Psychiatrists Warns Congress About Dangers Of Trump’s Declining Mental State

A group of several hundred psychiatrists and
other mental health professionals have sent a letter to Congress urging them to include
Donald Trump’s cognitive decline in their impeachment inquiry. The group is led by three people, one of them,
Dr. Bandy Lee, who we have spoken about at length here at Ring of Fire. The other, George Washington University professor,
Dr. John Zinner and former CIA profiler, Dr. Jerrold Post. Now, these three psychiatrists and mental
health professionals are warning Congress in their letter that Donald Trump’s mental
state is declining and it is declining rapidly. But that’s obvious to anyone with even the
slightest little bit of psychology, but what they’re warning about is not just that it’s
that there are going to be dire consequences if this is not addressed. Now, all three of those people have volunteered
to testify in the impeachment inquiry, which is brilliant. Let’s bring them in. Let’s hear it from these mental health professionals
under oath, the people who, as they say in the letter, are trained to recognize these
types of things. Let’s hear from them. Let’s put them on national TV. Let’s put them out there in these articles,
telling the public what’s actually happening. That’s what needs to happen. Everyone needs to hear from these people because
the vast majority of people in this country, probably 99% or more, aren’t going to read
the letter to Congress. They’re not going to watch this video. They’re not gonna watch these other interviews
or read these other articles where these professionals have been interviewed. What they will do, a good portion of them,
is watch those impeachment hearings. And so that’s why this needs to happen. I’m going to read a couple of excerpts here
from this letter because this is absolutely remarkable, and this is Dr. Bandy Lee. Failing to monitor or to understand the psychological
aspects of impeachment on Mr. Trump or discounting them could lead to catastrophic outcomes. We implore Congress to take these dangerous
signs seriously and to constrain his destructive impulses. We and many others are available to give important
relevant recommendations as well as to educate the public so that we can maximize our collective
safety. And they’re right, this is a public safety
issue. This man has the nuclear codes. This man is in charge of the military. This man is in charge of the FBI and the CIA. He has all of these tools at his disposal
to do whatever the hell he wants anywhere the planet. That’s a danger. His tariffs that he put in place because he
got mad at China are costing American citizens $40 billion a year. His policies of bending over backwards for
corporations are making us breathe dirtier air and drink dirtier water and sending about
1300 people per year to an early grave. Those are dire consequences that we’re already
living with. Imagine what happens as this man continues,
as these psychiatrists point out, to lose his grip on reality. He is detached from reality is what they say. They continue. The one thing we are trained to do is to distinguish
between what is healthy and what is abnormal, and when the pattern of abnormality fits,
then we recognize that it is pathology and not part of the wide variation of which healthy
human beings are capable. What we recognize is a pattern of disease,
and that may look like another political ideology or another political style to the everyday
person who is unfamiliar with pathology, but to us it is a very recognizable pattern. His detachment from reality, his pathology
is actually gaining ground more quickly than the ability of rational actors to bring up
the facts. Meaning he’s getting too crazy that even we
can’t fact check him or continue to diagnose him because it’s getting so bad. For years now, we have been saying, how about
we listen to these people, but I’m going to narrow that focus down real quick. Congress, listen to these professionals. They want to come and talk to you. They want to add his mental health to the
impeachment inquiry. Let them do it because this is a story the
public needs to hear and they won’t hear it if you don’t invite these people to come testify.

100 Replies to “Psychiatrists Warns Congress About Dangers Of Trump’s Declining Mental State

  1. They act like they don't see this, Trump has a mental problem hell everybody can see this. And he has a code to kill us all. Trump is dangerous to the world. Let these people come so they can tell the world just how mental Trump is.

