President Obama on the State of the Republican Party

Speaking of reality TV, I don’t know if you saw
“Celebrity Apprentice.” I did. It’s a great show, yeah. [ Laughter ] Has Donald Trump called you
for advice or talked to you at all? And first of all,
you’ve given him some pretty good advice
so far if you have. Yeah. But has he called
and talked to you? I would call you
if I was running. No. No, he hasn’t.
No. No. No. Not that I know of.
No. Do you think
the Republicans are happy
with their choice? We are,
but I don’t know how — [ Laughter ] I don’t know
how they’re feeling. [ Cheers and applause ] Actually, you know what? [ Chuckles ] That was too easy. But, the truth is,
actually, I am worried
about the Republican Party. And I know that sounds… You know. Yeah. You know
what it sounds like. Yeah. But democracy works,
this country works when you have two parties
that are serious and trying
to solve problems. And they’ve got
philosophical differences and they have
fierce debates and they argue and they contest elections. But at the end of the day,
what you want is a healthy
two-party system. And you want
the Republican nominee to be somebody who could
do the job if they win. And you want folks
who understand the issues and where you can sit
across the table from them and you have
a principled argument and ultimately can still
move the country forward. So I actually
am not enjoying, and I haven’t been enjoying
over the last seven years, watching
some of the things that have happened
in the Republican Party ’cause there’s some good people
in the Republican Party. There are wonderful Republicans
out in the country who want what’s best
for the country and may disagree with me
on some things but are good,
decent people. But what’s happened
in that party, culminating in this
current nomination, I think, is not actually good
for the country as a whole. It’s not something
Democrats should wish for. And my hope is that maybe once you get
through this cycle, there’s some
corrective action and they get back to being
a center-right party and the Democratic Party
being a center-left party and we start figuring out
how to work together. Was it harder for you
going in as President and realizing, well,
“People are gonna go, like, not work with me”? “The Republicans are not
gonna work with me.” It exceeded
my expectations because when I came in,
we were in the middle of crisis. And usually, your hope is that,
all right, we can play
political games, but when stuff is serious, when we’re losing
800,000 jobs a month, when we’ve got 180,000
troops in Afghanistan and Iraq that we’re going to buckle down
here for a second, put the politics aside
and just get stuff done. And that did not happen. Like, what’s the
Supreme Court thing? What’s happening with that? Because I know there’s a seat
that needs to be filled. So there’s a good
case in point. The Supreme Court
makes the law, interprets
the law of the land, and it’s binding
all across the country. And right now, we’re supposed to have
nine Supreme Court justices because… You know, the passing
of Justice Scalia, we only have eight. And so it’s hard for the Supreme Court
to do its job. Now, I’ve nominated
somebody who, uniformly, everybody,
including Republicans, acknowledges is probably
one of the most qualified guys who’s ever been nominated
for the seat, Merrick Garland. Merrick Garland. Merrick Garland. Very common name. [ Chuckles ] He’s the chief judge
of probably the second-most important
court in the land. He’s been a judge longer than many of the judges who are now justices
on the Supreme Court. Republicans in the past
have said he has impeccable
credentials, he’s smart,
he’s got a good temperament, he knows how to work with people
from all political spectrums. But some of them
won’t even meet with them, and so far, at least, they haven’t given him
a hearing. And that’s an example of where if the process
of democracy starts breaking down
to that degree where you can’t even
show the courtesy of meeting with a guy
who you know is qualified and you won’t give him
a hearing because you want to wait and see if maybe your guy
wins the election and nominates somebody, then you start seeing
the court system breaking down. You start seeing vacancies. People can’t get access
to the courts. And you see the country
start dividing in ways
that’s really unhealthy. So that’s a good example
of my hope that the Republican Party
steps back and reflects and says, “You know what? That’s not the way
we should be doing business because we don’t want Democrats
to be doing business if we have
a Republican president.” Like, would you ever think
to do that job? Because you’re a lawyer. Can you appoint yourself? Appoint myself? [ Laughing ] Yeah. [ Laughter ] No. You know — Aren’t you happy
I’m not in the White House? I am. Bad ideas. Yeah. [ Laughs ] I just have bad ideas. I mean, I look pretty good
in a robe. But it’s not something
that I think is the best way
for me to use my time after I get
out of office.

