33 Replies to “Q; Rich Politicians; Evil Video Info; Flynn; A Tough Decision

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z82jkDW4Sp0&fbclid=IwAR1XBdUd6BWHIkvlHpm8EnrjF5SuSEv2Y2ZKOfF26uaGIx4X5yLE6bImJNc Relates to El Chapo spilling the beans

  2. I always enjoy your videos and tonight my post is changing the subject a little bit, but I love your little dog. She looks at you like you are her momma and she is listening closely to everything you say. She is so cute I can't stand it. 🙂

  3. What will these crooks do when all their assets are seized? Hmmm… Big love Doxie mom. You're the News now💖😊💖

  4. THANK YOU DOXIE MOM! You are always a PURE delight!! SO appreciate you amalgamating important news that we can access so quickly, with links to the original articles if we want to do more research! And THANK YOU for sparing us the gory details on some of these atrocities…oh my …such great evil…but let's all be a FORCE OF GOODNESS!! 
    WWG1 WGA!!! Blessings from N of the Border!!

  5. Awwwww!! 😢💔Loved …. Ross Perot…. 🙏🏼praying for The Peace of Christ to comfort his family…

  6. I’m sad about JFK Jr, and it makes me angry that the deep state took our hero- but I think it’s best to move on like you and Q say.

  7. MOMMA D, I love your channel the truth with a side portion of southern hospitality. Down to earth reporting that only a true patriot can give but best of all a real believer of the one and only God. May God bless you and your channel. Listen to MOMMA D channel for the love of the country and its citizens. 🙏💓🇺🇸

  8. Hi MOMA D, now we know what stormy needed potus out of the way. Those that scream the loudest….🙏💓🇺🇸

  9. 🕊 If you are a visual person who sees what you read I warn you not to read content of video three. Be careful what your eyes see, and be careful what you read came to me only after life. Most my career I was a Visual Information Specialist in the AF .. things we see or hear can have the potential to alter anyone and rewire the brain. I peeked at a few words and stopped. I don’t want that visual, but that’s me. Doxie warns you and I warn you that a protection prayer prior to if you choose to engage is my recommendation as well. Free will .. John John .. Deep State .. Trafficking .. Pelosi Gang .. Iran, all of it, and it’s a lot to digest and compartmentalism. Keep going .. pray for, and love one another .. spread kind words and kind gestures.🕊 Never surrender.

  10. Miss Cindy sure looks like such a sweet dog. Bye the way, I heard a talk by a witness to NEXIUM and he said that Stormy was one of the "slaves."

  11. Greetings from Paris Doxie Mom. Great News as always. HOPE before JR . COMES OUT THE SWAMP CREATURES WILL BE IN GITMO FOR TREASON. GOD BLESS YOU Doxie Mom.

  12. Actually, I think our favorite anon brought up the JFK Jr. thing yesterday to let us know that saying "No" was misinformation at the time so that the media couldn't use it against us back then and it wouldn't become the focus of things, but is NOW reassuring us that it was misinformation and that we are in for a pleasant surprise sometime very soon. He's confirming that it was really a "Yes" and we are about to know it for real (hopefully one week from today)! There would have been no reason for him to bring up JFK Jr. again otherwise.

  13. Ross Perot like him or not he was an American Patriot ! – Love Sarah Carter's reporting ! Molly Hemingway on Fox News is a great Trump defender ! I'm Loving Late Night Doxie Mom updates !! – Lol I don't believe Bill Clinton's story already !!!

  14. So glad you mentioned the post about jr……it is causing so much division within the movement…until I see him with my own two 👀 it's just a pleasant thought (wish) Godspeed

  15. It is enough to know what t happened, I won’t watch it. Praying for the spirit of that little girl🙏🏼

  16. RIP Ross, shame what they did to him when he ran for President. He was a businessman & would of been great for us, but maybe the timing was just wrong.

  17. Pelosi is Mafi as well as getting kick backs & bribes. Funny when the Clinton's bought their house in DC after Bill was President, they didn't have enough money in the bank to afford it. HHMMM, interesting huh ? Follow the Money back to China & Russia & the Ukraine, Drug Companies, Oil, Banking & Insurance !

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