President Donald Trump Threatens To Close Border Next Week: 'We're Not Playing Games' | NBC News

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33 Replies to “President Donald Trump Threatens To Close Border Next Week: 'We're Not Playing Games' | NBC News

  1. Great we don't need your money…its not backed up by Gold! Anyway!….Marco Rubio who? He is horrible! Son of European colonist!

  2. La mafia y Donald trump son los responsables de estas caravanas para proposito de su reeleccion y para segir pidiendo presupuesto para el muro

  3. It’s so surprising at how many idiots are on here. Mexico can stop that caravan. If I were trump I’d send troops in to Mexico and stop it since they won’t. 70,000 migrants last month. That is insane and it is worse than an invasion. It should be considered as an act of war. We must top the fluctuation of illegal immigration at all costs. We can not even support our own, let alone thousands of migrants coming here at that rate. Long Live Trump! 🇺🇸🦅

  4. Illegal aliens are uneducated, low skilled, don’t speak English, will strain our social programs oh and they also broke our laws.And guess who suffers the most from illegal aliens? Not affluent virtue signaling white liberals that advocate for open borders, but poor black and Hispanic communities who get stuck with illegals aliens. Illegal aliens over crowded the schools of black and Hispanic communities and also terrorize and commit crimes against poor black and Hispanic communities. Democrats are out of touch.

  5. And those states along the border doing business with Mexico will be put out of business…you sad sack of a dealmaker…you've had 2 years and did nothing. You're fooling no one by blaming Dems. You'll be the most hated man in America, with the worst record…So go ahead dufuss..cost Americans their businesses and jobs….

  6. A two week closure would be exactly the motivation that Mexico needs to end this nonsense. They alone are responsible for what happens on their side of the border.  Mexico is laughing at America when they allow mobs of economic refugees to pile up at our Border. Play time is over.

  7. President Trump is proving to be more of a Republican problem than a Democrat problem. So why defang the Mueller report that offers some measure of relief?

  8. Trump actually cares about our country unlike the democrats. He’s putting our country’s safety first, before everyone else. Close the border and build the wall!

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