that they entertain that politicians actually do this they really care and I want to get to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi and which talking point was changed in which memo after the tragedy already happened they're so concerned about that that it is really a matter of principle not about politics why are we having this conversation the assumption should be of course this is a political matter some of them are important political matters and some are cheap political tricks which is exactly what this is state that to him throw it on his face don't entertain the idea that he has any kind of principle on this issue what difference does it make anyway it doesn't answer your questions all he does is repeat his talking point at least I'm glad that they put his feet to the fire on new show fundraising on this because they are giant hypocrites and it's good to point that out

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  1. Is "The Young Turks" not about politics? c'mon.
    Is a coverup at the last minute before an election that Obama knew he would probably lose but didn't because of the "politics" involved not about politics?  Or is this old news that we should just forget about because it is "old"… old bad news, literally "bad" news, fabricated news. Its your call and  tend to think it is being called on the basis of politics. I think politics is entertaining except when it is seriously misleading, especially when the press wants to flood us with distracting stories that "cover up" such critical truth as what happened in the Benghazi incident. It is about the bigger truth as much as it is about those four deaths there. Please dig down deep into your discerning conscience about which way you are leaning on this issue.

  2. No, what real conservatives are saying is the truth. The Benghazi incident was a staged event by the CIA to transfer heavy weaponry to al-Qeada, that was stored in a cache at the embassy. The CIA orchestrated the attack, then the white house ordered a stand down, so the transfer could take place. This was first reported by journalist on the ground, the day it happened, then later confirmed by whistle blowers. All the witnesses, and whistle blowers were then given gag orders, and disappeared into "witness protection". The establishment Republicans are playing along by pretending this is about talking points to the retarded members of the left and right, while simultaneously  acknowledging the fact that the regime killed those people to the informed independent conservatives. They are playing double politics. Cenk knows all this, but he's playing you idiots like a fiddle.

  3. If he didn't jump on the bandwagon he would lose his speakership…"I guess orange really is the new black" LOL

  4. GOP.
    Koch whores.
    They're actually selling Benghazi flip flops.
    They could care less about 4 dead Americans.
    Bush let thousands and thousands die. Nothing bad could be said about Bush or you were labeled a traitor.

  5. this guy has to be one of the most boring assholes ive ever heard.  the politician, not TYT.  hello broken record who cant answer more than one question haha

  6. What a bunch of graverobbing vultures. What I don't understand is how rightwingers can take this Benghazi story seriously. If they care so much about these four dead Americans, shouldn't they be the most outraged that these deaths are being used to line republican pockets?

  7. The real conundrum isn't that these morons do what they do.  It's the unanswerable question of why people keep voting these ass-clowns into power.  This self-destructive need to justify biases & religious dogma is apparently so strong, that everyday republicans &/or christians literally vote themselves into poverty & unfair policy treatment. 

  8. Here's the thing:
    History will condemn this generation for allowing such fools to control our government. Our refusal to accept that our own government has betrayed us is sickening, but our refusal to do anything about it is criminal.
    We're going to hell in a hand basket, all the while we cling to the idea that if we just keep the faith, somehow, we can use this corrupt system to repair itself.

  9. America has one whopper of a screwed up political system. Most of the world knows that, but most Americans don't and still believe in their political system.

  10. Funny how instead of looking at the true terrorists and perpetrators, Americans are infighting and using this as a political ploy against eachother. I bet the family of the deceased are all horrified at this development.

  11. lol, listening to Boehner give his pre-selected response to that question is a bit like the moment you realise you are speaking to a machine.  The responses are broken, but the machine doesn't realise and just repeats them.

  12. All of the politician pieces of shit will burn in hell for u r responsible for 9 11 sandy hook the Boston bombings ect ect ur time is gonna come

  13. Someone should ask him in the next press conference if they will use the money the RNC is raising on this to pay back the US tax payers for all of the money and time wasted by this bullshit circus.

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