40 Replies to “President Donald Trump Ramps Up Attacks On Democrats Congresswomen | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Everyone start flagging him on twitter for racist and hate inducing dribble. See if twitter has the guts to
    suspend him.

  2. Placing a Middle East Flag around your while you accept your Congressional Seat is unpatriotic. These women have made ignorant mistakes and are attempting to hide the fact that they caused a crisis at our border resulting from Democrats seeking a Coup of the USA Presidents Office by forcing our borders open and promising Sanctuary Cities and Free Stuff to all migrants.

  3. Please get it correct! They are not critical of America…their country! They are critical and should be, of a madman calling himself a president – representing everything wicked, who not only deserves to be criticized but thrown out of office…immediately!

  4. He's totally right facists. Tell one thing they tell to help to build America great again. Believe me, you facists dan not mention one thing. So, if they are complaining about everything Amrica does is wrong why don't they show it in their own country? It is a very fair statement. Show America what yuo can and then you practice this in America, but believe me, they are not capable, all they can do is complain, look at all thos statements of them and if msnbc don't show them I can if you don't believe me.

  5. President Trump's comments seem perfectly reasonable to me. These women were running down their country; a country in which they or their families had not long arrived. As in all free democracies, citizens who do not like their country are perfectly free to go and live in any country that they prefer. That is if those countries will take them.

  6. Trump nazi,christian, evangelical ,fascist,communist,pedophile,bigot,
    bones spurs,traitor,birtherism hater,hypocrite,degenerate,
    Bankrupt,fake,phoney,sexist,anti LGBTQ community,anti immigrant.

  7. Nancy should be proud of “her #Squad “, they are amazing and for the people. They will be in our history books of “ #HowTo “.

  8. I'm a fourth-generation Hispanic on my mother's side – my mother is a mix of Spanish and Mexican, my father is 5 generations Northern European mainly from English territory. I have 5 brothers and 7 sisters in their forty's and fifty with about 45 nephews and nieces in their twenties and thirties. We all reside in the Ohio and Indiana area and are mostly a conservative bunch, but make no mistake we will be voting Blue come 2020 for whoever is running against this racists bigot of a president and shame on those who support him still after vomiting that vicious venom… My God have mercy and forgive Trump and those supporters that still stand by his side because we will not forget this bigotry and racists actions!

  9. #OccupantOfTheWhitehouse #theSQUAD #RepresentativeOmar #IlhanOmar and #RepresentativePrestley dynamic

  10. YEAH Dot Mess With TRUMP HE IS A Powerful Speech Trump 💯👌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trump For 2020

  11. Trump does not know anything he just is a racist and saying what 35% of ppl agree with because thats who they are too…

  12. Oh no the Left wing Democrats want Medicare for all which every other developed nation have.. They want ppl to be paid a living wage and not subsidizing big corporations.. Wow its soo bad..

  13. Whenever Trumps want to distract people with his ongoing investigations
    of corruption and his crimes.. He tweets topics like this.

  14. Trumps a racist.. Surprise.. Oh and you can not advocate for change or complain unless your a snowflake like Trump of course..

  15. I hate the logic behind statements like: "He's from a red state, he can't be unAmerican", as if being conservative is a more legitimate kind of patriotism than being liberal. I see this all the time when people cite Fox News on an issue and say things like, "even Fox News agrees!" So? Who cares what they think? They are not more American than libs. Just because they wrap themselves in the flag and thump their Bibles, that doesn't make them the default arbitors of what is American and what is not.

  16. What we are seeing is a Fear Response to these Women and to a Far Greater Degree, the fact that they were Legally Elected to their Offices by Americans in an Election they, (trump and the republicans), were unable to Steal by Voter Fraud as they did in 2016!

    These republican fools don't seem to have woken to the Reality that it's no longer, "Business as Usual".

    Knowing that the republican party is in danger of losing its Status as a Legitimate Organization, they will stop at nothing to stay in Power.

    Be on Alert! This article from The Times, written before the 2018 Midterm Elections will help by showing you what you can do to Protect Your Vote, and the results of those Midterm Elections seems to show that people paid attention!

  17. That dimwit Pressley gave a weird speech saying Democrats don't need anymore black faces that don't want to be black voices.Yeah, this up and coming group of Dummycrats have their share of racism. Also, Nancy Pelosi, the self hating white person, hates whites, and is a racist. The DNC, is a party of high taxes and communism . They're into controlling everybody with forced tolerance.

  18. Let’s see if they’re U.S citizens that means their country is the U.S, doesn’t matter if they immigrated here or not, so if they help take trump and his goons out of office, they will have stopped a gang of corrupt criminals and made their country (the U.S) better. This racist excuse of a president and his followers have their days counted

  19. If these woman are the face of the democratic party. I have no worries about President Trump being reelected and the Republicans having a huge win in both houses in 2020. They get what approves ratings from around 20 % to 9%. Also when will NSNBC or CNN or any of the other parts of the propaganda win of the Socialist party call out Antifa as the Terrorist group they are.

  20. Trump and Lucifer's daughter kelly are laughing right now on how they can get democrats to defend there actions, What democrats must due is humiliate, disgrace, intimate the president, along with his entire administration to prove it is non productive as nothing but an. Outcast to the countries values laws and establishment

  21. Note: On Wednesday he has a rally. On Wednesday, Robert Muller is to testify to Congress. This is a divide, deflect and charge is base against duly elected representatives, while his own election is to be questioned. Wake up media. Call it what it is.

  22. That's Hilarious coming from trump considering he ancestors came from Europe. Oddly enough, his original Surname was "Drumph", which appears to be pretty descriptive of what he is.

    With the advent of the Internet, it's easy to search for the meaning of that Surname, and yields some interesting results, particularly what's found in the "Urban Dictionary"!

  23. The Squad needs to be in front of a firing squad.All Communists and socialists and globalists need to go.

  24. These ladies are looking down people of America by calling its President Occupant. If I remembered correctly, did she praise al-qaeda and critical on 9/11 victims? I am glad, I am not American. After Trump, American will be subjugated by those who the heart of these girls were. Bravo U.S.A. media who let American down.

  25. Nothing is being done because it was the Media who gave him a pass front the beginning when the media should had fact check him from the start. Now you all are going with his tweets and talking about his tweets and are forgetting to continue with the truth which is The EPstein Story, he wants to cover this and hope if he create this chaos you all will forget about the truth. This Moron has been a Racist so why report we all know he is a racist as for the Republicans, they are silent because they want to save their seat, that is all not because they stand with him, which you the media keep saying "oh the Republicans stand with Trump because they say nothing," they are not as dumb as this Moron they know he cross the line with this, Republicans are silent because they want to save their seat.

  26. Three u.s. citizens are trying to fix the broken corrupt country they are from. They are trying. They are not communists!!! They are FDR DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!

  27. What you idiots forget is that the majority of US citizens voted Trump in so you moaners are the minority…..most brits would love Trump here in the UK to sort the mess out left by our pathetic MP's,he is a BRILLIANT man,Trump 2020 👍👍.

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