  2. He has drug induced paranoia, on top of Narcissistic psychopath. He is also suffering from dementia and i think a minor stroke

  3. I couldn't agree more. Trump is definitely off his rocker. Let's not forget the moron wanted to Nuke a hurricane.

  4. Yea it's really scary that he has the codes but there's still a procedure that requires other people so I don't think he would be able to launch anything and as for the FBI and the military, he doesn't have many friends in them so I think we are pretty safe there.
    He would need to have very good Intel and substantial proof to make any demands.
    But what do I know?

  5. Yes. I love you for starting with the ENVIRONMENT he's polluted air quality has shot up in polluted since the 70s! Since 2016!
    He is getting beyond any type of help and what I dont get is they took out Poor JFK ? The CIA? Why are they letting this turd continue! Unless it was the fucking russians? I am beyond upset over this shit. We need to march in streets like Hong Kong over him

  6. Their excuse for this is that they are all lairs that are against Trump and NO ONE SHOULD LISTEN to what these professionals say even though they have degrees to back them.

    This is the same guy (Trump)that went off ranting about flushing toilets 10 -15 times a day. Think about that.

  7. They're not going to bring it up in hearings… They will only go after issues that have particular evidences from a physical realm, and not from the field of psychology, which although IS a science, it's not one that the GOP nor Trump will accept. Democrats know that the general population will not understand what is being said in a hearing that explores Trump's psychological health. Trump already knows he's unstable or he wouldn't deflect the "crazy card" towards everyone else, and he and will not submit to true independent testing.

  8. Can or will his lawyers sue for defamation/ emotional cruelty if psychiatrists testify before congress?
    Will they pay off carefully selected psychiatrists to argue that he is of sound mind?
    Then we're back to square one.
    His cult (and bots) will flood the MSM and social media defending their "stable genius".

  9. The responsibility falls on Pence to fix this problem by invoking the 25th Amendment. How well do you think he would be as President?

  10. After reading the article, I agree 100% that these people should submit their conclusions under oath. It would greatly aid the President in getting a multi million dollar settlement from the Democrats causing him unnecessary stress.

  11. Republican Party is hungry for power and detached from reality. He is the perfect chosen one for a sick party❗️👀

  12. Ok, how about this, you want to run for office, (1) You have to show your tax returns before running for any office in that brings you to DC. (2) A psych evaluation, performed by three different psychiatrists. Not doing these two disqualifies you from running. But again, we the people, who they supposed to be working for, don't have any say since we don't make the laws, they do.

  13. Evil, narcissist, unpatriotic, carnival barker, unqualified, liar, racist, woman hater, lazy, self-centered, divider, traitor.

  14. Trump's most important job is not launching a nuclear war. If he screws up even once we are toast. Even if it is some other madman's fault, only Trump can rescue us. There are very few people I would entrust with that job and Trump is not one of them.

  15. Congressman could you summarize this for us in Layman’s terms?

    Shrink sure… simply put, Donald Trump is a nut job.. the man is crazy

  16. He’s an underdeveloped narcissistic sociopath (not psychopath). Unchecked, his sociopathic impulses and narcissistic attitude AREN’T GOOD!!!!! It’s getting worse because no one is stepping in to put him in his proper place, feeding into his narcissism. When/If they finally do, his sociopathic impulses will burst forth in a rage and it will be HELL

    Plus, he’s a dotard… google it

  17. Well it seems like we've been dealing with the real life version of Caligula, except that at least Caligula didn't have access to nuclear weapons and his guards decided to off him before shit really hit the fan.

  18. Forget about the Moron's presidential duties since he is incapable of executing them anyway. Impeach him for being a present danger triggered solely by his mental instability.

  19. OMG, you are so right. I saw it and could not believe how he went on for minutes about toilet flushing
    I emailed my congressman and begged them to do something!!!!!!

