Psychiatrist: Trump Appears Hypomanic, Suffering IQ Loss

It’s great to welcome to the program today.
Back to the program. I should say, Dr. John Gardner, founder of duty to warn co editor
of rocket man and nuclear madness and the mind of Donald Trump. Uh, he taught in the
department of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins medical center for 28 years. John, great to
have you back on today. Great to be back. I really enjoyed being on
the show. So listen, I don’t even know where to start
because since you were last on it, you know, you’ve been tracking what is a, um, a concerning
behavior by the president of the United States from a mental health perspective. We had this
unexpected visit to Walter Reed hospital in November. Uh, we don’t have any particular
reason to think that it was mental health or cognitive related specifically, but we
don’t really have a very clear answer as to why he did go. The idea that it was getting
a jump on next year’s physical is hard to believe at best. Um, what, what are you seeing
over the last few months? How much have you been looking at this Walter Reed thing? Well, actually, uh, go to the Walter Reed
thing. I have a theory about this based on no facts, although apparently it was reported
that he had reported some kind of chest pains, um, that had been reported. I don’t know if
it’d been verified. I saw that it was speculated and denied by
the white house, but their denials don’t mean very much. Don’t mean anything. Right. Oh, what they
deny, they confirm in most cases. Um, but, uh, actually given his a fast food diet and
as being overweight and as being high on the cholesterol, that’s not unsurprising, but
actually a lot of people don’t realize this, but chest pains is one of the most common
presentations at an emergency room. And 90% of the time it’s a panic attack. Right. So
all of this started when the impeachment stuff started heating up. So my theory based, I
guess I say on speculation is he may have experienced chest pains as his presenting
problem, but really he was having a panic attack actually, if he was having a panic
attack, that might be the most reality centered thing that he’s done. Well, that’s why I actually, I actually speculated
that it may have been one of those situations where you feel like you’re a heart attack
and they do tests and the doctor comes out and says, you didn’t have a heart attack.
I think that this was a panic attack. The what makes me skeptical about that is it seems
that Trump lacks the personality traits that would get him to actually panic because that
requires sort of some self awareness of the situation you’re in. Yeah. Yeah. No, I think it’s a very good point.
In fact, part of his personality disorder is a lack of anxiety over being caught or
punished or, uh, that the psychopaths don’t seem to weigh the probable risks and consequences
of their behavior. Uh, you know, all these people in jail, like, you know, uh, what did
they think they were? How did they think they were even going to get away with it? You know,
but somehow they thought they were, so I agree with you about that, but the walls are really
closing in on him. And this is one of the reasons actually that we should be very, very
concerned right now. I mean, not, we predicted this actually a couple of years ago and even
more strongly a year ago that this day of reckoning would come, uh, that someday he
would be held accountable. We thought it was going to be for the Mueller investigation. It was, we didn’t know that the Ukraine situation
was even going to emerge. We couldn’t see that in our crystal ball, but that once the
ass hit the fan, I don’t know what you can say, what words we can say on your platform,
uh, that, that, that he was going to de compensate, uh, and that he would become even more dangerous
because first of all, the situation is his cognitive decline has continued. He now, however,
has created a situation where there are no safety on the gun. There are no adults in
the white house anymore. And this is what these dictators do. They purge the government
and the bureaucracy of anyone who wasn’t slavish Lee loyal and, and sycophantic. Uh, so, uh,
not only in his administration, but there we found out today that they, he’s fired a
third of the diplomats, you know, I mean, he’s getting rid of anyone, not only the ones
in Ukraine that he tried to get rid of, uh, but anyone who could possibly stand in his
way or say no, or offer a conflicting opinion or provide expertise or information which
contradicts his crazy conspiracy theories. All those people have been removed. And now
he’s in a state of maximum agitation. As we said in our last op-ed and USA today, we think
he may be even having a bit of a hypomanic episode and that would kind of fit with the
chest pain thing, meaning his whole energy level is now at a frantic pace. Um, and if
you look at his activities, they’re becoming even more erratic. I think most recently very
grammatically was this withdrawal from Syria. Um, where he literally had a conversation
with the head of Turkey, president of Turkey, and then pick up the phone and told the troops
to start withdrawing without discussing it. He didn’t even discuss it with one member
of his own administration. No. Something like that. Could that just be
that he’s ignorant and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, but not necessarily of a, of
a cognitive concern? Well, I think here the, it’s really the psychiatric
point I was making here is that there’s something impulsive and accelerated. So there’s something
manic about his decision making now. And actually if you read the descriptions of his tweets,
this is when they impeachment. I’m saying just started heating up. People were commenting
on the tweets being manic. That was one of the words people kept using to describe them
because he was like tweeting like 30 40 50 times a day, you know, with this sort of screed
that was completely off the hook. But in other words, that’s not abnormal for him. But now
he was doing it more and more quickly and more and more rapidly and more free and more
frequently so that there’s kind of a way in which the water is boiling. Now the boiling
point has kind of, it’s boiling over is what I’m saying in terms of the, so some of the policy stuff
can be sort of a proxy to his cognitive state, but last time we talked, we had all of these
examples of the slurring, which we don’t know if this may be related to sort of a some kind
of drug abuse or cognitive decline. There was him repeating that he wants to find the
oranges of an investigation and he repeated it twice and you could see that his, he seemed
to have some recognition that he was saying something that didn’t make sense but sort
of unable to correct it. We had him getting off of air force one and wandering away from
his car and having to be brought back. Something similar happened in Argentina when he wandered
off stage after being introduced and shaking hands with the president. Are we seeing more
of those things or are we mostly looking at sort of through policy as a proxy? No, actually in honor of your show, I, I made
a little sheet of the latest signs of cognitive decline. First of all, I just want to point
out this excellent book from anonymous. Summarize it very well. When they say he stumbles, he
slurs, he gets confused, he can’t synthesize information, he can’t remember anything. And
this doesn’t just happen sometimes. So that’s a summary. Um, but most recently in the past
few months, um, for example, when he was speaking to the troops, this is just a, a month ago,
he said, our armed forces have always lived by the words of Douglas MacArthur. You notice
in both those cases, he didn’t finish the word. Uh, this is really a phonetic paraphilia
that we really only see and people who are either drunk or developing Alzheimer’s, but
know there’s an organic brain problem, either temporary or permanent, but in this case it’s
not temporary. So it can’t be that he’s drunk. Okay. So let’s look at that. That’s actually
very interesting. So this is a symptom which you as, as a mental health professional can
say. We, there is a limited number of explanations for that particular symptom. And for example,
