Prose for Performance : Narrative Voice in Prose for Performance

Alright. We’re talking about the narrator
voice now. And, just the nature of the piece the nature of the assignment. You will have
material that has a narrator. And, the narrator is going to be the one that says everything
other than when the characters are speaking. So, if a character speaks “Get me some tea,
would you?” said Sally. All of those said Sallys as well as all the other information
that you’re reading is going to be done in the narrator voice. I highly, highly recommend
that the narrator voice be your voice. Not, another choice in character. And, help simply
things. So, keep it your voice. But, keep it again focus on am I being loud enough?
And, am I articulating my words enough? Because, the narrator is probably the most important
part that we understand in here. As, the characters are important. But, the narrator is the one
who is going to drive the story along. So, be real clear on how you’re going to present
your narrator voice.

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