  20. Good points. But we know they won’t do anything because they don’t care.
    This channel seems to hate MSNBC but for well over a year they have had shrinks on air who wrote books talking about his mental instability. It seems to be getting out of control but it’s nothing new

  21. ACTUALLY… These Republican politicians aren't protecting Trump as much as they ARE protecting themselves.
    If you will notice, the GOP'ers in question come from areas that voted Trump into office by majority… So… They believe if they go against Trump, they will not get re-elected! In essence, they have turned onto "followers" instead of leaders… and "prostitutes" instead of patriots! What lesson does this send to our children and the rest of the world?

  22. That won't happen. The Democrats aren't playing to win. It's a show. Everyone keeps complaining about the Democrats being stupid, doing stupid things and not playing hardball. THEY ARE NOT STUPID, it's a ruse and a show. Like good cop bad cop they are all on the same side $$$$. Anyone that believes Donald Trump will be removed from office is suffering from wishful thinking. And the Corporate DNC will not let a Progressive get the nomination as well. So, the mentally ill orange cretin has a GREAT chance of winning another term. I donate to Bernie, but that's wishful thinking too.

  23. If Congress fails to do the right thing we know where they got their diplomas
    In a cracker jack box
    It's bad enough #45 is quackers
    We need a hero now

  24. Dems have said since he got in office that his mental state is declining rapidly and it will have dire consequences. Where are those consequences? Oh right there are none. Dems just wanna keep crying cause they realize trump is a very smart man and he wont be going anywhere.

  25. Just had 2 come back 2 this 😂😂😂u mean 2 tell me our fearless leader who once stopped a mugger 😂😂😂is unfit mentally and they talked about Obama and Hillary was crooked but they voted 2 let a psycho lead us only n America as don King once said most of his associates r n jail or quit it's like if Donald called u 4 a job thanks Donald but I have interview @ target

  26. Congress will not do a damn thing and we all know that. I have worked with children and teens in youth center's that were easier to deal with than Trump is.

  27. Yes, and if any of those Republicans deny it, its evidence that they're taking advantage of a mentally unstable situation for their own benefit. Put trump in an institution and have the drs verify his mental state to show hes not only unfit but a danger to others. Those Republicans that go all out to prevent this aren't doing it to defend him. They're doing it for their own agendas or they would want to know the truth and would except it. Don jr himself said a long time ago that his dad should never have been the president cause hes changed and its destroying his life. Look back at jrs interviews and you'll find it. Family saw it first. Knowing hes unstable, the Republicans will fight his removal completely. They should be accountable for their actions also. Would you expect someone with alzheimers to have clear thinking and responsible choices? It's like having someone like that signing over their life savings to someone that knows they don't know what they're doing. They need to back off.

  28. "These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy."

  29. Unfortunately, Putting those psychiatrists on the stand will only make the Republicans put paid psychiatrists on the stand to lie and rebuke what the first psychiatrists said. So that won't go anywhere.

  30. goldman sachs has effecivelt repealed the 25th amendment to keep trump in. trump is their best ally in their global campaign of theft/murder/rape.

  31. The republicans would never allow it without an examination by the shrinks involved. And trump would never consent to an examination. He already thinks he had a mental exam as part of his physical. This exam includes questions such as what month is it and who is president.

  32. The oligarchs could care less about his mental health. As long as he does what they want he can be that stuff crazy and it doesn't matter as long as he continues the wars and continues the subsidies and wealth transfer from the American people to the banks and offense in the street and oil companies it doesn't matter what any psychiatrist says.

  33. No matter what wont happen that these folks testify– They haven't assessed him professionally which is a pity so its only their opinion..alas

  34. The GOTP will continue to prop up Granda Drumpf no matter how rambling and incoherent he is. That's how corrupt they are. They will cling to power no matter what.

  35. We all know that Donald Trump is mentally retarded and he needs to be impeach right now and not later. Now before he does something else wrong, he all ready has other countries laughing at him and the US for putting his dumbass in office.

  36. If Donald Trump is mental insane the Democrats and the Republicans should removed him from the White House office as president. No insane persons shouldn't be the head over nobody in that office. Not crazy Donnie "Jackass" Trump.

