100 Replies to “President Donald Trump And Macron Face Off In Another Handshake Tugging Contest | All In | MSNBC

  1. Dear Trumpists,
    Of course this isn't "news."
    It's an opinion show.
    It's an entertainment show.
    But, when Dear Leader gets exposed for who he is, don't flake out.
    It exposes you too.
    Thank you.

  2. Well ,
    We know you get payed for for your pettiness .
    Good job !
    Wow !.
    I remember NBC being this petty with Barry crap And Hillary's destroyed
    E mail's
    Hmmm .
    And how petty NBC was when Bill Clinton had sexual relations with ,
    That woman …
    Monica lewinski .
    Your on top of it nbc.

  3. 2:19 Who ended the press conference. Who initiated the handshake. Trump was in control the whole time. Thank you very much, that's fine.

  4. Have some respect for our president. I'm pretty sure if there were not cameras to protect this weak French beta male he would not have done that. And for our news to try to make our president look bad that definitely isn't helping our country. We should all have his back and hope for the best. He represents our country does anyone have any respect at all? ANIMALS!

  5. I was waiting for this exchange to show up on American television.
    I first saw it on NHK. They didn't point it out. I saw the exchange and was like … wait a minute … what just happneded there.
    French President Macron schooled Trump. Excellent.
    I hope to see more defensive and agressive handshake battle against Trump.
    This video show extra footage with the follow up hug and walking beind Trump to exit the stage. Classic.

  6. This is so stupid. Why don't you guys stick with real news and real topics instead of talking about who has the strongest hand grip ECT… Is so laughable

  7. 1:05 "Did you seek president Trump's permission before you invited foreign minister Zarif…"

    He's the president of France. They are in France. Why is it you Americans always try to be as rude and obnoxious as possible in these formal and important gatherings? Is "respect" considered a sin in American society? Please someone explain to me.

  8. Macron is nobody's puppet. If The Quisling Coward Trump does not let go Macron's hand the next time Macron first says let go, The Quisling Coward Trump will have a bloody nose.

  9. These fools really squeezing hands and playing with people's lives?.. ok democracy failed.. time for something new

  10. Wow! Macron really did his homework! Masterly done, the world starts to be able to contain „the stable genius“

  11. Chris Hayes ain't nothing more than a Rachel Maddow clone . I believe he even started by filling in when Rachel was cleaning carpets . Hayes needs to go ! Impeach Trump now !!

  12. Trudeau was practically fingering Melania just a few days ago. LOL…Where is she by the way? I always enjoy seeing her in those tight fitting dresses, it's perfect for squeezing one out.

  13. Komrade Trump looked so submissive, and all it took was a nice firm handshake and the poodle folded. LOL…I am not a fan of France, but they are our allies regardless. Komrade Trump is a Russia stooge and loyal to Putin. He will be out of office soon, LOL..I predict a HUUUUUUUUGE party and a MAJOR defeat. In a sense this will be quite an enjoyable event, a tax cheat fraudulent businessman and pretend-President will go down in flames. LOL…

  14. you keyboard warriors. 1. Don't Even realize what trump has succeeded for this country. 2. Any one of you would have tried to release a 40 second handshake when the opposing player isn't even making eye contact. 3. The dominance was completely destroyed when giving the hug. Respect or not, stop being band wagoners. Do some research about Donald Trumps Presidential Achievements, and maybe you will grow up and stop listening to the 92% of the fake media.

  15. El Sr. Tromp debe de tener un poquito de sentimientos y no negar a las personas l vida x enfermedad hay que ponerse en sus zapatos de la gente qu lo necesita.gracias que el ha tenido suerte de tener todo el en la vida mucho dinero pero todos no corremos la misma suerte

  16. Macron has always done well in the handshake contest versus Trump. Look out for Macron’s new book “The Art Of The Handshake”.

  17. They are polar opposite people, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Politically, etc…
    Not to mention one likes older woman while the other likes younger women.

  18. Пан Богдан и з офиса президента Украины это ГРУ я его с детства знаю.

  19. A report says that everybody else breath faster than Trump.
    Can we have a round of applause?
    Actually, everyone in MSNBC is mentally sick.

  20. Notice how dumpy tried to re-establish dominance by telling him "good job" as he's leaving? Like Macron needed his praise.

  21. look at the handshake in france between macron and trump…. trump pulled him through his own country…. trump owns this wuss frenchman

  22. At least our presidents not trying to take his down the path to United Nations one world order which begins in 2021.
    I when all said and done 1 out of 18 Will Survive!
    DT 20 ❤️ 20 🇺🇸

  23. Macron squeezed so hard that must have hurt Trump and Trump tried to pull hand away but Macron increased his strength in his grip and squeezed harder unwilling to let go. Trapping the puny hand of the bully who got bullied by a handshake. Think Trump felt pain in hand.Thats why he tapped Macron's hand. Signalling "Ouch "..hey ease off grip. Think perhaps the strategy to win this Trump tugging handshake is not to engage in a tug of war but to lock in a powerful clenched grip onto Trump's puny hand and squeeze so hard that he feels pain and don't let go so easily and so soon but grip much stronger even if Trump tries to pull hand out, admitting defeat.

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