the alleged dyslexia that some suspect Trump has, that would not be an a possible explanation
for that linguistic phenomena. No, because people who I have dyslexia, as
a matter of fact, uh, I don’t, um, miss cause look at some of these other examples. Instead
of stock market, he said sock rocket. Uh, he couldn’t pronounce obsolete or applicable.
Uh, he said the, at NATO just this week that U S has the most powerful, powerful military
in the world. He wants to say powerful. Yup. B said power role. He couldn’t finish the
word. So this kind of yes. So to get to your point that we have a determined psychiatry,
that something can be past the pneumonic. Meaning if someone has that symptom, we know
what the illness is. Cause there’s, as you say, a limited number of possibilities. There’s
a very limited number possibilities for this kind of breakdown and the ability to speak
English. And it’s not just pronunciation, it’s also comprehension. Uh, so he’s showing
a, a loss in his ability to comprehend and the complexity of his sentences and his ability
to stay on topic without going off on a irrelevancy, on his repetitions. Repetition is actually a sign of, of cognitive
decline. And he keeps saying the same thing over and over again. His use of superlatives,
everything’s the greatest or the worst or [inaudible]. There’s no nuance in the words.
And also his memory. Remember he said his father was born in Germany when it was his
grandfather that was born in Germany. Well, he recently said to the president of Italy
who we call president mozzarella instead of mozzarella. Okay. And said, we’ve been allies
since ancient Rome. I mean, he’s getting time to, you know, American didn’t exist, you know,
that America was built with native Americans during the time of ancient Rome. So in others
he’s getting all these times confused and places confused and names confused. It’s,
it’s, it’s more of a generic breakdown. Even his, even his balance is poor. Um, there’s
a generic with Alzheimer’s, there’s a breakdown in all of the cognitive functions, all of
them. So is that actually, you mentioned the, so,
so let me bring up one other element related to the Walter Reed visit. Let’s, let’s imagine
that we just don’t know what the Walter Reed visit was about. One of the things that was
observed afterwards was that he was getting off of air force, one from the low stairs
rather than the high stairs. And that, uh, at least one time when getting off of the
high stairs, he had a Senator walking right next to him, really kind of keeping a butt
up against the railing. Again, propping him up was the sort of colloquial way that it
was described. Does that tell us anything in terms of how it might connect with what
you’re discussing? Yes. Loss of balance goes with it because
again, all of the mental functions are deteriorating, including the ability to maneuver physically
in space, you know, uh, so his, uh, his, um, stumbling verbally in a stumbling physically
or part of the same generic overall deterioration. What would be the test that would determine
whether something is going on here? Well, we’ve been calling for two years now
for him to get a neuro-psychological a battery of tests. It’s a, it’s a battery of tests
that evaluate people psycho, their cognitive functioning and a whole bunch of levels with
a whole bunch of different tasks. You know what, we actually asked, uh, Rodney Rodney
Jackson, his doctor, we actually sent a letter with 70 doctors asking him to give him, uh,
the MOCA, which he did, but any past the MOCA, which he said proved he was a stable genius
and more intelligent than all past presidents, which is a little bit like saying, uh, you
know, I passed a first grade exam and that makes me Mensa, you know, it’s, it’s a most
kindergarteners, just to give you a sense, can pass the mocha. It’s things like, can
you identify a camel? Can you repeat three words backwards? Yeah. But are they the smart kindergartners? No, the ones who couldn’t do it, we would
hold them back. So, so, so it’s true he hadn’t reached that level of dementia. But you know,
one of the people, uh, in the anonymous books of the Trump is sort of like going to the
white house. It’s kind of like going to a nursing home and your uncle is running around
the courtyard without pants. I mean that was, in other words, he’s not at the point where
he is so demented that uh, he can’t remember his own name or what recognize his own children,
but he thinks his father was born in Germany and he can’t pronounce words and he doesn’t
remember things they can’t understand. So he’s given, this is a guy who used to go to
Ivy league schools, even if his dad got him and he still went there and now he’s really
fallen so far from his own baseline. And that’s one of the things that we use to determine
cognitive decline is different people have different abilities, right? But we have to
compare someone to their own baseline. You look at speeches he made in the 80s he sounds
extremely articulate and bright even though he sounds like a jerk and you compare him
to now and you see that he’s like lost like 30 or 40 IQ points. What did you make? I don’t know if you saw
this, but [inaudible] during the first impeachment hearings, he went out and did one of the helicopter
press conference where he had notes about what he reportedly told Gordon Sunland during
a phone call. And he seemed very erratic yelling, I want nothing. No quit, you know, the very
strange kind of kind of like strained and repeating over and over again was, was there
anything about that episode that either coincides with or goes against the impression that you’re
getting from his other behavior? Well, first of all, the fact that he has to
have carry notes, right? Written in Sharpie to say no quid pro quo. That’s, it’s almost
like the mocha that’s four words forward. He can remember four words without having
to refer to notes. Uh, so I think that’s already telling you something about his cognitive
level of, of, of functioning. And the other thing I just want to say is he just saying
this is bizarre stuff. You know, like he was saying yesterday that, you know, the next
president, they’ll impeach him if he goes to the refrigerator and gets oranges. Right? But isn’t, that just, isn’t some of
this just Trump’s personality? You know, that’s where it’s really instructive
to look at the videos of him in the 80s, because really he was literally the same jerk then
that he is now, because a personality disorder is a lifetime disorder. You have it from the
time you’re young and you have it till you die. Um, and in his case, it’s actually gotten
worse. We’ve talked about this in terms of his malignant narcissism, the one malignant
narcissist game power, their grandiosity and their paranoia as well as their sadism and
their anti so becomes inflamed because now they feel empowered. Like he says, now I’m
president, I can do whatever I want, you know? And so, uh, he’s, his personality disorder
actually has gotten worse, but his cognitive functioning, uh, is much worse than it was
when he was still a jerk as a young man. Uh, so we really have now a series of forces that
are making him maximally dangerous right now. You know, we were all kind of getting a laugh
out of how the world leaders were laughing at him, at NATO. And it makes him laughing
at him. But remember Barack Obama laughing at him that, you know, go to him to run for
president. This is a guy who gets even, okay. So now he wants to get even with these guys
at NATO, our allies, you know, and he’s already been antagonistic, but I’m saying he feels
like he’s on his back. He feels weakened. He feels attacked. And so his response is
to do something more aggressive, more destructive, to feel more powerful. And so all of the things
that are making him a wounded animal are making him more dangerous now than he ever was. We’ve been speaking with Dr. John Gardner,
founder of duty to warn co editor of rocket man, nuclear madness, and the mind of Donald
Trump. He taught in the department of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins medical center for nearly
30 years. Always. So great to have you on. Yeah. Thank you.