  37. Mental status should be included. Generally not testifying on your own behalf can't be counted as acknowledging guilt, but in this case, he would have to answer to it by having a full mental and neuro work up or let the charge of mental instability stand. If he did that, they probably could just remove him. They wouldn't even have to continue with impeachment.

  38. I don’t like Trump or his policies but an armchair diagnosis is completely unfair and not right by any standard.

  39. Whoever thought one crazed lunatic would be allowed to set this country and world on fire like this whack- a -mole has with ABSOLUTELY NO CONSEQUENCES?!? It’s bad enough he’s not being stopped or even slowed down but also has the entire Republican Party under some sort of spell that caused their brains to turn to total mush. THIS IS COMPLETE INSANITY. PLEASE…MAKE… IT…STOP!!

  40. The real problem is how many members of the Repuklicons partee will continue to allow a mentally unstable man threaten them to back him, down to the gates of hell if necessary 🙀😢😤😡

  41. Donald J Trump is the worst president in America's history…God I hope the 1,300 people who are dying from his policies are Trump voters.

  42. The psychiatrists needs to check on the Republicans in the House and Senate for blindly following Trump. They're the scary ones.

  43. Please re-elect Trump, the show is too good to be cancelled early. The world love watching the US self destruct, it's the best show in town.

  44. Yeah well it seems the reds don't seem to care if trumpo is mentally fit or not they'll give him a free get out of jail card. But wondering if this is all in their sinister agenda to. Impold the U.S.A from within just remember if that happens then no more cable fast foods cell phones light water no more basketball football baseball & freedom as we know it but concentration camps by the millions could be in place slavery & a bleek future for all of us we need devine intervention to prevent this scene from happening.

  45. What took so long.
    North Korea said it
    He's a dollard.
    I don't agree with anything else they say.
    But that was true.
    He's a danger to others.
    Like All the rest of America.

  46. His admiration of murderous dictators is so frightening. Get the key to the bomb away from him immediately. This is a man who gets even with people. He will not go quietly or willingly. He will want to destroy America before he goes. Who knows what plans he is making for when he actually has to leave the WH. My question – Why was he not given a mental health evaluation when he announced he wanted to run?. He was a strange person even back then.

  47. Fatso dont havethe physical or mental fortitude to see this thing through…in the end he will be totally messed up ..i mean Mad …he's a weakling witha big mouth and ass…thats it

  48. Trump isn't looney tunes, just incredibly stupid. Playing on mental health is just Trump's supporters get out of jail free for their boy.

  49. When he was in the UK recently, when interviewed, Trump said that , before the 2016 Brexit referendum, he had predicted the Brexit result when he spoke at his golf club at Turnberry in Scotland, and that the people listening were all smiles to hear him say that he felt the UK would indeed be leaving the EU. REALITY: Trump was talking rubbish with that claim. Trump actually spoke at Turnberry a day AFTER the referendum, when the result was already known. Moreover, the people listening were certainly not all smiles as Scotland voted by a clear majority to remain in the EU (overwhelmed by the larger England vote).

    Craziest thing is that in the past he had already been called out for telling the same lie. See:

  50. 🇯🇲😎🥃 the guy Trump is delusional he said that the economy is booming while farmers and us truckers are suffering along with others

  51. Why this might not be the best strategy…
    For at least a decade adherents of the far right have been labeling moderates and progressives as crazy, mentally ill. For exactly the same amount of time those said accused have pointed out that this is an act of projection by their accusers.
    They see themselves in his irrational behavior. That's the greater part of his appeal. They recognize that identifying (they would say falsely labeling) his mental illness implies that they too are irrational. This is a truth (insult) they will never accept. Pointing out that Trump is mentally ill and getting worse doesn't impeach him in their eyes. It endears him to them further as a fellow victim — not of mental illness but of "unwarranted persecution".

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