100 Replies to “President Obama on the State of the Republican Party

  1. obama talks alooot 🙂 and never say somethink…. amerika does a very good job/decide for voting 4 TRUMP…. greez from switzerland/suisse < (not sweden)

  2. Donald Trump is much better then the big Idiot Obama. He caused so much damage in the last years that even the most clever and successful person will hardly can repair some of his damage.
    Lets hope that this black bastard will go to hell soon.

  3. Hate hate hate Trump, & always wil. He deserves nothing, controlling the most ridiculous ideas now he is PRESIDENT – mad. What is going to happen in the future? Hell. Love the past President Obama, the best. I think there shall be a war IN America.

  4. Whose laughing now asshole Obama? Trump won now pay back over the billion you spent on vacations and golf during your so called presidency!

  5. Wonder who lost the presidency, the House, and the Senate, and will now have more conservative judges in the Supreme Court? Hint, not the Republicans…

  6. Obama was great because I disagreed with him on some things (though I align with him on most issues), but he took the job seriously and got things done. He also has a good sense of humor.


  8. Didn't Obama promise to secure the borders… didn't trump promise to secure the borders… didn't people only hate on trump for wanting to secure the borders…

  9. He was respectful to the party and its followers. But the liberals are the ones who want to avoid debate. There are ignorant people in both parties but the democrats cater to idiots

  10. Omg, this man was a gem for this nation 👍 And now look at his replacement 😩. That’s messed up . I am so sorry 😐


  12. Once again, Obama has no idea what is going on in the USA…..turns out he was completely WRONG!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!

  13. 0:27 Do you think the Republicans are happy with their choice?
    Obama: We are.

    Arrogance lost them the election.

  14. Call this nitwit for advice? When he wants to be a little beta male who hates God and the American citizenry maybe he will give this guy a call. He can barely form a sentence because he has to get Satan's approval before he makes a statement.

  15. This guy cannot talk without a teleprompter! He stutters and stops and can't put a sentence together. Sad…

  16. Obama.n Bush s are partners n its not about dems or GOP,they on same team except for a few n we all no who they are.not bought n paid for .No border people stick together ,!!

  17. Jimmy, the Democratic Party is massively responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of babies through abortion. You cannot be a member of that party and remain fully human. Jimmy, you joke around with the animal the killer gang (Democrats) picked to lead them, and only a fool would find you amusing with that in mind.

  18. it is the myty maker placing america to be the boss around the globe. today it is god elevated americas far beyond gloriuos americas myty arms of god.

  19. Obama you were a useless P.O.S. of a president. Fallon you are a useless P.O.S. as a comedien. Thanks though for helping demolish your party Obama and getting Trump elected!

  20. I wish he would be re-hosted to ask him about his position on the Khashoggi death crisis and what he would have done if he had been president and what his advice to current President Trump in this regard …

  21. ☆☆☆ From one of the dispickable humans ever to walk the earth……can't wait till you enter the gates of Gitmo!!! For treason, don't think you will be breathing there long!!! You earned it, you deserve it, can't to you receive the justice that's awaiting you!!!

  22. Q: "Do you think the Republicans are happy with their choice?"
    A: "We are"

    What a pompous ass. Thank God for Donald Trump, and fuck Barack Hussein Obama

  23. Turns out President Obama….you were right! As you know now . It's a horrible mess! …chaos!

  24. Republicans are the very worst at this point in time…covering and cowering to Trump!

  25. If a 3rd term was possible by the Constitution America would have voted for him again.. But I feel like he wouldn't have contested a 3rd term. Looking at him he was under sooo much pressure in those 8 years you can tell just by looking at him.. But we miss Barack man..

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