100 Replies to “Psychiatrist: Trump Appears Hypomanic, Suffering IQ Loss

  1. Narcissists like Trump ALWAYS double-down when they feel challenged. They experience fear as rage. I have lots of experience successfully cornering narcissists. The best way to deal with them is to expose them and hold them accountable after first taking away their power to cause more harm. I am concerned that Trump will double-down before Congress can take away his power to do so. Cornered narcissists dream of unlimited power to cause havoc and harm their challengers – Trump need not dream. We are in an abusive relationship with a narcissistic, sadistic psychopath. Congress needs to take away his power quickly and completely before he does something terrible to us. Hello Senate Republicans! He can't hurt you once he's gone.

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  7. Main ingredient in most cough pills: dextromethorphan hydrobromide. Street name DMX. Ingestion of more than 400mg of which within a half hour will cause a 30 minute to 2 hour "high" where sights and sounds are more accute and motor function impaired. (they sell them in 10 and 15mg quantities, 20 and 30 to a pack at walmart kids! Toxicity of which includes: inability to speak for short periods, can't pronounce words, can't find the correct words. It specifically impairs your broca's organ (left, speech center of the brain). Prolonged use, though rare, can leave you permanently unable to speak.

    Trump pops these pills like gum. He is suffering from long term toxicity which has left him impaired. LOOK IT UP. Don't take my word on it. Erowid vaults tells ya all about it.

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